How Bike Riding Compares to Other Popular Outdoor Activities

Bike riding falls under one of the most popular outdoor activities. We are here to compare it to another crowd favorite outdoor activities such as running, rollerblading, and skateboarding.

How Bike Riding Compares to Other Popular Outdoor Activities

We’ll discuss many aspects such as cardio workout potential, muscle toning, and building, and many more. Be sure to pay close attention, but ultimately, your choice might depend on your preference.

It is still good to be aware of all the choices that go behind it.

Cycling Vs. Running

Bike riding and running are classic hobbies and the most popular outdoor activities that people across the world enjoy. They both fall under aerobic exercise that can be pursued both outdoors and within the city.

Generally speaking, running will help you burn more calories than bike riding, but it will also have a high impact on the muscles and joints. Let’s review all the ways how bike riding compares to running, and which one is better for you depending on your goals.

In terms of cardiovascular health, or cardio for short, both cycling and running are equally beneficial. Aerobic activities in general help strengthen your heart so that it can pump oxygen more effectively in your body.

By doing cardio exercises such as bike riding and cycling, your heart will be healthier and will offer a better supply of oxygen to your tissues which can also help with muscle building, among other cycling benefits.

As for the number of burnt calories, it depends on the intensity and length of the exercise. In general, running will burn more calories than cycling because you end up using more muscles, however, cycling is much gentler on the body, and you may be able to do it for longer than you could run.

You can also burn more calories if you’re cycling or running uphill for any part of your exercise than you would on flat terrain.

Muscle building is another big aspect that can help differentiate bike riding and running. Running won’t lead to a lot of bulk, but it can help you develop toned muscles.


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    Pushing pedals while bike riding is great resistance training in contests and can help you build leg muscles. The top half is somewhat less involved during biking, however, running uses all the muscles at the same time without engaging them in a way that can help you bulk up.


    Cycling Vs. Skateboarding

    Another very popular outdoor activity right alongside running is skateboarding, so let’s review how cycling compares to it. The comparison here will depend on many factors as opposed to running, but we’ll review some of the most important ones.

    To put it simply, we will be discussing difficulty, exercise level, and the fun factor. For the sake of the bigger discussion, additional aspects that could be considered are the terrain, safety, convenience, and cost.

    Let’s review the difficulty first. Most people know how to ride a bike, and they never forget it. On the other hand, riding a skateboard is not quite as easy as it seems. However, you can quickly learn it with some practice and a minimum amount of balancing abilities.

    The only thing that remains then is to review some of the best skateboard brands and see which type fits your needs the best. This can also help you look for the parts for your skateboard which are always good to have on hand.

    If we’re talking about what is the better exercise, skateboarding is contrary to popular belief a very hard workout. You typically feel the burn in your legs and core muscles if you’re traveling for a few miles, and you are also likely to sweat a lot. Commuting with a bike is generally easy and doesn’t require much effort unless you’re riding uphill.

    Lastly, riding a skateboard or a longboard is much more fun than riding a bike. However, most people assume that longboards are costly, and they can’t afford them. Well, the truth is, there is budget longboard under 150 Dollars available which comes in high-quality plus enough durability. The city becomes your playground and you have to constantly adjust your course and position even if you’re going slow. On the other hand, bike riding is fairly boring compared to skateboarding and you can do it without even thinking about it, kind of like when driving a car.

    Cycling Vs. Rollerblading

    If you’re trying to compare cycling with rollerblading, it’s often the best idea to look at the facts. On the top of your head, you can see that the two offer similar cardiovascular benefits, and depending on the intensity of the exercise, both can offer the chance to get either an aerobic or anaerobic workout.

    Let’s consider other benefits such as muscle tone and weight loss in more detail. Ultimately, let’s help you figure out which activity is more likely to get you up and moving.

    According to many physical activity calculators, in-line skating burns more calories than bike riding. However, if you’re cycling at high speeds, you are more likely to even the odds.

    If you’re comparing these two casual workouts, rollerblading will burn more calories if you’re going at a slow pace, which might come in handy if you want to tone your body casually through commuting.

    If we’re talking about muscles, both rollerblading and cycling are predominantly lower-body workouts, with some minor differences. During cycling, the primary muscles used are hamstrings and quadriceps (thigh muscles), as well as calves and glutes.

    During in-line skating, you engage many muscles including quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes as well, but you also use more of your hip adductors and abductors, providing you with an additional boost.

    When it comes down to deciding which one is the better outdoor activity, the decision may ultimately come down to personal preference. Consider all the other factors as well as the availability of sidewalks and bike lanes, which may be scarce around the city.

    Rollerblading, running and skateboarding are some of the most popular outdoor activities right up there with bike riding, making them a worthy comparison.

    Ultimately, what you’ll be riding will boil down to your preference but it’s still good to be aware of all the benefits that other activities might have. For example, skateboarding is much easier to learn than it is generally thought, and is also a good workout too, which many people don’t know.


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