Bicycle Theft Prevention Tips

Bicycles are used for commuting, shopping, and evening rides. This is why the question of how to protect your bike from theft becomes quite relevant. There are simple statistics: the more bikes appear in the world — the more bikes are stolen. And the best way to save your bicycle is not to leave it alone at all.

Of course, it is not that easy. So below we will give a few suggestions that significantly reduce the probability that your bike will appear in hands of a villain.

1. Keep Your Bicycle Information Ready

Write down and take a picture of your bicycle’s serial number. Also take some clear pictures of its special features (replaced parts, stickers, scratches, etc.).

Save everything that was with the bike when you bought it: passport, boxes, labels, warranty certificate. If you buy it from a dealer — ask him for the documents, as well as a receipt confirming that he sold it for a specific amount of money. This will help you find the bike and also to prove that it is yours in case of theft.

2. Choose a Reliable Lock and Insurance

There are many types of bike locks today, but not all are equally reliable. Cheap thin locks are very easy to cut. Such a cable can be used as additional protection, but not as the main one. One of the most suitable options is a chain lock. Even though the chain weighs more than the rope, cutting it without attracting attention will be quite difficult.

If you don’t want to bother much with security locks, you can buy Simple Bike Insurance or any other good insurance that will compensate for all costs if your bike is stolen. But be careful and check the contracts in detail.

You need to clearly state the value of the bike, its features, and the amount of insurance you want. Then you can ride your bike safely and not be afraid of losing it.

3. Never Leave Your Bicycle Unlocked

Even if you live in a safe city and know all the neighbors by name, you should never leave your bike unlocked. Such a bike will be easy prey for thieves, who can steal it without much effort.

Of course, if you use this or any other link to buy insurance, there’s no need to worry about leaving your bike behind. And if you don’t have insurance, then park your bike in a secure area with cameras.

Try to store your bike in the hallway, on the loggia, or near your workplace. If for some reason you need to leave your bike in other places, you should choose them carefully.


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    4. Lock Your Bike in Two Ways

    Buying reliable locks is half the battle. It’s important to secure your bike properly when you park it. You can use a chain to secure the frame and a cable lock to secure the wheel. It is harder to steal a bicycle that is cleverly fastened, and not all thieves will want to mess with it.

    5. Decorate Your Bicycle

    The more conspicuous your bike is, the easier you can find it. So do not be lazy to give your favorite vehicle individuality. You can paint the frame, attach LEDs to the wheels or decorate the handlebar. The main thing is that the bike is different from everyone else and attracts additional attention.


    A desire to buy a bike can arise from a variety of reasons: someone wants to improve health, someone does not want to use the buses, and others start a cycling career. In any case, after buying a bike you should think about its safety and follow the rules of safe storage. This way the bike will serve you for a long time, and thieves will always bypass it.


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