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Really, bikehacks? I know this site's functional name is BikeHacks: Beyond Fredliness but to quote a website that uses the word "forks" without rephrasing it [fork blades] is really, really bad. I'd expect that from maybe a high school student who did a poorly-researched essay, but not an Internet Website Ran by a Real Adult. I know that this site focuses on "hacks" like duct-taping wood to your top tube to make a rack, rather than mechanical hacks like using travel agents more efficiently, or how to set a dynamo hub to USB out but come on. Gain some self-awareness. Also, "bikers" ride mortorcycles that go vroom vroom, "cyclists" ride bikes that need pedaling and are solely human-powered.



I challenge you to find any instance where I have categorized myself as a "Real Adult."

Ride safe!



"imagine what might happen if dogs were distracted while pulling you along at 20+ mph!"
Through the '70s & '80s, we watched an older man exercise his Irish Setter, with the dog on a 20 foot leash pulling the man on an old black single speed. They really moved along and the dog obviously loved all the running (guess 8 to 10 mph). Detail: leash looped once on handle bar near post and held by hand.

My Mom's boss saw this one day, talked about it and then decided to do the same with his large dog. Only as they were going along, he got tired of holding the leash and tied it to the handlebar post. Down a road on the edge of the city, fields on both sides. Dog saw a rabbit, barked, rabbit took off: dog took off, jumping the ditch dragging the bike and occupant through the ditch, leash broke and dog was gone. Boss got thumped around in the ditch, minor cuts & scraps. Had to limp home, bleeding, pushing the mangled bike. Arrived at home to find the dog sitting on the front steps waiting for him (dog had plenty of time to get there). Boss wouldn't give any more details.


This looks really exciting - for both the dogs and the rider!



It works better with the dogs attached to the human rather than the bicycle.

Here is a shot from our ride today:



My dog pulls me on a mt. bike. I am over 200lb she is 35lb lab 4 yr. She gets us going pretty fast. She has pulled me for over three miles at a time. But I dont do that often. I just loop a leash handle around my seat post and clip other end to harness . and Bam instant transpo.
she runs next to me some times leans away from bike but correcting that lil by little


I run 2 APBT'S simualtaneously, on opposing sides of my mountain bike. I wrap a 6ft leash (add a 2ft choke collar to each leash for extra length) around my waist (each leash positioned directly from side of waist) around my waist for each dog and attach it to their harness. They run beside me or both pulling and neither leash ever gets caught in front wheel. When wrapped around your waist, it's much easier to maintain control, even if one dog is distracted and/or attempts to "chase" a squirrel or anything else.

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