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I've never seen a list like this. Thanks for the insight and the laughs.


Speed Skater: Pedestrian on a multi-use trail that moves down the path in that side-to-side motion speed skaters use, thereby taking up the entire eight feet. The sound of the invisible skates sliding over the invisible ice drowns out all warnings, so attempts to pass safely are thwarted.

Angry Negro

The Weekender

Cyclists on Rented bikes that have no intention of considering traffic or bike laws, but thought that a bike is "a great waty to see the city." Big usage in tourist towns like DC


I know that I am a fairly big fan of military surplus stuff (b/c it's cheap and effective), and I've seen a few hacks on this site that suggest that there are other cyclists who are similarly attracted to military surplus. I wonder if it's a common enough thing to add to this list. perhaps "bicycle cavalry" would be a good term for this


Whip isn't on the list, is it?


"Team Player" - dons the complete kit of a team even though they arent on the team, couldn't make the team, and probably dont know who is actually on the team. Its about the right look.

"AeroWeenie" - obsessed with aero, while commuting. Every consideration has been made to reduce drag, no lights, bells, racks, bags, or other extraneous devices are allowed. Your steed should be made of carbon if at all possible and you should ride with the thinnest, most high pressure tires you can afford. Aero pedals and bars are a must.

Bicycle Bill

"Weight-weenie" — Attempts to increase performance by going to any extreme to achieve the lightest ride possible, to the point of swapping out aluminum spoke nipples for titanium and drilling holes in perfectly good componentry.  In most observed members of the species the rider would achieve better results (and for far less $$) were he to drop a couple kilos himself.  See also "Aero-weenie".


Matthew Smith

Snail: cyclist who has no storage facilities on their bike. So has to resort to carrying everything on their back in a rucksack.

Kim Laroux

Bike Commuters just posted a great page on a synonym for "Racing Stripes" : Skunk Stripe. Check it out, it's well pictured, and a good laugh.

katie r

with love and respect, i petition you edit "Hodge Podge Guy/Gal" to "bike hack" :-)


It's leapfrog, not hopscotch.

Mark DesJardin

This awesome! I wish we could get it in a small readers digest version in a pocket book. It could be sold at shops.


Smidsy. One who pulls out or cuts in front of a cyclists without looking. Stands for their inevitable excuse: "Sorry Mate I Didn't See You"


The shared path Do-si-do: A cyclist approaches behind two pedestrians walking abreast on a shared path and rings their bell to alert them. At this they perform a classic square dance move, with the pedestrian on the left smartly moving to the right to get out of the way, while the pedestrian on the right smartly moves to the left.


"the persistence of memory:" A bike with one or more wheels so wickedly bent that they resemble the melting clocks in that famous Dalí painting. Less pompously: "pancake wheels."


"RUB" or Rich Urban Biker. Someone who ironically, transports their expensive bike, on the back of their SUV or car, to a bike path or park, to ride. Usually wouldn't be seen riding in urban areas.

Rambling vine

How about 'windthlete' for those otherwise weak riders who get the wind at their backs or a hill behind them for a few minutes and ride straight into your wind-torn, tear-streaked face?


It's wonderfully funny to see this all put together :) seeing the same thing happen, or the same people over and over, they naturally get special nick names from me too.. It's all in good fun and shows commraderie amongst riders.. Here's some of my daily drivers, even the last one that I hate to have to use - but it works so good... Garage sale was borrowed from my time working at Mt. Hood and I'd see them all day long on the slopes...

Cry for help: bike needing attention
Bicycle Weenie: spandex clad riders
Bike Candy: after market accessories
Frankenschwinn: multiple bikes cobbled together, usually Schwinn.
Frankenbike: multiple bikes cobbled or welded together.
Speechless: watching a parent let the child race ahead across the street, instead of teaching them to walk their bike across after looking both ways, or pushing the kid out first to then have a look around cars.
Garage sale: after the bike falls or crashes and stuff is laying everywhere.


"Suicide Salmon" Rides on the wrong side of a two-way street. Seems unaware that there is anything wrong with this. Usually with no helmet, riding an old beater bike.


"Spokehole": a pompous prick who makes up demeaning terms for bicyclists who don't look or ride like he does.

Doug Quaid

Great list. Keep up the good work. Thanx :)


"Shakira", bike seat set way too high and hips are rocking.


Regarding Ben's comments on helmets - I'm the posterchild for helmets because I did a header a couple of years ago, broke the helmet on impact, and bounced (bone bruises HURT).

What's funny is that a passing driver called 911, and the EMT's asked me if I was wearing a helmet, when it was still on my head...


Crack(s) of Doom: Variation on The Eye of Sauron. Occurs when a cyclist wears shorts that are too small (typically Lycra or spandex), which ride down, thus exposing the riders hind-quarters and displaying the "Crack of Doom". Can also apply to riders who wear cheap or old Lycra/spandex which has become translucent in bright sunlight. There's no avoiding the Crack as the rider is permanently in the drops.


Stop and Flop: a rider who fails to unclip from the pedals and falls over (credit to Stan Purdum from an article he wrote for RoadBikeRider Newsletter, October 14 2014 which is where I first read the term)

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