6 Reasons Why Bicycle is the Best Transport for Students

Being able to move around town is crucial for students, especially if your campus is far from the college building. Bicycle is the best pick for you, and here we tell you why!

6 Reasons Why Bicycle is the Best Transport for Students

Students have to be mobile all the time. Traveling from your home to the college building takes a lot of time if you live far from it; but even if your dormitory is close to the college, sometimes you need to get to the center of the city or your part-time workplace.

With that in mind, students start thinking about the best transport for them. The majority choose public transport, some can afford to buy a car, and others use a taxi every day.

The Best Transport for a Student

If you also struggle with commuting, this article is for you. The recent years’ tendency shows that two-wheelers become more and more popular among young people, in particular, among students.

Bicycles are really the best transport for students, and if you are not sure, read this article! We offer you 6 main reasons to use a bicycle as the main means of transport.

1. Fast and Convenient

Traffic is the worst enemy of people who need to use any means of transport to get somewhere: cars, buses, trams – everything gets stuck. Subway can be a good way out, but it is not available everywhere, and the crowds may scare you out.

Bicycles can save you a lot of time in traffic. They are small, easy to ride, and they can overtake all cars stuck in traffic jams. Moreover, in cities, there is a good infrastructure developed for the cyclers with separated bicycle paths. This way, you will be able to ride anywhere fast.

Moreover, you do not need to pay for the parking space for your two-wheeler, and you can put it almost everywhere if there is no parking for bicycles (however such parking places are available near most public spaces).

2. Independent

If you use public transport, you are bound to its timing. It creates a lot of problems such as you can be late if a bus doesn’t come, or if you need to leave at 11 to make it in time, but the buses depart at 10.30 and 11.30. You lose your precious time anyway. A bike makes you independent in the way you can move around the city.

You may say that taxis make you pretty independent, but it’s also not true: if there is no car available, if your driver gets stuck in a traffic jam, you will be trapped.


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    Besides, public transport is not always comfortable, while a bicycle can be tailored for your needs. You can choose the best bike for your riding style, and make your riding experience comfortable.

    3. Safe

    A bike is considered to be the second-safest mode of transport in the world (airplanes are the first). Of course, you must follow the basic safety tips for cyclists, but let’s face it: some safety tips are required everywhere.

    With the bicycle paths in your town are in place, you will move around safely. Even if you fall, the damage is rarely serious, and you can avoid the crash thanks to the maneuverability of your two-wheeler.

    4. Healthy

    Students, especially working students, rarely have time to exercise in the gym. They rarely have time to deliver all necessary assignments, leave alone take care of their health. By the way, if you struggle to cope with your tasks and to keep yourself healthy at the same time, papercheap.co.uk website will help you with essays and papers.

    If you ride a two-wheeler, you can exercise when commuting. There is no other way of transport (except for walking) that has such effect. Almost all muscles of your bodywork when you ride a bike, but most importantly, your back and spine get rid of the pressure they feel when you are sitting a lot of hours without physical activities.

    5. Easy in Maintenance

    Car owners often complain that they spend a lot of money on their car’s maintenance. Well, this is not the case with a bike. This transport rarely breaks down, and even if it does, the cost of service parts is not really high. Moreover, in the majority of cases, you can repair your bike by yourself.

    Modern bicycles don’t require many gear details for you to have. You need to have just a tiny GPS tool on your bicycle, and some protective gear depending on how you will use your bicycle (for example, commuting does not require as much protective gear as a ride in the mountains).

    6. Eco-friendly

    The last but not the least reason why a bicycle is the best transport for a student is that bicycle is the most eco-friendly way of transport in the world. Students represent the majority of eco-activists, so you will definitely be interested in riding a bike: the means of transportation that does not affect our planet.

    According to the research of Deloitte Insight, bikes will transform the mode of transport. Car drivers will lose their leading position, and bicycle riders will take over the roads. There will only be emergency cars driving, while everyone else will use a bicycle or any other eco-friendly way of transport.

    In modern reality, bicycles are the best way to travel from home to college. There are bicycle lines, easy-to-wear protective gear, and different bicycle types for various occasions – you can find the best bicycle for you!


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