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Eugenio Bike Company

hello to all....

i see people melting the helmet interior using a candle, until it reach the desired shape.

melt a little, try, melt some more, try... hehehhehehehehe

sure this will reduce helmet efficiency, but works!


jockey helmet. been wearing one for years, low profile, supposed to be able to stand a horse kicking you in the head.


I've posted this question over on the Bicycles Stack Exchange site, hopefully someone will be able to help out:



I wore a full-face off-road motorcycle helmet for a few years, until I found a bicycle-specific full-face helmet. The weight difference isn't bad (1500g vs 1000g), but the motorcycle helmet will have less ventilation.


Reader Dave sent the following to our email account:

In the movie, "Easy Rider" , Jack Nicholson wore a football helmet so that he could ride with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on motorcycles. Definitely not DOT certified, especially in 1969. But some protection is better than not protection. However, football helmets usually come in larger sizes. Have you seen the size of Casey Hampton's ( Pittsburgh Steelers) head?
Here's the link to the Bicycle Safety Institute's large helmet guide.


I hope this helps.
Dave Ours
Forest, Virginia


Have you tried the Bell XLV?

It worked for me and I have a big noggin...


Chris G

I have a huge head as well. I am on my third Bell Triton which has been replace by the XLV. My dad also has a big head. We both love this helmet.

Gmac (Scotland)

I have the same issue - Bell Triton is the best fit though it looks a bit crap. Must look up the XLV.

Giro also have a xl that fits by 66cm napper.


There's already some tips and advice coming in over at Bicycles.SE, with recommendations for the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute that has a special page for helmets for large heads, which they updated as new models come out.

Check it out! http://bicycles.stackexchange.com/q/7104/1593


My head is 60cm and I find my Giro E2 to be a little roomy. I don't know if they make it anymore. Great helmets, worth a look.


Don't bother.

Find a nice hat instead.


The institutes site was a big help. I've tried the XLV and it's close but the helmet still perches on top of my head. I'll have to see about the Giro E2 but I don't have high hopes. I've bugged the local stores around here and no luck so far.


My noggin comes in at 62cm, and the Atlas II is the only one that fits me.



Sorry, but I really do have to question the question, since if this is news to the OP then it may be very good news indeed:

Helmets probably don't do much, if any, good. The studies showing that helmets are highly effective have been thoroughly discredited, and are absolutely positively rubbish. There are well-done studies showing that helmets might be slightly effective, and there are well-done studies showing that helmets do more harm than good. There are millions of "a helmet saved my life!" anecdotes, but of course those are based on a hypothetical that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny.

Even if you can easily find a helmet that works for you, it makes sense to challenge your assumption that you need one. But if you have few options, it really makes sense to spend just enough time reading the research to convince yourself that helmets don't help very much, and then not worry about the difficulties.

Here's my summary of (mostly meta-)references:


I have to respectfully disagree with the above comment. If someone was going to smack you over the head with a baseball bat, wouldn't you want to have a bicycle helmet on instead of no protection at all? Why would it be any different if that bat happened to be the bumper of a car?
I don't like wearing a helmet, but it offers some protection, although limited in the case of an impact to the head. It's certainly better than nothing and may even save your life.


@Danno - bat-smacks to the cyclists' heads are extraordinarily rare. Common sense certainly suggests that a helmet should make you safer, but for actual use, the numbers don't seem to support common sense. Did you click through to the link and read it?



The above helmet fits. There are a couple of pressure areas but the helmet doesn't perch on top of my head. I do note that it's listed as a 64cm helmet, and I needed to remove the fabric pads within. I was sure this helmet wouldn't fit and was glad it did.

Thanks for the help folks!

Also I've looked at the research and I won't just reject it out of hand. Thanks for those links.

Half Helmets

I think that you could probably go with a lightweight motorcycle half-helmet or beanie helmet. It might be a little overkill but since they are DOT approved maybe they'll provide a little more safety if you fall or have an accident. I don't know what bike helmets go for but you can get a beanie or half-helmet for under $50. Most of ours actually are manufactured in three different shell sizes and have a 1-inch liner versus others that are made in one size only and they thicken the liner to adjust for the different sizes. Lightweight (30-ounces), DOT approved,and shipped free to the US and Canada.

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