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FYI: You might want to check the coding on your link.

While intriguing the Cobra is, in my mind, a solution looking for a problem.

I'll be sticking to a Quik-Stik or even some good ol' Park levers.


The closing statement,"so easy a kid could do it" LoL.
Could a non-bicycle oriented person do it?

Jim Walls

Raiyn, I am curious, what type of problem do you anticipate?

john n

wow. if you have the space to spare...it DOES seem like a "better mousetrap" of a tire tool. I didn't really understand what was that different about it until it hit the fork and peeled the tire easily.

it's one of those things I prob won't buy though....since I already have a couple perfectly good tire tools in emergency pack - but if I was starting over...I'd probably give it a go. Certainly would make tube changes a bit easier.


i think it's weird that you have to take the tire off of the rim, before taking the wheel out of the fork. I know i would most likely forget to do that and end up having to put it back onto the fork.


@ Jim re-read what I said.

It's a solution for a problem that really doesn't exist.

If I had to go further, I'd say that I was unimpressed with the fact that there needs to be 2 separate versions (road & MTB)and the fact that the directions repeatedly call for lubrication (how many of us bring dish soap on our commutes?) I can honestly see someone trying to force this thing and causing damage to the tire.

Changing a tire really isn't THIS hard.

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