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Very cool, bacis hack. Keeping the heat in your helmet is the best way to stay warm.

Reminds me of this instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/All-Weather-Bike-Helmet/


Bah, a cheap balaclava under the helmet works best.


Quick note on the tape. Gaffer tape is different than duct tape. Gaffer tape is used in the photo/video industry as it does not leave any residue when removed. It is much more expensive than duct tape and available at camera stores. It's worth the extra cash though, as you won't be leaving that nasty residue that could make your helmet look pretty gross when it's removed.



thats just wrong. Apparently this guys parents didn't teach him/her to take care of their stuff. Is it a hack? yes. a smart hack not so much. Unless you can't afford a $3 dollar balaclava to keep your head warm. I just don't get cyclists that purposefully make there equipment look like crap. I'm with Ker's response. just buy some cheap cold weather head gear. besides It wouldn't be very fun trying to pull you hair out of the tape. or spend hours in the spring getting the stinking glue off or buy a new helmet so it doesn't looked like you were attacked by duct tape bandits..


While a balaclava under the helmet is a pretty good way to stay warm, having a gap of air between you and the insulating layer will actually produce more warmth. Doing the above hack will create a warm air gap between you and the helmet which will keep you very warm.

I noticed that he did not put tape over all the holes. Maybe it's just to stop the wind from turning his hair into icicle deadlocks.


I'll take the balaclava approach, thank you. But thanks for explaining gaffer vs duct tape.


This is a sheldon Brown Hack Too!

Ron Ablang

I've used the balaclava as well, but mine cost me $5.


I took the photo, and the guy whose helmet it is told me it's his winter helmet, he's got another for summer. This one is a bit bigger so he can wear a hat or balaclava underneath. He said it's not a new hack, he'd heard about it on the internet.

Sam, all the front vents are taped: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hugovk/5262948681/sizes/l/in/photostream/


Oh, and here's a photo of Sheldon Brown with a taped helmet:


Eeric W

Here in the rain ( OK relatively warm rain) I create two layers.

Outer helmet layer - waterproof shower cap, or plastic bag and tape in a pinch.

Inner helmet layer - insulating cap - or bandana in a pinch. Additional earmuffs as needed.

Makes a dry slightly vented space above the top of your head. That the place were 30% of your heat goes if the rest of your core is insulated.

biker helmets

Does it make our head warmer.?

Mike Ormsby

I use a Smith ski helmet with Outdoor Tech chips bluetooth speakers in the ear pads for both skiing and winter cycling. I epoxied a helmet mirror to the side so I can see what's behind me while cycling. I use a light on the handlebars while cycling and on a helmet mount while skiing after dark. Skiing and winter cycling have a lot similarities so you can use the same gear for both.

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