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I'm always breaking my glasses! I need a good pair!


I'm one of those riding around without glasses. It'd be great to have a pair!

Kevin Collings

Agree completely on the glasses when riding thing. I wear contacts too, so it's mainly to keep the debris out, and I don't get how other riders don't end up with eyeballs covered in dirt, bugs, and sticks.


I have these old terrible aviators that leave weird black marks on my babyface.


I haven't been a fan of glasses up until now, mainly because it's hard to find a pair that fits my large round face. I'd be a tough, but honest reviewer.

siefridt miles

Whouah ! i don't want to get shoot in the eyes !


Just the other day I broke my sunglasses pulling them out of the case. Fingers crossed!


I usually ride with glasses and I experienced how they can protect eyes during accident. My glasses are scratched as hell now but I have only a scar just above the brow.

gentry seagraves

These would be great to review on my upcoming tour!


Gotta west 'em when I ride.


I always wear glasses.


I love a company that gives back.


I should wear glasses, but usually my eyelashes are enough to keep junk out of my eyes. Except gnats. Those get scraped out when I get home.

Yeah, I should wear glasses.


Hurricane Ike took most of my bike stuff. Bike glasses weren't on my wife's list to get replaced.


I do wear glasses, but better ones wouldn't be bad at all.


A pair of glasses is something I've been meaning to add to my riding gear, I just haven't gotten around to it. I've tried riding in some sunglasses/safety glasses I have for work, but they're not comfortable enough to ride in.


Here's hoping...


I can't ever find a pair of glasses that fit my lumpy head.


Sunglasses are a cyclist's best friend

Trevor VanSickle

I lost mine at the end of last season and haven't replaced them yet, there has been much internal struggle over make and model, hopefully I can put that to rest.

Ron Ablang

I switch to my work safety glasses (shatter-proof) whenever I bike but then I lose the transition-lens aspect of it.


Eyes are important...protect them

Tom Accusoti

I don't wear eyeglasses, but I have several pairs of industrial safety glasses that I use, ranging from dark tinted to amber to clear, depending upon when I'm riding.

These aren't the clunky glasses from high school science lab; they have some pretty stylish designs for under $20.

In the US, here are a couple of larger industrial supply companies (links to the eye wear pages:



well, i do need new sunglasses


These look great!

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