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Re: 10. "Get the stain out with Goof-Off, then get out the Goof-Off residue with Goop hand cleaner before washing as usual"

...Goof-Off is very effective but you probably needn't use Goop hand cleaner to remove it. However, since we're on the subject of Goop hand cleaner, it says right on the can that it's great for removing grease from clothes; perhaps Goop should be a first attempt.

Leo Horishny

BONUS SOLUTION (only works in the northern hemisphere during the winter months)

Hmm, sounds like you were quoting from Derailleur 28, sprocket 32, Ring James Version. :-)


One can of Coca-Cola added to the wash.

Not sure where I'd place that on a toxicity scale... ;)

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I invented a product called the Leg Shield that fully covers the pant leg for cyclists. It does the trick!


Does the article have to be dry or wet? I have Goof off on hand


I've also had success with mixing oxiclean and dishwashing liquid into a paste, rubbing it into the material and then rinsing. The mixture let off some pretty bad smells, but it seemed to work quite well.


For no 5 does it have to be that certain dish soap or can it be what ever kind of dish soap you want?

Valerie greenep

Hey! Well I was reading those ideas, and I seemed to come up with my own! Like I didn't have any of the ones listed, so I looked through my house (and didn't buy. Any cause I'm only 14) I found something else that helps! I used a product for tiles (using what I have) it's called "tile grout cleaner" and it actually cleaned the bike grease off my cardigan! But just to let you know, I also had to scrub it a little! Good luck! ;)


I thought I have to throw away my pant. using dish washing soap worked like a charm. Thanks


Had a brand new pair of grey LuLu lemon leggings and thought they were ruined from the chain bike grease. Thanks to the information above, I tried the Dawn dish washing liquid and it worked beautifully, good as new. Thank you for the suggestion.


Oven cleaner is the best! I spray it generously on any oil or grease stain. I've also used it to get oil paint off my clothes. I let it soak for 30-60 minutes (don't let the oven cleaner dry up), then I wash my clothes as usual. No scrubbing needed.

Klara East

After reading this blog, I tried Citra-SOlve and saved a $30 shirt I was going to toss. Thanks!

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