7 Bike Hacks You Need to Try This Summer

Your bike is your travel companion and second leg. You may have had the same one for years or just started getting into building your own bike.

7 Bike Hacks You Need to Try This Summer

There are so many incredible customization options that can turn your bike into an amazing piece of machinery, but you have to consider the pros and cons of each one and how you like to ride. From the nature adventurer to the urban dweller, check out these hacks to transform the way you ride.

Biking is so much more than it seems, and you’ll be amazed at how different you see yours after trying some of these suggestions.

Decrease with Dish Soap

Grab a bottle of Dawn and say goodbye to tough grease stains on your clothes. Just like regular stain remover, dab some dish soap on a stain before tossing it into the washing machine.

After your usual cycle, it should come out fresh as ever looking good as new. You can also use dish soap to clean up grease on your frame, but make sure you don’t get it on any bearings.

They’ll dry out and break down without the necessary lubrication.

Get a GPS System

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 syncs up with your smartphone to provide real-time GPS navigation. You’ll never again have to wonder whether you’ve taken a wrong turn. A touchscreen made from water-resistant glass provides on-screen navigation wherever you are.

You can follow pre-made routes, perform workout routines and get real-time visual and audio cues about where to turn next. You’ll feel safer exploring with the computer’s return home option, which allows you to get immediate directions from your current location back to your residence with the click of a button.

Go Electronic

If you have not tried an electronic bike yet, you will want to get on the trend as soon as possible. They aren’t just a fad, and bikes are taking cycling to the next level for riders of all levels of experience.

The DŌST Bike comes fully loaded with a mid-drive motor and dual battery option that allows you to carry a second battery for your ebike and expand its range up to 120 miles.


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    Electric bicycles also allow you to practice greater safety when you’re going on longer rides; the throttle can take over the need to pedal, giving your legs a much-needed rest if you grow tired or even find yourself injured.

    Clean Up After a Repair with Laundry Detergent

    We have covered how to easily get rid of grease stains from clothes, but do you know how to get your skin clean before heading into the bathroom?

    You should only use a little to avoid irritation, but try rubbing on some powdered gentle laundry detergent. This can loosen grease and make it easier to wash up without getting grease all over your sink or shower.

    Clean Your Chain with Toothbrushes

    Taking care of your bike chain can be annoying when you always find your brakes covered in spray. To avoid having to spend hours cleaning or dismantling your bike, get two cheap toothbrushes and take them together so their bristles touch.

    Run the chain through this when you clean it, loosening any dirt and grime as you go. Next, apply some WD40 and use the brush to evenly disperse it across your chain.

    This will make regular maintenance easier by preventing cleaning solutions or spray from getting all over your brakes and bearings.

    Keep Extra Underwear in Your Backpack

    If you are a commuter cyclist, this one is especially important. Rain or sweat can make you feel extremely uncomfortable by the time you get to your destination.

    You can either sit in soaking wet undergarments or change into fresh pairs in the bathroom. An extra pair of emergency undies will keep you nice and dry no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. The same goes for socks, too.

    If you’re riding for the day, sweat or an accidental detour into a puddle can make pedaling home miserable. Just make sure you keep a small laundry bag in your pack as well; this will give you an easy place to store your used garments until you can wash them.

    Prevent Tire Punctures with Sealant

    If you can open your inner tubes’ valve core, apply some sealant inside. This will slow down the natural wear-and-tear of rubber and prevent any minor punctures or tears while you’re biking.

    You should also make sure to plot your route ahead of time, just in case you develop a flat while you’re out. It’s always better to go ahead prepared than to just assume nothing will happen. You should also brush up on your bike safety and maintenance tips.

    If you don’t know how to patch a tire while you’re cycling, this is an essential piece of information you’ll want to know before you ride alone in any remote area.


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