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Another useful term is 'stripe-rider', a cyclist or motorcyclist who rides between the lanes (in the right direction). Also called lane splitting, it is encouraged in some countries such as France but illegal in most parts of the U.S.

Richard Masoner

Captain Safety: bright flourescent everything -- helmet, hi viz jacket *and* reflective vest, reflective "slow vehicle" triangle flapping behind the butt, high viz socks, high viz shoes, orange safety flag up high, flash flag projecting to the side, epilepsy inducing xenon strobes, etc.


Here's mine then: "Lane Nazi" - a wannabe-tough-guy who shows zero tolerance towards pedestrians in shared sidewalks who happen to intrude into his precious lane.
He sits on his horn violently, scaring the living daylights out of everybody around, while he could've just as easily quietly ridden around the "transgressor".

Paul Halicki

DEFINITION(S) Needed (suggestions welcome in comments): finding something useful another rider has dropped.

Road swag of course!

Paul Halicki

DEFINITION(S) Needed (suggestions welcome in comments): riding through a cloud of dust created by a lawn mower.


Laura Blatnica "tinyhands"

Love this dictionary! Me? I am a gutter bunny snail. YEP!

Shaun Wheeler

How about Nine-Tenther as a suggestion for "finding something useful another rider has dropped", possession being nine-tenths of the law?


Garage art: A high dollar bike usually hung up on a bike rack in the three car garage of the 6 bedroom home. Don't bother trying to talk the homeowner into selling it though. They want all of there friends who visit there house to think they are into exercise even though that 5 year old road bike with Dura Ace components and tubeless rooms doesn't have10 miles on it.

Crazy Paulie

DEFINITION(S) Needed (suggestions welcome in comments): riding through a cloud of dust created by a lawn mower.

A haboob job.

Crazy Paulie

Being hit by a sneeze cloud, spit, or snot expelled by a rider in front of you. 

A mucous moment.

Crazy Paulie

A rider who wears headphones over the top of his/her helmet.

A Dré tripper.

Crazy Paulie

Finding something useful another rider has dropped.

The finder is either an Indiana Jones or a Lara Croft. If the item is returned, then the rider is a St. Anthony.

Tom Kiel

Dick Chaineys: unnecessarily rude and high-strung riders who do something stupid like insulting an inferior pedestrian or rider only to have it blow up in their face.

Tom Auger

Oh this is brilliant stuff. Laughed out loud

Rebecca Pritchard

We need a term for guys who absolutely INSIST on passing you because you're a woman, get 5 metres ahead then slow down to your speed or slower.

Also a term for then sucking his tyre for miles in vengeful abandon (usually up a hill re the male downhill advantage vs female uphill advantage) so his ego will flog him to within an inch of his life, singing whilst doing so to inform him that you're 1) still there and 2) not struggling.

And perhaps a term for the cyclist who pedals then coasts then pedal then coasts at a speed that is too fast for you to pass them as they pedal all out for 10 seconds, but too slow for you to avoid braking as they coast.


Princess (or Prince) Leia: a rider who wears headphones over the top of his/her helmet.


"MGIF" - (Must Get In Front) - Term applies mostly to drivers annoyed at the sight of a cyclist and recklessly drive With a mad sense of urgency to pass without being safe. MGIF is usually followed by immediate power-breaking and a sudden turn, causing the bicyclist to have to swerve or skid to avoid hitting the car. There are also certain biker riders who also have MGIF syndrome.


Great dictionary of bike commuter slang, loved to read all. It just took me to the adventurous world of biking. Love Biking. Thanks.
Ruth Jargon, UK

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