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Wildcat Rock Machine

Fuji Newest 1.0


In Russia, soviet bicycle HVZ Tourist (ХВЗ Турист) was one of most common for many years, and nobody was thinking that the name was bad)


IIRC that Newest line continues to 2.0 and 3.0—surely someone at the corporate office in Philly spent some time thinking how awkward that is.

A line was crossed with the Kona Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Yes, we see what you did there.

But even departing North America, I somehow doubt it was a language gap that brought the Bianchi W.U.S.S. or pretty-in-pink P.U.S.S. singlespeeds to market. They knew what they were doing (unwise as it may be).


Back in the "good old 1980's" the people of Finland lived quite an isolated life in the Northern Europe, completely ignorant about the problems in the Big World far away. It was then that local bicycle factory, Helkama, produced a line of bicycles the name of which contained the word "Power."

There was "Strong Power" for men, "Sweet Power" for women and many others like that.

And then...

Then there was Helkama "White Power."


Top that if you can...

Account Deleted

Totally agree with Damed. Not see why "Tourist" is a bad name for a bike.


I stumbled today about the SSL name of Trek... WTF!? SSL?

Trek: I can haz encryption, plz?


The names of BMX bikes have always amused me.


My favorite company for bike naming has to be Surly with names like Crosscheck (makes sense), Long Haul Trucker (also makes sense), Karate Monkey (a bit of a stretch), Pugsley (makes me laugh everytime I say it), etc.
For my fred bike, "a Trek 7.3fx", I've given up trying to understand what the name means, and gave it my own.


The funny thing about bikes called "Tourist" is that they're seldom appropriate for touring. The Raleigh DL-1 Tourist is a prime example. I think the original idea, back in the '30s, was to make you imagine that you'd use the bike for toodling around on vacation the south of France, when you'd actually use it to get to your grim factory job in the north of England. Ditto for the Raleigh "Sports."

In addition to the Newest, Fuji also made the Espree. Direct phonetic transliteration from French to Japanese and then to English? Who knows.


Hi, funny post! I am Italian and I would like to point out something about a very famous bike name.... that is Bianchi. Their bikes are great and the name sounds great as well, but if you are Italian and stop to think a minute about it, it's quite surprising: Bianchi, literally translated in "Whites" is one of the most common names in Italy, to the point that it is often used as the italian "Doe", like as per referring to an average unknown person.


Sunlova... Embarassing name.

Pete Hummers

You've never heard of "Randonneur?" EPIC, on the other hand, is OK if you live in an episode of "How I Met Your Mother"...


I ride a Giant Acapulco.
In Chicago.
AND, I ride in the winter.


"Tourist" was also a model of Slovenian bike factory ROG in the eighties. The factory had an even better model called "Senior". Who wouldn't want to have a brand new "Senior" in his garage.


All in all, I think I'd rather be a Tourist than a Vagabond...



Whoever came up with the Huffy brand should be in the Irony Hall of Fame.


It's a touring bike. What's wrong with the name Tourist for a touring bike? Bike Friday also makes a touring bike with Tourist in the model name.

Leo Horishny

Whoever came up with the Huffy brand should be in the Irony Hall of Fame.

Posted by: Fenriq | 11/16/2011 at 11:34 AM


Accidental hermit

There's an Italian fixed-speed tourer called "Pompino". Don't look up the word if you're at work.


Here's an oddly-named bike.

It's called the Steelwool:



This one from Japan, again trying to use foreign words on everything to look "cool" ... So this bike is called (for those not reading french) "Cheese : the choice" (Fromage : le choix)



I guess "Cheese: the choice" is going to be hard to beat, but I ride a Dutch bike called "Big Wim" (think "Big William"), from a company called De Fietsfabriek (the bicycle factory), in Amsterdam.


Seriously? The bike is a touring bike. And people buy it because it's the best deal out there for touring bikes, not because it has a snazzy name.

Felix Cartagena

There was a small folding bike made in "Occupied Japan" in the early 1950s called the "Road Puppy". It really was appropriate because the bike was so cute. I ride a Trek "LIME"......?????

Timothy Williams

All I can say is that if I had a bike called a Pompino then there had better be some truth in advertising somewhere ;)

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