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Torben Putkonen

How many times do I have to tell this? When you fall and hit the ground, that mirror will go through your helmet like knife and break your fucking skull.

Your helmet is a fucking safety device.




Wow, can you please show some passion? I can't figure out really how you feel. =)

Choice A: Risk what you say "might" happen. (especially considering that this mirror housing is plastic and would likely shatter if hitting the pavement at any rate of speed).

Choice B: Get tangled up with a motor vehicle because I do not see it (taking into account I ride around hundreds of motor vehicles each and every week).

Hmmmm, let me think about this . . . ummmm, choice B for me.


I'm a fan of the "Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror" made by "Efficient Velo Tools". I'm sure you'd like the way it mounts to the helmet: Zip-ties!

When I get where I'm going I often put my helmet in a pannier bag, and sometimes the mirror and stem "pop" off the helmet-mount-part. No problem... They just snap back together. It's a pretty slick system.

Torben might even approve of the large surface area and low profile where the mount contacts the helmet.

James Kingston

I have the EVT Safe Zone as well and it is magnificent, especially at night, compared to the handful of others that I've used.

That mirror would disconnect with the slightest provocation in an accident. It seems a smaller risk than being hit by a taxi while going around an obstruction.

Linda B.

Not a fan of helmet mounts...I use the Ortlieb handlebar mount mirror and it is rock solid, no vibration at all, holds its position over bumps and potholes. It's also a great elongated shape that makes it easy to get a wide view.


Hi Torben,
I actually did crash with a similar mirror mount on my helmet. Did a face plant into dirt over my mountain bike handlebars. The mirror left a round bruise and tiny cuts on my cheek, but did not penetrate the helmet or my skull. Turns out I have a professional certification in mechanical engineering and my neighbor is a helmet designer for a leading manufacturer. He is not concerned with my mirror mount either. Unless you hit the stem exactly head on, it would twist out of the way and snap out of the socket, a vanishingly small possibility. See http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=309450415790066&set=a.213172088751233.47573.100001753312327&type=1&theater for picture. Jack, who posted zip tie mirror mount on April 19, 2012

John h

I cant get used to the mirrors different focus point,in relation to whats ahead, tried several brands and even hacked one from an old spoke and car auxiliary mirror. But that Gorilla snot is the best!!!


I used to ride with a mirror that mounted to my glasses but got tired of knocking it out of alignment all the time when I would adjust my helmet, scratch my nose and so on. I now use bar-end mirrors on dropped handlebars and like them better, no problem with vibration at all.

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