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High Intelligence, Low common sense.

Ted Lewandowski

Obviously the labeling of the bike racks was done by the people that installed them - probably the Public Works Dept - and not by Princeton - as obviously they are located at a rail station.

Also, two distinct differences between a quiet college town populated by students and a city of 8 Million people!!!


If there are that many people locking their bikes down that poorly, they probably don't have many issues with bike theft.

Maple Leaf

The two bikes locked (however poorly) to the bench indicate the need to label the structures that are, indeed, intended for bike parking.


Those "BICYCLE PARKING" racks are NJ Transit standard issue now. I suppose they make sense in towns where the PD cuts locks on bikes locked to anything except bike racks.

Aussie busybody

Could it be that none of the bikes are worth pinching?
A city commuter bike still needs to light, doesn't need MTB features!!


i can't help thinking of gary larson's far side - http://comedycontinent.blogspot.com/2010/10/midvale-school-for-gifted.html

there is absolutely no correlation between book-smart and street-smart.

those locking jobs look comparable to, if not better than, what i usually see around wellington NZ. maybe that's why there aren't any bike locks named after princeton or wellington ;)


or maybe it's so the people won't lock their <50cc scooters to the racks, like they do all over the eastside of Seattle. Bicycle Parking meaning ONLY bicycle parking.

cycling jerseys

New York City is literally a show room floor for bikes. A lock or locks on a bike are merely an inconvenience for "shoppers." If locked outside for very long either a whole bike will be taken or it will start to get picked clean like a turkey in the days after Thanksgiving.


I tend to think Princeton students can be both book smart and street smart... Do you know anyone who has lived in Princeton? It's true, not very many bikes get stolen; crime rates are only slightly lower than NYC. You need a lock sturdy enough to deter drunk college kids looking for a quicker way to make it back to their dorms, that's about it. Even the bike shops, like Kopp's, use rudimentary, thin locks on their outdoor used bikes.

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