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Sean M

I never did make a purchase (probably should have before winter) but these people sent me a color sample page with little dots of the actual reflective tape. Some pretty cool designs and I see they have added more.

I was particularly interested in the "spokees" because like the subject of this post I also hate those plastic reflectors in the spokes.


Tony Bullard

I've never seen reflective material applied inside the wheel like that. Looks like a great idea.

John Romeo Alpha

To me, one benefit of non-stealth reflective tape is that it makes you a little more visible in daylight, too. OTOH I never get tired of shining a flashlight on the stealthier tape and being surprised by how bright it shines back.


@ John
I can't say I agree with you on your "more visible in daylight" statement. In my experience it tends to wash out in the light of day. The only reason you'll notice the tape on something like an ambulance (for example)is because it's a bright color on a huge white background not for any reflective properties due to the indirect light source that is our sun.

@ Tony
Works great too. Just remember to keep it out of the brake track unless you use discs.

@ Everyone else (this is the legal CYA stuff)

Please keep in mind that reflectors and/ or reflective tape is no substitute for lights and such items are to be viewed and used as supplements to a lighting system not in place of one.


Quick link to bike laws including some international regs. http://www.massbike.org/bikelaw/bikelaw.htm

It due to the research I did on that site that
I kept the tape in the rear red as FL law demands. "Every bicycle in use between sunset and sunrise shall be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the front and a lamp and reflector on the rear each exhibiting a red light visible from a distance of 600 feet to the rear." Personally, I don't want a ticket on a technicality like the color of my rear facing reflector.

"Stealth" reflectors are a wonderful concept, but I don't want anyone having legal issues because they don't comply with local laws. Remember: Lawyers Suck and neither I, nor BikeForums, nor BikeHacks will be held responsible because you didn't do your homework.

That said, it's my understanding that the stock CPSC (crappy plastic) reflectors are required to be sold with (generally that means installed)new bicycles but that the law in no state (that I've found) requires them to be the reflective surface that is actually used so long as they meet the requirements of that state (ie visibility from a specific distance and / or surface area).


@ Matt

I've seen your bike brother, and while I can dig it, it just ain't me man. :D


Please double-check the laws of your area for required safety gear. These tapes are "retro-reflective" which means they reflect the light back toward the source (like headlights). Some retro-reflective products are much better (brighter and brighter across a bigger area) than others so getting samples makes ALOT of sense. But because they only reflect light back toward its source, lights and bright clothing are excellent compliments to keep you visible under all conditions like dusk when people don't have their headlights on or at odd directions to you since retro-reflective is VERY directional. I personally like the tape on my bike gear. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroreflector


@ Anon 3/24
Well golly gee Perfessor Anon! You shore do know how to use the Wikipedia! Shazam!

Try reading the post, source material and the comments before you post about things you have no clue about.

As if I hadn't mentioned to check the laws. There's only like 15 reminders and links in the source material and my comments. I also SPECIFICALLY STATED that reflectors are NO SUBSTITUTE for LEGALLY REQUIRED LIGHTS in both the source material and the comments.

Further, in the source material, I mentioned that I ordered my tape from a company that sells it to law enforcement and emergency services for vehicle marking- if anything it's suitable for vehicular use. Granted, it is strongest in a direct line, but we're not talking about a laser here, there is a good deal of spill reflection at other angles. It's not like cop cars and ambulances are hard to see at night without their lights on.

There are some "retro-reflective" tapes on the market that are NOT sold for vehicle use / personal safety and I don't advocate using them in the slightest.


Massbike has changed the link to the bike law page.

This is the new link:


I owned a Bushnell Sport 450 which was designed in a way that put strses on the wires connecting the 9V battery to the device itself. After several failures, solder jobs, etc. I returned it. They offered me a repair @ $100 or discounts on any of their new products. I selected the Pin Pro precisely because it was the cheapest. ($80 to me). It works great ..does all that the more expensive units do. It's very light. It is a little awkward to hold, but I got accustomed to it quickly. Only had it a short time, so we'll see how it holds up over time.

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