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coventry recycled cycles

Love the sidecar- especially the little steering wheel! Does it steer like a motorcycle sidecar?

Ron Ablang

I like the sidecar idea but a big "but" for me is that the car should be on the other side so that the rider is more exposed to traffic than the children.


That's an awesome hack! We have the Christiania and love it! Such fun to travel by bike!!

Leo Horishny

I don't know about that sidecar driver, that is one intense driver's expression =:-O

Very nice woodwork, but foreigners sure are a tough lot, no upholstery or padding!!?? Especially for those cuties, a little tlc.

I also like the steering wheel in the center of the dash, that way she can drive on either side of the road. Well done. Next hack for you would be a separate sidecar brake.

I think the title of this item shoulda been bikehack'd hack, or bike hack hack, or hack'd hack.
(fyi, sidecars are referred to as hacks)


In response to Ron Ablang, it all depends on which way down the sidewalk he is riding the bike in order to make it so the kiddos are on the inside (perspective) ;)


This looks *very* dangerous, and I would shake my head vigorously seeing somebody transport their kin in this.
Reason being the sidecar wheel doesn't have a brake. What happens in a emergency stop is that as the bike brakes, you have 2 kids and a sidecar (50 kgs easy) transferring their momentum in a lever-action pulling the rear wheel towards the sidecar and pushing the top tube to the right (drivers perspective). In a motorcycle w/ sidecar the brake synchronisation is integral to the usability of the vehicle, and the wheel bearings/connecting joint bearings are reinforced as they are subject to *much* higher loads than a non-sidecar.
If the builder is wise he loaded this contraption with sand bags and familiarised himself with this handling aspect in a controlled environment. If not, he/she is being even more irresponsible. I'd only let my kids near this to show them what and accident machine looks like.

Juan Pablo Cambariere


I´m Juan Pablo, I´m making this sidecar.

Thank you all for the nice comments!

Ron, In Buenos Aires bikes rides on the left, as BO2K thought, that´s why I did it that way. But Buenos Aires streets are not safe for this kind of bicicles, I can´t really ride this with my girls on the streets, it´s too dangerous. I mostly go to the park with it, and ride it there, but really , really slow.

Sharks182: I honestly find your comment very offensive. This is a work in progress. If you just wanted to insult me, you did it great, congratulatios!
(((But if you want to share info please ask Matt for the rest of the pictures, you will see how I take the girls to the park, sitted down and with both seatbelts. As I wrote before, Buenos Aires is traffic is too dangerous for this, I just ride this in the park, very slow.)))

Juan Pablo


Who ever thinks this "looks *very* dangerous" because it is lacking a brake should share their experiences with a bicycle sidecar. Perhaps you should get the owners perspective on this prior to lashing out and insulting character. Although I have driven many powered hacks without brakes that were not "accident machines" (even under extreme braking situations) I have not driven one with a bike. My assumption based on my experience is that it would contradict to your hypothesis and would be quite safe.



This is great! I needed an idea to get my dog around on my bike and a modification of this will work perfect. Thank you very much for sharing.

.....And to the person drinking Hatorade....you are rude, there are plenty of non offensive ways to share your thoughts.

car finance

The side car looks very safe in my perspective. I bet the kids love it.

Hermes Kellty Bags

If you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.

car loans

The insides are reinforced and there are joint supports to hold the sidecar still so this is perfectly safe.


I am so jealous. I really wish that I had the talent to make it.


Love it. Am inspired now to make one myself! We have a weehoo but it's great for just one child but you loose the personal interaction.

peter wrught

I have a question as most hacks need the positioning to balance equally against the bike surely toe in is required. Also how do you stop the hack flexing with a single point front fixing.
Surely the both front leading edges will require a support frame?

Apart from that well done. As you are making it dismountable. I would be interested in learning how you have mounted the front and rear mounting points
Peter J s wright esq


Uh first off bikes ride on the road not the sideWALK so it should be on the right hand side unless people drive on the left where you are from second if it is stiff or doesn't allow the bike to articulate then you have a trike or side hack not a true sidecar... not to say it is not good I like it very much I would personally change those two things for my idea of a sidecar for my dog that doesn't affect the performance of my bike

Jamie Pes

Looks great buddy im making 1 to cart my kayak and its motor and batteries

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