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shane griffin

I've had a few close encounters with birds. Usually crows or small robin sized birds. Generally I'm passing thru a park or wooded area and the birds are passing thru at low hight from the side and just don't notice me till to late. Resulting in near misses infront/behide me and one I remember clipping my helmet lighty. Bird was fine.

Squirrels are the main annoying thing around here. Running out in front of you when you pass. One a clearly remember pulled the fastest 180 turn I've seen while missing my front wheel in the process.


Put a wig on the helmet? Maybe you can deter them without risking brain injury.

Robert Rowe

I've never had a problem with birds, but in Boulder, I've had more close calls with prairie dogs than I can count. Usually, they seem smart enough to stay where they are, but if for whatever reason, they decide to cross the path, watch out for multiple "lemmings" following suit.


In the Midwest (Iowa for sure)the Red wing black birds are notorious for dive bombing cyclists. I have managed to not get hit, yet.

I have seen the eyes on the helmet, one guy had a broom mounted on the back of his seat that stuck up right behind his head and swore that it worked.



I live near Newcastle, Australia and the dive-bombing birds are a seasonal reoccurrence around here - every Spring to early Summer (that's right now) the Magpies are nesting and very aggressive. It always puzzles me that they seem particularly threatened by cyclists and by helmets in particular.
Certain individual birds that nest in the same location every year suddenly become the cyclist's Nemesis. They can be very clever in their attacks, silently diving out of the sun like a WW1 fighter pilot Ace. Their goal seems to be to crack their wings together on your ear, which requires very good flying skills! It's easy to lose your balance after that. As long as you anticipate the attack it can be seen as a challenge and quite entertaining. Otherwise they can scare the crap out of you.

Unusually around here its not just the Maggies - on my daily MTB bush ride, the Eastern Grey Butcher Birds seem to have learned from the magpies and attack me in gangs of six or so. They make a lot of noise so you know they're coming, but their attacks are more persistent and after they've "chased you off" they make a very proud Victory Chortle to let their brethren know how successful they've been...

Cable ties on the helmet are certainly the most effective defence (walkers hold a stick up above their heads) but actually you only need two ties (not a whole forest), one on each side of the helmet - the projection is enough to stop the birds getting close enough to actually hit you.

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It is very best helmet when bird will attack. You shared such a very nice idea with us. Good job.

Timothy Williams

I've never been attacked by a bird but I have hit a deer on my bike. It jumped out of a culvert next to the road startled by my sudden presence. I glanced the deer's hind quarters with my shoulder and spun the deer around so that it landed facing me. Thankfully for both of us it happened on a very twisty bit of wet road so my speed was moderate.

I don't think this qualifies as wildlife but I've also run over a bum on an all mtn full suspension bike. I got caught out after dark because I lost track of time on the mtn bike trail and only had a small coin cell powered blinky light front and rear that live on the bike just in case for visibility. They did nothing to light my way. The bum was passed out crosswise on a shadowy dip in the trail. I saw him when it was too late to stop or swerve and attempted without complete success to bunny hop over him (thump thump). I don't think the bum was seriously injured but didn't stop to find out because he got up and tried to chase me with a broken beer bottle when I circled back to see if he was ok.


HA! Eyes in the back of your helmet! Also, a good tailgater deterrent! LOL


Why wear a helmet when cycling anyway? I never had a helmet in my life, I'm cycling every day and never had a problem with birds.

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