10 Essential Bicycle Repair Tools Complete Tool Kit

A complete bicycle repair toolset helps you to keep your bicycle continually updated. Also, you can repair the large and minor issues simply in your home. Sometimes we buy many tools for our work, but we can see that some tools are unnecessary, but you have purchased them for the wrong guide.

To avoid these kinds of problems, we have created our essential bicycle repair tools complete tool kit list. We have suggested the 10 most essential tools for repairing a bicycle, also entirely discussing each of the tools. So let’s start our complete guide. 

What Did You Need to Know About Tools?

Your home may already have toolsets like sockets, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Though these tools are suitable for all regular work, you will need specific tools to get good service in bike and bicycle repairing.

Although bicycle and bike repairing tool kits are not so expensive, if you use the perfect tools, your bicycle will be much safer from damage, and you will get the ideal result from it.

Bicycle Repair Tools Complete Tool Kit

1. Tire Pumping Tool

The tire pumping tool is essential for a bicycle, which you need to use every few days to fill the tube properly. Though pumping with a floor pump is very difficult. But here is another excellent option for you. Currently, you can see different types of floor pumps in the market according to your needs.

Whether you are a fat biker, mountain biker, backpacker, or any other biker, you will need the most reliable pumping tools for pumping your bicycle in the fastest time as per your choice. However, in this case, try to choose a compact and portable size to always take with you any adventure, riding, racing.

2. Hex or Allen Wrench

You will need to fasten the bolts of different sizes during bike repairing. In this case, you will need to buy a complete Allen or hex wrench set. But there is another side to this. 

If you are capable of buying a complete hex set, you can buy a compact three-way hex wrench at a low price, In which you get three different sized wrenches of 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm at the same time. Which will reduce a lot of your hassles, as well as provide excellent leverage with the faster working performance.

3. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is an outstanding tool for the repairing and mechanical industry. It will greatly help your bicycle repairing work. In particular, it will protect the bike’s sensitive nuts and bolts from overtightening, and it provides the exact amount of fastening.

You can also see the different sizes of torque wrench available in the market, so you will have the option to choose the wrench that is suitable for you.


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    Most important things, especially if you are a new torque wrench user. After each use, must undo the torque adjuster. Also, do not keep the torque wrench in the same way with other tools; keep it separately in its storage box.

    4. Chain Whip

    The chain whip is mainly used to remove or replace the cassette of gear bicycles; it grips the cassette perfectly. It is an essential tool for regular bicycle mechanics.

    5. Hammer

    Though, hammers are not regularly required for bicycle repair. However, it is an essential tool in various fields of everyday life. Usually, a hammer is needed in repairing accident cycles or when replacing hardly stuck parts.

    However, since you will choose a hammer for all tasks, you can follow the Itamar post (handyman-guide) to find the best hammer that you can use for all tasks.

    6. Masterlink Tool and Chain Breaker

    Masterlink and chain breaker are two different tools, but your bicycle repairing tool kit set will never be complete without these two tools. Many times you can see it on multi-tools, which is why many people do not want to take them separately. However, I would highly recommend not to rely entirely on multi-tools for repairing work.

    7. Pedal Wrench

    In the case of pedal removal, the pedal wrench is used instead of an ordinary wrench. It has a lot of super-strength and helps to get a good grip and excellent leverage. Many people use the adjustable wrench for pedal replacement but try to avoid it.

    8. Repair Stand

    Though the bike repair stand is not required for most regular maintenance work, however, the bike repairing stand is very helpful to make your bike’s chain replacing, tire changing, adjusting the body, and more different types of repairing work easier.

    9. Spoke wrench

    A spoke wrench is another vital tool, and it helps a lot in adjusting and replacing the spokes of the wheel of your bicycle. As it is compact size, you can always easily keep it with you.

    10. Scissors & Side Cutters

    Scissors are basic things for cutting various regular things like tape and rags. In this case, you must try to choose by looking at the excellent quality from the hardware shop.

    On the other hand, a side cutter is a perfect option for cutting different types of hard things, like cable, zip, housing. However, when choosing a side cutter, you must pick a good brand side cutter so that it lasts for a long time.

    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

    What tools does a home bike mechanic need?

    A home bike mechanic does not need hundreds of repairing tools. But they need to keep some essential tools. These are: floor pump, three-way hex wrench, spoke wrench, repair stand, chain breaker, pedal wrench, cassette lockring tool, and chain whip.

    What are cone wrenches used for?

    A cone spanner or wrench is a much thinner and lighter tool. It is specially used for bicycle maintenance and assembly.

    What is the purpose of essential bicycle repair tools?

    These are essential to fixing the occasional flat tire, keeping the air pressure the right way, keeping the lubricant off the chain clean, and for a variety of other essential tasks.

    Final Verdict

    Many people buy hundreds of tools in the field of bicycle repairing, but in the maximum field, it is seen that they do not need to use those tools regularly.

    However, to get rid of this problem, we have tried to share 10 essential bicycle repair tools complete tool kits in detail, which will be required in every step of your repairing work. Hopefully, the guide has helped you a lot to find the right toolset.


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