10 Bike Parts You can 3D Print Right Now

Manufacturing of bike components, the market falling under the automotive industry, benefits heavily from 3D printing technology.

Now you might question, “What is in it for you?” And by this article, we tend to answer your curiosity.

10 Bike Parts You can 3D Print Right Now

We bring to you ten different bike parts that you can 3D print for your bike right now.

1) A Bike Mount Stereo Speaker that can be customized

stereo speaker

We all know how healthy biking is, don’t we? It helps you lose the calories that you’ve gained unnecessarily. But this bike part aims to eliminate the limitation of traveling on a bike, that is, traveling alone.

Although there are exceptional bikes that allow one to have the convenience of traveling with a partner, the majority of us cannot afford them. And even bike riding in a group is also not something that’s possible very often. Hence, most of the time it’s you and your bike! This is exactly why a bike mounts a stereo speaker that can be customized to work wonders for you. You can download its 3D design file from MyMiniFactory.

2) An eccentric mudguard


Something that’s plain boring and duplicating in any bike, whether that bike is an expensive one or a cheap one, is its mudguard’s design. Same black colored semi-circular in shape, yeah? To make you get rid of that banality of mudguard design, a 3D designer has come up with an eccentric mudguard that can fit any bike’s wheel.

The 3D design file of this unique mudguard is available on Thingiverse. And its specialty is that it does not follow any of the traditional mudguard designs.

3) Wall Mounted Bike Stand

bike stand


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    Designed to fit road bike and mountain bike tires of dimension 700 mm * 20 mm as well as 26-29 inches * 2.3 inches respectively, the wall-mounted bike stand 3D design available on Thingiverse mounts to the wall with 10 flat head screws. Though the designer has printed it using ABS, he suggests this design can also be comfortably printed using PETG 3D printing material. Overall, this is a simple, cheap, easy-to-install, and practical design that can be printed in any color that suits the decorum of the place it’s meant for!

    4) Folding Bicycle carry handle

    carry handle

    Ever imagined carrying a bicycle like your bag? This folding bicycle carries a handle, the 3D design of which is available for download on Pinshape, not only aspires to fill your travel with convenience but also points you to look at things from a different perspective.

    Having a soft and comfortable grip that won’t cut your hands even when carried for a long time, this folding bicycle carry handle works fine with people having problems with arthritis.

    5) 1×10 Chain Guide for your MTB

    chain guide

    A frustrating thing while traveling on your bike is adjusting its chain. The failure of the chain to travel on the fixed route can be because of many reasons. It could be because your chain is more tight or loose than required, or it could be because there isn’t any object to guide it along the route. You can download a 3D design file of the 1×10 Chain Guide for your MTB available on Thingiverse to help yourself get a guide for your bike’s chain. Doing so would decrease the probability of your chain failure.

    6) Specialized Bike Map Holder

    chain guide

    If your belief in Google Maps is so much that it has convinced you to disbelieve the need for a physical map for your bike journey, we suggest you better debate this out with a professional biker! While traveling on a bike, you should stay prepared for the about-to-come-uncertainties. And this specialized bike map holder 3D design from MyMiniFactory bolsters your preparation. It’s an arm bracer, meant to be worn on your forearm, enabling you to have a glance on your route whenever you wish to, quickly!

    7) Tire Lever

    tire lever

    Removing tires from the rim of your bike is something that you must have seen your bike repairer do, often. And if you have seen the complete process with patience, you probably know how tiring the process is! Apart from being tiring, if you do not have the correct tools to do this, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Downloading this Tire Lever 3D design from Thingiverse is to aid yourself as a tool for all the snake-like poisonous situations without breaking your stick.

    8) Complete Bike


    We couldn’t help ourselves but break the norm by listing this design in the List of bike parts that you can 3D print because it’s phenomenal. If some years before someone told you that you can manufacture a complete bike at your place with a device, you’d hardly believe he or she wouldn’t you?

    But time flies! By downloading this 3D printed bike design from Cults3D you can lay the foundation for manufacturing yourself a complete bike. Believe it or not!

    9) Cycle water and Banana holder

    banana holder

    As we all know, biking is an exhausting process that consumes a lot of water and calories from your body. And during long travels, it’s comforting to have cycle water and banana holders. The 3D design file available on Etsy is even more comforting because it’s two in one.

    10) Beach Umbrella Holder

    umbrella holder

    This 3D design file available on Cults3D is specifically meant for your travels to the beach using your bike with your folded umbrella. It permits you to be under a shed during a sunny day at the beach and not get sun-tanned.

    The Conclusion

    Downloading a 3D file! Slicing it, and then feeding it to your 3D printer to get the bike part printed in hours. How cool is that? And even if you do not have a 3D printer, upload the 3D design file of your bike part to an online 3D printing service provider and get the part shipped to your home within days. How convenient is that? Try it for yourself, and then answer these two questions about 3D printing technology accurately.


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