The Best Workout Collagen For Women: What To Consider And What To Avoid

With the New Year within arms reach and working out at the top of everyone’s priority list, many of us are looking at the supplements we can introduce to our diets to better our health.

Collagen is just one supplement so many people are talking about at the moment, boasting an array of skin-improving and bone-strengthening properties and much, much more. With that in mind, we’re taking a closer look at what to consider before committing to the best collagen supplement to support you reach your fitness goals.


When it comes to the best workout collagen for women, there are some key points you want to consider before settling on a collagen supplement. The first is the benefits your chosen collagen supplement provides.

Whilst almost all collagen supplements improve joint and bone health, encourage a healthier gut, and promote clearer skin and strong hair and nails, it’s still important to research the collagen supplement suitable for how, when, and why you want to take it. By doing so, you can benefit from it how you want to, rather than how you expect it to support your body.


Some collagen supplements are marked higher than others and, whilst it’s natural to be drawn to the highest-priced collagen supplement assuming it will give you the best results, that’s not always the case. You may get on better with a collagen supplement that costs less, with the cost of it having nothing to do with the results it provides.

If you are conscious of overspending, compare the cost of your top picks by product size, breaking down the cost per serving if you can to identify which offers the highest value.


If you are planning to take collagen supplements frequently or even daily, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen supplement is available in a range of flavors to keep your taste buds engaged. Even though the flavor of your dietary supplement won’t impact its effect, it certainly helps when trying to reach your fitness goals.

It’s also worth double-checking the ingredients to make sure it’s suitable for your diet, particularly if you are vegan or have allergies. That way, you can make sure that your selected supplement doesn’t contain any unwanted surprises.


Collagen supplements are commonly available in powder or capsule form, providing an easy way to incorporate them into your everyday life. In powder form, collagen supplements can easily be consumed in pressed juice or smoothie or water, or milk if you are limited in time.

Collagen capsules or gummies can be consumed any time of day, though it’s recommended to take them on an empty stomach for the best results. Your dosage may differ compared to a powder, so it’s always beneficial to double-check what’s recommended on the packaging.


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