Top 9 Expert Picks for Children’s Bike Helmets

Biking for kids is getting quite popular these days. It’s one of the sports that kids can participate in while staying physically active. However, safety is also important for them. Because no parent would like their kid to have any injury.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll be reviewing the bike helmets for kids, which will protect your kids from any injuries.

The following are my 9 top picks for the best kids’ bike helmets if you’re short on time.

Two kids playing bikes with helmets

Table: Our Top 9 Picks for Bike Helmets for Kids

Product Name Why we love this Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
POC Pocito Omne SPIN  Its Multipurpose Helmets. $60+
Bell Sidetrack  It’s a fully functional helmet at a reasonable price. $30+
Bern Nino Or Bern Bandito  It can easily be used in winter and summer both. $45+
Bell Nomad Jr MIPS  It’s comfortable and comes with a lot of adjustments.  $55+
Giro Tremor MIPS  It’s very lightweight and durable. $60+
Kali Chakra Youth  It’s lightweight with an attractive design. $45+
Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet Classic Design It includes full-range padding and integrate Visor $20+
Krash Girls Youth Bike Helmets Very easy to use. $30+
Smith Wilder Jr It includes a visor and sunglass storage. $35+


Our Top 9 Picks: Kids Bike Helmets – Provide Details And Description 

Now, it’s time for us to review all of our top picks. So, let’s dive into it!


1. POC Pocito Omne SPIN 

bike helmets for kids

Check the price

The first best helmet for kids that we have for you is the POC Pocito Omne Spin, which has a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Amazon. This helmet is designed for regular commuters, and weekend adventures.


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    The thing that I like most about this helmet is that it works for everyone, including kids. POC brand’s product line features a unique design that combines the highest safety standards with sophisticated functionality. 

    The same applies to the POC OMNE AIR SPIN. For the helmet, there are seven different colours to choose from.

    As far as safety is concerned, POC, spin, and MISP reduce rotational forces applied to your head, thereby reducing injury risk.

    2. Bell Sidetrack 

    bike helmets for kids

    Check the price

    In the style of an adult mountain bike helmet, the Bell Sidetrack is a fully functional bike helmet for kids. The helmet’s adjustable and durable design makes it convenient for kids to use.

    Kids of all ages will love the Sidetrack’s extended coverage along the back, 15 vents for ventilation, and easy-to-use dial-adjust fit.

    One thing that disappointed me about the helmet is that the buckle is difficult for kids to use. Your kid will have to practise for some time to fasten the buckle properly.

    Overall, with this affordable price, the bell sidetrack is no less than a jackpot.

    3. Bern Nino Or Bern Bandito 

    bike helmets for kids

    Check the price

    Bern Nino is the best helmet for your kid. It can be used both in winters and summers. Also, not only your kid can use it for biking but also for skiing as well. The Bern’s winter liner keeps you both warmer and safer than a helmet with a beanie underneath.

    You can choose between a MIPS and a non-MIPS version of this helmet. Moreover, the helmet includes visor sun protection, which protects your kid from the sunlight. The helmet is very lightweight, which will make it comfortable to wear for a longer time.

    4. Bell Nomad Jr MIPS 

    bike helmets for kids

    Check the price

    For the adventurous young rider, the Bell Nomad Jr. is a great mid-priced kids’ helmet with MIPS technology. 

    Designed for mountain biking, the Bell Nomad Jr helmet is fully equipped and ready to go. The helmet is one of the highest-quality helmets for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

    In addition to offering multidirectional impact protection, the Bell Nomad JR helmet also reduces strain on the brain regardless of which direction the impact occurs.

    5. Giro Tremor MIPS 

    bike helmets for kids Check the price

    A top-of-the-line bike, the Giro Tremor is an outstanding bike helmet because of its top-of-the-line comfort, high-quality adjustments, and optional MIPS safety technology.

    It comes in youth and child sizes, with a variety of colour options, and has a cool mountain bike design for little shredders of all ages. Children’s head circumference ranges from 47 to 54 cm, while youths’ head circumferences range from 50 to 57 cm.

    However, one thing that I didn’t like about this helmet is its pink colour, which makes it look a little cheap. However, if you talk about its function, then it really does the job you bought it for.

    6. Kali Chakra Youth

    bike helmets for kids Check the price

    An attractive, lightweight, long-lasting, and reasonably priced youth helmet, the Kali Chakra is a great choice. For kids’ helmets, Kali features easy dial adjustment as well as ventilation. 

