Ways to Prevent a Bicycle Accident

Cycling is a good way of exercising and ensuring that you stay healthy, but it is not always without risks.

Ways to Prevent a Bicycle Accident

While bicycles are a suitable mode of transportation that is guaranteed to take you to your destination on time and beat the traffic, they pose a significant risk to you, pedestrians and motorists.

Studies have shown that at least 700 bicycle accidents occur every year, and those accidents leave the riders with substantial injuries.

Bicycle-related injuries account for so many road injuries and the thing is, being a bike rider is just about the most dangerous undertaking.

Whether it’s for fun, exercising, or just taking your bike out for a ride, you have a lot to be considerate about. It’s never too late to be on the safe side of the road. Below are ways to prevent you from a bicycle accident.

Have You Thought About Lawyering Up?

In his words, Craig D. Lounsbrough said that “Defense mechanisms protect us. Fortresses isolate us. And far too often we begin with the former and end up constructing the latter” this cannot be any truer as there are so many mechanisms that can be employed to help ensure safety whether on the road or elsewhere.

But there’s a tactic that can help ensure that even when injured, especially when cycling, you can get the compensation you deserve.

Having an attorney working on your case isn’t such a bad idea. They’ll help defend you whenever you have an altercation with any traffic issues.

As a cyclist, you know that cycling accidents injure so many people on the roads and you need an attorney whenever such a misfortune happens to you.

Whenever this happens, you need to be armed with a police report, medical documents documenting your injuries, witness reports, and any graphic images that can help prove your accident.


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    You need to be prepared whenever dealing with an accident as it will help with your case down the line.

    Make Use Of Headlights And Wear Reflective Clothing

    Before getting on the road, your main goal as a cyclist is to be seen. When motorists, pedestrians, and other riders see you, they are highly likely to be aware of you and work to ensure they do not get into an accident with you.

    Headlights ensure that you are noticed in whatever street you get to when used both during daytime or nighttime. Headlights will help both you and other motorists in avoiding accidents.

    As it happens, reflective clothing will come with the same effect.

    Ensure You Wear A Helmet

    Studies show that riders involved in a bicycle accident are ten times more likely to succumb to head injuries. The helmet, when worn properly, can prevent impact to the head when engaged in an accident.

    Everyone should wear it right from when they pick up a bike to the moment they park it. If you happen to be in an accident and your helmet is damaged, consider acquiring a new one as the old one will not be effective.

    The goal of a helmet is to protect you from being a statistic.

    Test Your Brakes


    Most accidents occur when it is too late to take action. Often, lack of brakes is the leading cause of pedestrian and cyclist-related accidents. Before going on the road, ensure that your brakes are fastened and work perfectly.

    You can do a simple test of spinning the wheels and applying brakes to find out if they need adjusting. When not sure about the brakes, you can fasten them yourself or go to a repair shop to have them fixed.

    Ensure You Ride The Appropriate Bike Size

    When it comes to bicycles, it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Bikes come in different sizes and specifications based on age, weight, and terrain.

    Before buying a bike, you should consider the nature of the roads you intend to ride on and seek advice from the sellers on the same. Ensure that the bike size accounts for your age and size.

    An appropriately sized bike will effectively prevent an accident on the street than a random training bike that should be ridden in the backyard.

    Self Awareness Is Key

    Take note of your surroundings and ensure that you see everyone on the road. This way, you will have control over your bicycle and know where to turn and when to avoid accidents that may be caused by not observing traffic signs.

    The above are measures that will greatly help you avoid the most common of bicycle accidents.  Ensure that your bicycle is regularly checked and repaired in time as this is your daily tool whenever going to work, having fun, or exercising.


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