Things You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents Injury Law in Mesquite, TX

Bicycles are increasingly gaining popularity around the world, especially amongst commuters, as an efficient means of transportation.

This may be attributed to the recent awareness amongst people to take better care of the planet and the fact that bicycles are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Furthermore, people also ride bicycles for exercise and recreational purposes.

Compared to other vehicles, bicycles do not take up a lot of space on the road, however, bicycle accidents are common events in the country. According to the 2018 National Center for Health Statistics, there were 1,024 bicyclist deaths.

Out of the 1,024 deaths, 682 were as a result of car crashes while 342 were attributed to other incidents. In addition, there were reports of 424,350 serious injuries associated with bicycle accidents.

Bicycle accidents may be caused by several factors such as drunk driving, distracted driving, potholes/slippery roads, and other actions that disregard traffic rules and regulations.

Victims of bicycle accidents that occur due to the negligence of other riders/drivers may file a personal injury case in court. This would enable them to receive monetary compensation for their injuries and other damages to their properties.

A Mesquite drunk driving accident lawyer can help you to file an injury claim and secure the appropriate compensation for your troubles.

Other vital information regarding bicycle accident injury law in Mesquite include:

The First Step

In the event of a bicycle accident, like car accidents, the first thing you should do is to dial 911 and request medical assistance. This should be done regardless of the perceived severity of your injuries.

While you wait for the authorities to arrive at the scene, you may take pictures of the scene including skid marks, the vehicles involved in the accident, and others that are present at the scene.


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    This will serve as evidence later on, furthermore, you’ll be assisting your attorney in gathering the necessary evidence required to file a successful claim.

    After securing medical attention, the next step is to hire a competent attorney to help you navigate the technicalities associated with bicycle accident law on the way to filing a successful injury claim.

    Texas Bicycle Laws

    An experienced bicycle injury lawyer can help you to navigate the Texas bicycle laws, however, here are some of the laws that may impact your injury claim.

    Riding Under The Influence of Alcohol

    Riding a bicycle while inebriated is not a crime in Texas. However, you will be liable for any collision and damage that you cause during this period.

    Texas Helmet Laws

    Generally, helmets are not compulsory for cyclists in Texas. However, some cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin have mandated the use of helmets for cyclists under the age of 18. Persons who do not abide by this law risk partial liability for their injuries in the event of a collision.

    Impartial Treatment

    Bicycles are recognized as vehicles in Texas, therefore, all the traffic rules and regulations that apply to car owners also apply to cyclists. For instance, bicycles should not be overloaded with passengers, and all bikes must have working brakes.

    Additionally, cyclists must ensure that their bicycles have a visible white light (from 500 feet) if they are to ride at night.

    Comparative Negligence Rule

    Texas injury law operates with the comparative negligence rule, therefore, you can receive compensation for damages even if you share some blame for the accident. As long as your share of the blame is 50% or less, you will remain eligible for compensation.


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