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Same here, but it only took me 35 years to discover Merino :). The Merino buff, leggings & socks are great as well. Mainly "Icebreaker" here but also "Smartwool".


I picked up a smartwool l/s shirt from REI at their garage sale for $19, I almost felt guilty. Love Merino. I just did some work in the same building as "Icebreaker" in Portland, and it was the first I'd heard of them, they may be my Merino clothing choice in the future though (nice stuff)


Merino wool tshirts and socks are tremendously comfortable and stinkless. I received a wool tshirt from some camping store and it is my favourite. I have worn it under short sleeve cycling jerseys in the spring and early fall, when it was a bit too cool in the morning and evening for only a jersey, and it was great. This spring I'll be on the look out for sale merino tshirts in whatever colour is in the bargain bins.


Not only comfy, stinkless, and good across wide temperature ranges, but it's pretty damn durable too. If you machine wash it, use a gentle cycle and zip up your jeans and sweatshirts. Hang dry, not the dryer. I have Icebreaker stuff that's seven years old and holding up fine. Other people who have made decent wool stuff: Arcteryx, Ibex, Swobo, MEC, and Smartwool, of course.


I'm a fan of the SmartWool merino socks, best I've ever had. I complete agree with the anti-smell. I air them out and wear them at least twice. The airing out is a big key.

With that in mind, a few years ago I picked up a SmartWool long sleeve tee to wear on my commute. I can't stand it! It itches something fearce. Well, not exactly. It is tollerable, but it's bad enough that I hardly wear it and I've been leery of picking up another tee, especially given the high price.

Has the tech improved in the recent years? Should I give it another shot, then?


I am not sure about SmartWool, but I can tell you that I wear Outlier and Icebreaker shirts every single day and have never had an itching problem.


Great review, moves me to order one. Surely you can find one that is cheaper but the quality of their products are excellent and they are MADE IN US unlike Smartwool.

B. A. Graham

Has anyone compared Icebreaker and Outlier to determine if the latter is worth the price upscale?

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