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A very good idea. For those who are into biking as a form of exercise, this Collapsible Plastic Crate Bike Basket is a good alternative for back packs. And also it can be used to carry vegetables when you go the the market place.


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Rob Loomis

I think I used this exact solution on my bike. Picked up the crate at Lowes. For a while it was perfect because the bike has a very wide, built-in rear rack, so, when folded, the crate didn't increase the dimensions of the bike much. But the bike is a split-apart bike that was frequently being shoved into a car, and the crate couldn't take the abuse and eventually fell apart too many times. I removed it and replaced it with a milk crate. Heavy, bulky, but indestructible. I still really like the folding crate idea, and if you're gentle with it (or find a sturdy one) it may work well. For my other bike I went with a non-hack solution and used a Topeak rack with an easy on-and-off basket. They also make a foldable crate to go with the rack, which is also tempting.


When I was reading the text in today's post I could see the top photo just in my peripheral vision and those cabinet drawer pulls kept looking like cartoon 'stink-lines.' While the hack is a great one and I don't think your bike reeks, it did make me laugh a little.


Hi Rob, I know exactly what you mean. Thanks for the comments, everyone.


@ Rob, We actually have the Folding Trolley Tote you're referring to and it's great. We've used it for trips to the produce market and several other errands. The luggage style wheels make walking it around the market a snap. Easy on / easy off and completely interchangeable with Topeak's MTX trunk bags.

Having said that on my "beater" I use an old plastic Coca~Cola crate ziptied to my rack and use a Jandd rack bungee to hold down cargo. The Coke crates will likely become harder to find as Coke has gone to non-reusable cardboard and shrink wrap packaging, however it's this same fact that makes them fair game - the vendors have typically abandoned them at convenience and grocery stores. Obviously Pepsi has similar crates, but they continue to reuse them so snagging one of them is slightly more of an issue.


I've done this for awhile using those collapsible trolleys-with-wheels things. Useful as you can take it into a store with you.

About attaching it to your bike rack... Home Depot (or any decent hardware store I would think) sells general purpose metal strips with holes in them. In my store, they are typically sold in the aisle with ropes, hooks, eyebolts... Buy a pair along with bolts and wingnuts.

One strip goes at the bottom of your basket, one goes outside and BELOW your bike rack, line up all the holes, slip the bolts through the holes and use the wingnuts to tighten it all up.

Gites Vacances

You are completely right with this one

Stuart The Maniac

I have a crate a lot like this one and have been trying to figure out a removable solution. I thought about the cable ties, but they seem to be permanent mounting. I have to reconfigure stuff on my rack often so permanent doesn't really work for me. For now, I've been using bungee cords, but they bend the crate a lot.

Peter Davis

It's been a while, but I thought I'd mention a hack I'm using. I think the Topeak Trolley Tote is a great idea, but in practice, it's a little small for a backpack, even if you keep the pack vertical. Also, I have no use for the wheels, since I really just want to use this to get my backpack to the train for commuting.
I (reluctantly) took apart the trolley tote, and attached a large milk crate to the base of the trolley tote. There are several ways to do this, but drilling some holes in the base and using nuts and bolts with oversized washers is probably simplest. Now I have a regular milk crate that slides on and off the rack using the Topeak MTX mechanism.

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