6 Apps That Will Be Useful on a Bike Ride

Have you taken up bike riding for fun or you’re a serial bike rider? Technology has permeated almost every walk of life and there are applications for almost everything. Biking can take up a considerable amount of time and so you need some applications to make use of that time. We’ve made a compilation of some cool apps for your bike.

These useful apps for biking are a great find that we thought is a must-share with you:

1. Ride with GPS

Planning a new route is a great way to add variety to your cycling experience. Good thing that’s possible with Ride With GPS – a super cool app for your bike. It’s free to download, and once you do, you’ll be able to share your current location with friends and family in real-time, as well as plan your next trip in minute detail.

One of the best features of the software is the option to zoom in on the steepest sections of your route in order to get yourself ready for them in advance. If the ascent is slowing you down, you can get the extra motivation you need by having the app read out any real-time remarks on your route. It’s great that you can use it for navigation even when you’re away from a 4G signal.

2. Komoot

Planning one’s route is something every rider should do. Instead of wasting time getting lost, you can just follow the signs. In this manner, you may bring everything you need without having to leave any potential highlights behind.

When it comes to route planning apps, Komoot is among the finest due to the wealth of information it provides. It is one of the most useful apps for biking.

If you have access to a community of route experts, you can always find new and exciting destinations to ride and learn about the best routes to get there. This program will help you map out your entire ride, from the beginning to the end, as well as monitor your cycling and fitness progress along the way. Garmin, Wahoo, and Sigma are just some of the devices that are compatible with Komoot.

The premium edition of Komoot includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, allowing you to keep your attention on the road, and downloadable maps for usage when cell service is unavailable.

3. iCall – Phone Call Recording App

Get this nifty voice call recorder for the iPhone to make sure you can review all important calls later. You can’t schedule calls and sometimes have to pick them up while biking. Although you may be a bit engaged with the caller, you will still need to review an important call after you are done biking to make sure you got all the information.


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    Recording calls while you bike is a great way to make sure all information is retained. iCall is a great free call recorder. You can try its free trial before you get the premium version to see if it really does fit your needs.

    4. Cyclemeter

    Cyclemeter, which bills itself as “the most advanced and useful app for biking ever produced for a mobile device,” uses your smartphone as its own personal fitness tracker. There is a wealth of post-ride analysis available, including customizable training plans, maps, graphs, announcements, splits, and interval schedules.

    Even better, you need not register with any third-party service in order to save these details. You can choose to publish your activities on social media platforms like Strava and Facebook, but all of your information remains private and is immediately accessible on your phone.

    5. My Campy

    My Campy, designed by Campagnolo, an Italian component giant, is an innovative bicycle activity tracker and a cool app for your bike.  In a word, yes. It tracks every physiological component of a bicycle ride.

    The performance of your bike is also measured. After all, two machines make a good cycle. Live data on how your bike is faring, down to when it might be a good time to replace the brakes or oil the chain, is provided so you know when to rest and when to push harder.

    6. Zwift

    Virtual training applications are a fantastic way for cyclists to practice at home and boost their fitness. Zwift is an indoor cycling simulator and one of the best apps for your bike created specifically for cyclists to help them achieve their fitness and performance goals while having a good time doing it.

    Over a thousand carefully designed workouts created by elite trainers are available in this app. Zwift is able to keep you on your bike for hours due to its engaging community and the captivating nature of its virtual landscapes.

    The data accumulated from the adaptable training regimens can be exported to other apps or devices and analyzed over time to reveal patterns and insights. Zwift will help you prepare for mountain biking or races by keeping track of your weekly and monthly training goals.


    SO, did you find an app that can help you bike better? We hope you do, if nothing else, do check out the iCall phone call recorder for iPhone devices that will help make biking easier for you. These apps are designed to make your life while biking easier! Happy Biking!

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