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Do we think it might be more effective to actually point the light at the traffic you would like to see you, rather than at your rim?

Anybody know the efficiency of the rimskin material in absorbing and re-emitting light? I bet it is not high....

Mark H

I believe that UV LEDs are better at "charging up" glow in the dark materials. So you can use a UV flashlight you can use that on the rim strips with minimal stray light from the flashlight.

My kid has a "Glow Crazy" board with included UV "pen" that works great on GITD stuff. There are different variations of that toy available around, which is probably buying a special UV flashlight.

Mark H

Then again, Amazon has some pretty cheap UV flashlights- cheaper than the Knog, but you have to figure how to mount them.

mountain bike trails Philippines

I just want to have a bull frog light like that. Where can I buy that?



Hey guys, thanks for checking us out! Ruben, the rimSkin Glo( after a 15 minute charge) will emit it's brightest glow for the first 30 minutes and then begin to taper down over the course of about 6 hours. We are still doing final testing and will post exact time results as well as the sample we've created on our Kickstarter update soon! You can use almost any bright light source but recommend you use a UV light (black light) to charge the rimSkin. If you watch our Kickstarter video you can see we used a small fluorescent bulb and that worked fine. As far as the Bullfrog-RS lights, we include those as a way to continuously charge your Glo rimSkin as you ride. We suggest that you use a front and rear safety light as you normally would. Alvin, keep posted on our main website the Bullfrog-RS will be available for single purchases soon!


Hi Mark, you are correct about the UV light being a more efficient way to charge phosphorescent products! We are currently working on getting the Bullfrog-UV which will come with UV LEDs. The Bullfrog-UV will allow a better charge while riding! Keep a lookout on our Kickstarter updates.


is the Bullfrog-UV with UV LEDs available yet?


Any word on Bullfrog-UV lights?

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