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Most of these "solutions" sounds more like barriers to proper maintenance than barriers to theft. Of course, when your bike isn't properly maintained, it's more likely to break down somewhere... where you're going to have a heck of a time removing the epoxy from your bolts just to tighten your loose headset or seat tube.


the problem with most of these is it makes emergency fixes impossible. i suggest hot-melt glue in the heads. then you just carry a lighter with you. heat the tip of your hex wrench and it goes right in. the candle wax would work the same but its not as tough as hot-melt glue.


My favorite solution is custom-key security screws, such as those offered by Pinhead Components. It's a clean solution, and unlike Torx screws the thief can't get the same tool as you have. Each screw is unique, and paired to a uniquely shaped tool. If you lose the tool; you can order a replacement using a numerical key code that came with it. (Ok, they're not all unique snowflakes, but I think it was something like 15000 combinations; certainly enough to make walking around with all possible pinhead screw tools impracticable).


I am thinking about purchasing the pinhead headset lock. I am surprised BullDog hasn't developed one. My only reluctance is the lack of reviews on Amazon.com and the fact there is only one key provided. You can order another key from their website for $20 however.

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Really helpful solutions. There are many choices to choose locks because if you try to protect your hair against theft attacks. For example, cable locks are only as strong as they are thick, chain locks are good for storage because you can stack, shielded locks that can be cut in half.

Ron Ablang

Just out of curiosity, what do you think is the proper response to catching a thief in the act of stealing your bike?

How about catching an admirer who perhaps is really doing too much touching and looking?

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Wow amazing post i am sure many are facing this theft problem this post will surely help them to make there vehicle more secure.


I've done all those things. I agree that they are an impediment to making adjustments. I've used shoe glue, ball bearings, tin foil, those soft prismacolor rubber erasers. My favorite and final solution is leashing my saddle and replacing my seapost clamp bolt and seatpost binder bolt with TORX SECURITY BOLTS(for $9.00) www.bicyclebolts.com

Chris Steingraber

Obviously these tricks are for use above and beyond what I consider the available basis of anti-theft which is a 16 or 18mm thick kryptonite u-lock and a set of pinheads for axles, stem top and seat post clamp. I have all this. But the cranks, bars, seats and brakes are still vulnerable as stated.

Living in NYC those gaps in security are not ok.

Another solution equivalent to pinheads but for the allen bolts on the stem cranks and seat would be to have custom keyed allen bolts.

I plan on starting a company soon to provide them if the demand, pricing and business model can all be ironed out.

It will be on kickstarter and called JOSHbolts.
feel free to email me at christophersteingraber@gmail.com if you would be willing to pre-order a set for your bike which would run under $100.

brad williamson



A shotgun works amazingly


I've used the #7 Bike Chain / hipster method, and it did not stop someone from stealing my seat in NYC. I was p***ed. Now I remove my seat and keep it inside overnight. Just throwing that out there...


Thanks for your posting here. I spend a good bit of time searching around asking about getting some security screws, #6. I was getting shot down right and left! Found your article and called the reference, BAM, they got it! This Friday and I told the guy that I'd like to see what they have before getting my order together. He seems really helpful and willing to help me out. Just finding someone that said "yeah we got that" got me jazzed! BTW, don't know exactly the count but it's mostly socket head, stainless steel, M4 torx bolts. Said he has this in various lengths too! OK so it's a 24 mile bike ride. No biggy if they got what I was looking for!

Bookmarked and added to email list!


Wouldn't bother with the chained seat "hipster" option, there are so many multi-tools that have a breaker on them. Breaking chains is damn easy, especially if you dont care about keeping the pin in the chain.

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