9 Bike-packing Gear Essentials for an Epic Ride

Are you ready for your next bike packing adventure? Well, you will be after going through our list of the top bike packing gear essentials for your trip.

9 Bike-packing Gear Essentials for an Epic Ride

We’ve covered everything that you absolutely need to have when going for long cycles across all sorts of terrain. Without further ado, here’s what you need:

Bike Packing Packs

We’ll kick things off with an obvious one; you need to have packs to attach to your bike, or you can’t go bike packing. Without them, you’re going on a long cycle and that’s it.

The whole idea of a trip like this is that you can travel for hours, possibly even days, and keep yourself going. You can get a range of packs that can be fitted to different parts of your bike. Typically, the best ones to get are ones that fit your handlebars, seat, and frame.

This gives you plenty of space to store some of the other items on this list, letting you cycle around without carrying a massively heavy load on your back.


An even more obvious thing you need; a bike! We’ve included this on the list because you need to have the correct type of bike for a bike-packing trip. A typical road bike really won’t cut it as it isn’t built for a trip like this.

Those bikes are built for speed and agility, so they’re not hugely robust and don’t have the suspension to deal with some of the terrains you’ll be cycling over.

Similarly, BMX bikes might be well-equipped at handling rough terrain and taking a beating, but they lack the storage capabilities that you need. Realistically, a mountain bike is a perfect option here.

These bikes are designed for mountains and hillsides, equipped with the right tires and suspension. They will also have plenty of spaces to attach the packs you bought above!

Bike Lighting

Your trip is most likely going to take you through certain places when the sun starts setting. Therefore, you need to ensure you continue safely when it gets dark, which is where bike lighting comes into play.


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    Buy LED lights that attach to your handlebars and show you the way ahead. You should also have some for the rear of your bike, meaning anyone behind you won’t lose sight of your bike.

    Some people like having helmet lights as well, but the choice is yours. Just make sure you have lights shining ahead and behind you, improving your vision and heightening your safety.


    You’ll need some form of shelter for your bike packing adventure. Here, you have a few options that most cyclists swear by. If you have enough space in your packs or backpack, you could bring a small tent along for the ride. It offers more space and privacy than your second option, which is a bivy.

    If you’ve never used one before, a bivy is almost like a mini tent that fits over your sleeping bag. There’s literally only enough shelter for one person lying down, so you save space with this idea.

    Finally, you could bring some tarp with you to hang between trees to create shelter for you to sleep underneath. Choose whichever option you want, just make sure you have some form of shelter to help you sleep without getting soaked by any bad weather.

    Bike Repair Tools

    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. This is a mantra that everyone should have when going on bike packing excursions. You don’t want anything to go wrong, but you need to be prepared just in case. This means bringing along a set of bike repair tools to deal with any problems you might face.

    This will include spare tubes for the tires, patch kits, a compact pump to inflate any deflated tires, tire levers, replacement chains, and so on. You can easily find a bike repair toolset that includes all of these items, plus any others that could come in handy if you need to make running repairs on your trip.

    Waterproof Clothing

    You have to dress appropriately for your excursion, and this usually means bringing along some waterproof clothing. We’re talking cycling gear that won’t get you wet, so you can keep pedaling in the wet weather until you reach a suitable place to camp. Make sure you invest in good-quality stuff here; you need to keep as much rain at bay as possible, ensuring you finish every day feeling warm and dry.

    Waterproof Accessories

    Following on from the above, you will need waterproof accessories for your trip as well. We’ve already mentioned some of these – such as the bikepacking packs.

    They should all be fully waterproof, but it’s worth getting your hands on something like the waterproof phone bag seen on EcoGearFX.com.

    This can keep your phone tucked away and safe from the rain, while still ensuring you can see the screen and use it. It’s ideal if you’re using the maps function on your phone and it starts to rain.

    A First Aid Kit

    Again, expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst. You don’t want to fall off your bike during a bike packing adventure, but there’s a chance it can happen.

    Especially if you’re cycling on tricky terrain where slips and falls are common occurrences. Pack a first aid kit with all the things you might need – bandages, gauzes, pain medication, blister pads, antibiotic ointment, and so on.

    Water Purifier

    You need to stay hydrated and lots of water will be consumed during your adventure. Unfortunately, this means you may run out of water in your reusable bottle at some point.

    You won’t always be near shops or water fountains to top yourself up, so the alternative is getting water from rivers, streams, lakes, and any other sources you can find.

    Thus, you need a water purifier to remove toxins and make the water safe to drink. Some people bring chloride tablets to do this, but you have water filters that can fit in one of your packs and be used to collect and filter water through to your bottle.

    Either way, make sure you have some means of generating safe water.


    On that note, you’ve reached the end of our list. These are the top 9 bike packing gear essentials for an epic ride, so be sure you have them all with you before your next trip.


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