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Hmmm. I have lights on my spokes that do the same thing at night, but to have color on the rims during the day is a neat idea.

I use Nite Ize, which come in different colors and are under 10.00 each. Blog post is here. Scroll to bottom.


My first thought is about braking. Do these affect braking in wet and dry?

If anyone knows or has tested these let me know


Annie, those Nite Izes are great, and this project is certainly not meant to replace lights. The effect of rim stripes is certainly much different. In addition, there is nothing to break, die, or have stolen.

Ralpi, sorry for not explaining that. Fiks Reflective Rim Stripes are meant for modern "aero" style rims and attach to the area of the rim between the braking surface and the spoke holes as seen here: http://www.ridewithfiks.com/images/rimstripe-prototype.jpg

As far as testing, I will be sending a set out to Matt in the next day or two. So, you should see something on here at some point.


Also Annie, I dig the post about cider. I was actually working on a design for a pedal-powered cider press, but it got pushed to the side.

Leo Horishny

What about mounting the tape to tire sidewall?

Leo Horishny

Also, wheel/rim sizes? I would encourage you to offer 20" sizes for the speedy 'bent riders who might be interested in this.


@ Leo Horishny
Attaching reflective tape to the sidewall of a tire would be a mistake of EPIC proportions. The sidewall of a tire flexes way too much in use to make a tape application viable. Tape such as this must be applied to a rigid surface like a rim or frame. I encourage to to look at the several brands of tires on the market that have a reflective strip on their sidewalls.


Schwalbe Marathon Plus and quite a few other tyres have this built in.


I'm in Finland, and my new Crescent bike (a Swedish company) has these built-in to the tyres that came with it.

They're "Spectra Amber kevlar reflex 32-622 (28'')" tyres.


Here's some photos after I added a bit of reflective tape to the pedals and frame. The red on the seat post is from a broken roadside reflector. (I need to put more on, and I should send some of my "winter" bike.)

Room light and camera flash both on:

Room light off but camera flash on:

Both room light and camera flash off, but shining a torch:

I think reflective sidewall tyres are standard issue on all their new bikes.

value garage equipment

The rim is the metal component to which the tire is mounted. The term "rim" and the term "wheel" are sometimes interchangeable, but not always; on a bicycle, for example, the rim is one part of the wheel. On a car, the rim and the tire together may be considered the wheel. A tire and rim package, therefore, will consist of different components depending on the application.

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