How Used Bike Valuation Tool Helps While Buying a Second-Hand Bike

India is the largest producer and manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world followed by China. Rising fuel prices, affordability, and smooth sailing movement in any condition are the primary reasons for the increasing demand for bikes.

How Used Bike Valuation Tool Helps While Buying a Second-Hand Bike

Right now, the two-wheeler market is booming in India as people are looking for comfortable and protected traveling. From May 2020 to October 2020, there was a six-fold increase in sales from 159,039 units to 898,778 units of two-wheelers.

A major chunk of this figure belongs to the used-bike sector. Whenever you buy a second-hand bike, you must check certain things such as condition, age, model and the most important thing is the fair valuation of the bike you are going to buy.

Because bike valuation helps you to get the best deal in the market. This type of valuation tool helps both buyers and sellers in buying or selling process. This tool came as a boon to them, and they can now get a fair idea about the price of the bike.

Hence, with the help of a used bike valuation tool, buyers can deal with the seller confidently. Sellers also make the process first without delving much into fixing the price.

How second-hand bike valuation tool proves to be beneficial?

When you go to buy or sell a bike it is very essential to acquire an estimation of the value of the bike as far as possible.

Knowing the right market price of the bike is not everything since there are certain things that you must take into consideration at the time of buying or selling a bike.

The second-hand bike valuation tool considers various things such as the brand and the model of the bike, the year when the bike was bought, the condition of the engine, the number of kilometers the bike has run, whether the bike has undergone any accident or not, general condition of the bike, documentation, registration, and type of insurance the bike has, etc. before giving you the estimation of the bike price.

Thus, with the help of the bike valuation tool, you will not only be able to check the price of the second-hand bike but it can also provide you complete peace of mind.

How Does the Used bike Valuation Tool Works?

The bike valuation tool is generally used by a professional and trustworthy dealership. The online used bike valuation tool provides you a fair market value of a used bike and that too within a few seconds.


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    For example, if you want to buy a Bajaj Avenger bike that has already run 5000 Km and the condition of the bike is good then its price should be between Rs. 85, 856 to Rs. 91, 167.

    • Before calculating the tentative price of the bike this tool takes a complete analysis of the market factors.
    • the price that is given by this tool helps the buyer and seller to make the final deal easily.
    • This type of tool works on a specific algorithm that is developed for providing the maximum benefits to both the sellers and buyers.
    • In case the price of the bike changes in the market the information is gathered and fed into the tool and then the value of the tentative price of the bike is calculated on the updated pricing structure.

    Thus, there is no risk of getting affected or having a loss by selling or buying a bike through a certified and skilled bike dealer who judges the price of the bike by analyzing through the bike valuation tool.

    Other Vital Aspects

    Buying or selling a second-hand bike is very tricky and documentation plays a great part in the dealing of a second-hand bike.

    The buyers need to make sure that all the documentation of the bike such as Registration Certificate (RC), insurance paper, and others are correct and clear.

    Apart from that, if the bike is taken on loan then it is necessary to take the Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank.

    The good thing is that the online bike dealership that deals with the selling or buying of second-hand bikes take care of all these factors. Moreover, they also check used bike prices with online valuation tools and hence provide fair prices to get a good deal.

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