    However, there are two issues with this product that I want to outline. The first one is that it doesn’t fit properly on the kid’s head. It keeps falling to the side, which is definitely not good in terms of safety.

    The second issue is that the sizing labels that the Kali brand claims are inaccurate. In spite of the fact that it is labelled as having a 48 cm minimum head circumference range, I found it to be far too large for a child with a 48 cm head circumference.

    7. Schwinn Kids Bike Helmet Classic Design

    bike helmets for kids

    Check the price

    The Schwinn infant helmet has a cute design that children will enjoy wearing. You can adjust the dial to find the ideal fit for your child, and full-range padding ensures superior protection.

    Using the helmet’s integrated visor, you can keep your child’s eyes protected from the sun. With its ultra-lightweight vented design, the helmet provides maximum ventilation on hot summer rides, as well as durability and extra protection in the back.

    The product itself is good, but the tape around it is very poor. A few weeks after the surgery, the tape may start coming off.

    8. Krash Girls Youth Bike Helmets

    bike helmets for kids Check the price

    A tough shell and vibrant screen printing make the Krash multisport helmet a great choice for bike trails and skate parks.

    Assuring bike and skateboard safety is easy with this stylish helmet that meets ASTM 1492 and CPSC 1203. The wide fit accommodates heads ranging in size from 21.2 to 22.8 inches.

    This bike helmet is suitable for children between the ages of two and eighteen. Besides being portable, ventilated, and adjustable, it is also easy to use. From 21.2 to 22.8 inches in height, the helmet fits children.

    9. Smith Wilder Jr

    bike helmets for kids

    Check the price

    With its lightweight in-mould construction and MIPS Protection System, the Smith Welder JR is the best kids’ helmet. This kids’ bike helmet is inspired by mountain biking. 

    In addition to the integrated visor and sunglasses storage, it borrows many design cues from the Smith Convoy MIPS. Another integrated feature is the 21 fixed vents that should help keep sweaty heads at bay. 

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    Honourable Mentions for Bike Helmets for Kids

    Now, I’m going to walk you through the other best helmets for kids that you may also want to consider buying.

    1. Troy Lee Designs A1 

    The Troy Lee helmet has so many great features, and it is the best helmet on the market. 

    The polycarbonate shell of the A1 Reflex is in-molded with an EPL liner and measures fourteen inches from ear to ear and seventeen inches from front to back.

    The anti-microbial plush pads can be removed and washed. This product is quite expensive, so I did not include it in my top picks.

    2. Specialized Shuffle Youth LED 

    Your child will be more visible with this helmet because it has a built-in LED light that works both day and night. For a comfortable fit, it also has MIPS technology. It is a great helmet in terms of features and price.

    3. Lazer Gekko 

    Its unique autofit system (the helmet automatically adjusts to fit each child’s head) makes the Lazer Gekko and Lil’ Gekko helmets ideal for small riders. The side buckles are simple to operate, and the ventilation is excellent. 

    4. Melon Youth 

    The Melon Youth is the best helmet for your kids due to its easy-to-use buckle and great ventilation. The design of this helmet is similar to a skate bicycle helmet, making it even more attractive.

    5. Giro Hale

    The Giro Hale is a standard “youth” size helmet that fits children with circumferences between 50 and 57 cm. 

    The model’s widest point is 16.5 cm, just slightly smaller than the 17 cm of the Bell Sidetrack. Heads come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    6. POC Pocito Crane 

    Introducing the new POC POCito Crane helmet, a redesigned version of the award-winning Crane helmet. With safety orange outer shells and reflective patches, the POCito line is highly visible. The dual-layer EPS can withstand a wide range of impacts. Two sizes are available.

    7. Nutcase Little Nutty 

    In the event of a crash, MIPS safety technology prevents the Baby Nutty from rotating. Over the years, it has become more affordable.

    8. Bontrager Jet Wavecell 

    Designed to absorb impact force, Bontrager’s Jet WaveCel Children’s Bike Helmet features a collapsible structure. It is well-proven, which gives you peace of mind, but it adds weight, reduces airflow, and increases the cost.

    What are Full-Face Helmets 

    bike helmets for kids

    Full-face helmets provide the most protection and safety. They completely encircle the head and protect every part of it, including your chin, which is frequently the part of your face that hits the ground in an accident. 

