How To Bet Free Online on Pro Cycling Events

The most popular cycling races in the world are multi-stage and last for several weeks. Cycling competitions allow fans of this sport to wager on their favorite race participants. Besides betting on the winner of the cycling races, players will be able to place other wagers as well.

The maximum from these wagers can be drawn if players use the cycling bonuses on the best betting sites. These betting platforms offer odds for each of the pro cycling races and other smaller competitions held throughout the year. Below we have presented some of the pro cycling events and explained how to use free wagers.

Cycling is in the category of the most popular sports in the world and implies simple rules. Placing free bets on this competition is also easy. Cycling enthusiasts have the opportunity to place free wagers on pro cycling events such as:

  • Tour de France
  • Paris Roubaix
  • Vuelta e Espana
  • Giro D’Italia
  • UCI road world championship


To place a free cycling wager, you need to activate the bonus offer of the selected bookmaker. Although many online bookmakers offer numerous sports promotions, it happens that cycling is not included in them. That is why it is significant to choose those bookmakers that include this sport in their bonus offers.

You must complete the registration before activating the bonus. This rule does not apply to sites that provide no deposit promotions. To activate the first deposit bonus uk, you will need to make your first payment at an online bookmaker.

Once you have accepted the bonus you need to find cycling in the sports section. Choose some of the markets like Race Winner and set your stake on the online ticket. That’s all, you just need to wait and see if your prediction was successful. In case the prediction is wrong you are not at a loss considering that you are using a free bonus.

If you want to place a wager on cycling events you need to know how some of the most basic betting markets work. Below you can see the main cycling wagers that you can make for free if you use the bonus:

  • Race winner – the most basic market where you predict which participant will win the race.
  • Stage Betting – in addition to wagering on the winner of the entire event, you can predict who will win certain stages.
  • Top 3 Finish – this market is less risky because you choose the top 3 players who will be the first to reach the finish line.
  • Top 10 Finish – just like the previous one, instead of one winner, you predict the first 10 players who will reach the finish line.
  • King of the Mountain – you can choose the best overall climber in competitions such as the Tour de France and the Giro D’Italia.

To successfully place free bets on cycling, you need to know a few things. First of all, you must understand the rules of cycling. This is a sport with many different types of forms. If you want to place free wagers, you need to know how the race form you are betting on works.

Also, you need to know which competitor has the most success in certain categories. For example, there are participants who are best suited to mountain races. If you choose cyclists with top climbing skills in one such competition, you have a great chance of success.


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    Another significant thing you need to know before placing a free wager is what the team of participants is like. No single competitor will succeed in the race unless he is surrounded by a strong team.

    Conclusion related to betting on this sport

    Placing free bets on this sport is easy. But to achieve successful results you need to improve your predicting skills in cycling competitions. We’ve given you a few tips that you can use to successfully set up free wagers. When you have sufficiently improved your wagering skills, we recommend that you try your hand at the live sports section.

    Here you can use free bonus bets in real-time and watch the race change from second to second. Don’t hesitate. Register on one of the best betting sites, activate the bonus, and start setting up risk-free wagers.

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