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Wow. When I see a chain like that I feel good about my choices. I cannot see ever living someplace that needs that chain. I carry the lightest cable lock I could find and lots of times I don't even use it.


Didn't you say at one point that you cut off and hem BDUs for riding pants (as do I, but I just buy pants at goodwill). Next time you do that just keep the lower leg and you'll have a chain sleeve that matches your pants!

Norm D.

I would hate to fall down and land on that lock.


That's why I carry a messenger bag, to put heavy and cumbersome objects (like a lock) in.


People have commented before about the "danger" of wearing a lock like this, however I think it's a bit of a wash. I guess I would explain sorta like this . . .

People tell me it's dangerous to ride a bike in New York City. While this may be true, it's also dangerous to walk in New York City and you could be injured either way (there are hundreds of similar analogies of course - seat belt argument for example - "A friend of mine didn't wear a seat belt and still lived. Why should I wear one?")

I see the danger in wearing a bag with heavy objects in it as well - you could fall on the contents and they could injure you. You could also fall on the lock or chain and rather than your body taking the brunt of the fall, the lock actually might protect you. Which would you rather have hit the pavement - you or the lock and chain? I would hazard a guess and say that a case could be made for either.

No matter what I say I will not convince everyone, I just think the argument of injury is overblown.

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