    If they’re so protective, then why are none of the above-mentioned helmets full-face?  It’s because full-face helmets are usually too hot and heavy, which can be uncomfortable for kids to use. 

    Full-face helmets are used especially for hitting big jumps, doing stunts on BMX bikes, and downhill mountain biking. 

    Obviously, your kids aren’t going to do these things, so full-face helmets for kids won’t be soo good. 

    They just want to ride their bikes to school and do some cruising and mellow mountain biking, which the trails mentioned above are ideal for.


    Comparison Chart of Bike Helmets For Kids:

    Below is the comparison chart that will help you decide which kids’ helmets you should go for. 

    Helmet Name MIPS? Style Magnetic Buckle Weight Head Circumstances
    POC Pocito Omne SPIN  No Traditional Road No 326 g 51-56 cm (S)
    Bell Sidetrack  No MTB No 310 g 47 – 54 cm (Child)

    50 – 57 cm (Youth)

    Bern Nino Or Bern Bandito  No Skate-style No 245 g 52-57 cm
    Bell Nomad Jr MIPS  Yes MTB No 353 g 50-57 cm
    Giro Tremor MIPS  Yes Traditional / Road NO 247 g 50-57 cm
    Kali Chakra Youth  No MTB No 360 g 52-55cm
    Schwinn Kids Bike  Yes MTB NO 269 g 51-56 cm (S)
    Smith WIlder JR Yes MTLB NO 269 g 48-52 cm
    Nutcase Little Nutty Yes Skate-style Yes 440g 48-52 cm (Child)

    52-56 cm (Youth)

    Melon Youth No Skate-style Yes 280 g 52-58 cm (M/L)
    POC Pocito Crane Yes Skate-style No 270g 51-54 cm (XS-S)

    55-58 cm (M-L)

    Bontrager Jet No Skate-style Yes 540 g 50-55 cm
    Lazer Gekko Yes Traditional / Road No 310 g 50-56 cm
    Giro Hale MIPS Yes Traditional / Road No           247 g 50-57 cm
    Troy Lee Designs A1 Yes MTB No           346 g 48 to 53 cm (Youth)

    50 to 54 cm (XS)

    Bike Vs. Multi-Sport Kids Helmets 

    In most cases, bike helmets are only approved for use while riding a bike. In order to protect your child from impacts from bike or skateboarding crashes, your child needs a dual-certified helmet. Those helmets that come with stickers like ASTM and CPSC are dual-certified.

    Girls’ Bike Helmets Vs. Boys’ Bike Helmets

    There aren’t any specific types of girl’s helmets or boy’s helmets. Helmets are designed equally. Manufacturers, however, add different colours and designs to make girls’ and boys’ helmets. There are only colours that are different, though. That’s it.


    How To Choose A Kids Bike Helmet 

    bike helmets for kids


    Helmets are for safety and this is the factor that should be on top of the list when considering a bike helmet. To ensure your children safety, make sure your helmet has MIPS (multidirectional impact protection), is easy to adjust, and fits well. That’s enough for safety.

    Adjustability & Fit 

    Helmets must be adjustable so that they can fit any head. Additionally, it must have a rear-fit dial for securing the helmet. The last thing that your helmets must have are straps that are adjustment-free.


    To get the right weight, you can go through the chart that I’ve mentioned below.


    Make sure the size of your kid’s helmet is chosen according to the head size of your kid.

    Buckle Type 

    Traditional-style buckles are commonly found on children’s bike helmets. The more expensive ones, however, usually have a magnetic buckle. It’s extremely easy for children to buckle (and unbuckle) these on their own, and it prevents chin pinches.

    Use / Type Of Riding

    A bike helmet that is suitable for your child will depend on the type of riding he or she will do. That’s why it’s important to be clear.  


    Visor provides additional protection for kids’ faces and provides protection from the sun. Don’t forget to check the helmet of your child.


    Go for a traditional bicycle helmet which usually has more holes, making the helmet more breathable.

    Child’s Preference

    Let your kid decide the colours, the design, and the comfort. Because, they’re the ones who’re going to wear the helmet, right? 



    Above are some of the best helmets for your kids. I’ve reviewed them for you, mentioning their pros and cons to help you choose the best helmet for your little one. 

    Go through how to choose a kid’s bike helmet to know about all the factors that you need to consider when buying a kid’s bike helmet.

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