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Only in the summer do I use a towel. It's lightweight, loosely woven cotton so it dries fast. I use cornstarch baby powder to get that dry, fresh feeling. I can't personally justify the environmental cost were I to use baby wipes on a regular basis.



Here is a way to hack your won moist towels for a fraction of the cost:



Those look handy, but I'm skeptical.

"the ingredients of the Safari Towels seem pretty friendly"

Really? The first problem is "fragrance", which is not only rude to those of us who like breathing air but also unregulated--many fragrances contain toxins, irritants, carcinogens... and the ingredients in any given fragrance are a "trade secret" so you can't even evaluate your risk.

The second problem is the long weird-looking words at the end. The first one isn't even spelled correctly! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylchloroisothiazolinone

"I know I am killing the earth with baby wipes as well, however I guess I justify it by thinking I am saving water by not dampening a towel and then having to consistently wash it, thus using even more water."

Water is recyclable--at least if it doesn't contain residues of fragrances and whatnot.


I rely on Handkerchiefs and unscented face soap for a "bird bath" in the Men's room when I arrive at work. One for wet and scrubbing, and one for drying. no paper towels are wasted and the handkerchiefs pack away small and can be used hundreds of times over.


A dermatologist would never, ever advice you to wipe your skin with isopropyl alcohol... don't you have any ethilic one around instead (if you insist on using alhohol on your homemade formula, that's it)?
That's a really dangerous product.

Jane@ Bath Towels

Thanks for the honest review. Perhaps the reason why it’s called “Safari Towel” is because its main purpose is to keep you clean when you’re in the “safari” or any place where bath water may not be so accessible, like where you went camping for instance. So I definitely agree with your idea to pack it for camping.

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