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Looks like a great rack, but I really don't think it's wise to carry your child on the front of your bike without any sort of constraint -- I mean, really, what keeps the kid from falling off if you hit a curb or lean too far into a turn? That last photograph gives me chills.


@JW, sorry about the chills. You're right, nothing keeps the kid from falling off if we hit a curb. Or me for that matter. So I don't hit curbs. Same deal with acrobatics in turns...I don't approve. Not mentioned in the post is the fact that when I've got a kid on the front, we stay in first gear, the kid wears a helmet, and we never go very far (we live a couple of blocks from school). The point was more about carrying capacity.

I'm actually more concerned about him putting a foot into the moving spokes. Which has actually happened. It only took one time, and now he keeps his feet clear!

BTW, this kid has had his share of scrapes. One time he was on the back of a bike, strapped to a kid carrier, and wearing a helmet. A backpack strap in a front basket got tangled in the front wheel and the bike turned into a ferris wheel. The kid landed with the bike on top of him because he was strapped in.

Kevin Wilson

Hi Bren, First off that is a jolly nice looking rack. It is great to see fine craftsmanship.
Secondly I totaly agree with your comments on carrying your child.
I recently witnessed a cycle end over as you described. The little lad 'safely' strapped in the high back, approved seat on the back suffered horible lacerations to his face, despite wearing a helmet. His poor mother was distraught.
When I was 5 or 6 (hey! it was a long time ago!) I was being taken to school by my big brother on a similar front rack to yours. Halfway there I was ejected from the rack when my brother decided to jump a grass bank (berm ?US?).
The only injuries I experienced were from being run over by said brother on said bicycle.
This was before helmets. I had shorts and a jumper.
You keep your children on the bike. They will flourish from the experience. But no jumping banks :)

Regards, Kevin.
Surrey, England


That is a good looking rack. It would seem to me that the quality and value here is better than the CETMA offerings. Those handlebar mounts and lack of fork crown mounting just don't seem right to me. I guess if your not spending more than 20 or 30 bucks for your handlebars thats ok. TCB is also offering customization for just a little more, it's looking like a better choice than the VO porteur rack. I'm about to start buliding a VO polyvalent, and this is the rack that just made the top of my list, Thanks for TCB link.


Hey Bren,
Just found this while poking around the ol' interbot. Thanks for the props and glad you're stoked! T


Hey Bren,
just reading your blog and have to say i love your Raleigh. made more so by i am currently in Nottingham, the (former) home of Raleigh and many members of my family were employed in the Raleigh factories over the years, mainly in their special products division, sadly also now defunct :(

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