Best Baby And Toddler Bike Helmets For Your Little One

When you are a kid, riding a bike is all you can think of! Wheeling off into the sun, wind in the hair, and zooming around with friends seem quite an attractive pastime. However, there are risks involved. For parents, a toddler bike helmet is a great investment to protect their brawny brains from any accident.

Toddler bike helmets and pads are essential when you purchase a 2-3-wheeler for your kid. This keeps them safe from scruffs, scrapes, and unavoidable bumps they may face while riding a bike. The following article is a guide to help you invest in the best toddler bike helmet for your little one.

Best Baby And Toddler Bike Helmets

1. Giro Scamp


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If you’re looking for a toddler mountain bike helmet, consider the Giro Scamp. It’s made in a special Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab (not unplanned plastic). In fact, Giro invested the same care as they do for an adult bike helmet.

Its notable feature is the adjustable vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc Jr. fit system. The in-molding construction of this toddler bike helmet makes it perfect for withstanding rugged wear and tear. As for extended head protections, the Giro has the proper certifications and ventilation. 

According to the US CPSC safety protocols rendered for bike helmets, this is a perfect bike helmet for a 1-year-old and older. The eight vents make it lightweight while giving full protection.

2. Schwinn Infant


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The next toddler bike helmet is a safe and fashion-friendly choice for all bike-riding toddlers. The Schwinn toddler bike helmet fits all 3-year-olds and below. It comes with an added visor to protect their eyes from harsh lights.


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    This toddler bike helmet grows with your kid. The strap gets easily adjusted with the dial while maintaining 360-degree comfort for the child. There is a lower molded shell that shields the rear and manages to add durability together with the EPS foam. The extended coverage, interior padding, and vented design are a head sanctuary while your child enjoys the ride. 

    This toddler bike helmet 3-year-old complies with U.S CPSC Safety Standards for Persons Age 1 and Older.

    3. Kali Chakra Child XS

    kali xs

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    It can be a little daunting to make your kid wear toddler bike helmets. Especially the smaller ones who love to bat or swat anything that is not of their liking. The Kali Chakra shell is made from a very lightweight polycarbonate material, which is further padded with EPS foam.

    The intriguing factors of this toddler bike helmet are the socking 21 vents. This aids in making the helmet super lightweight and maximizes ventilation. The dial fit and equipped visors are added benefits. Dial fit makes sure the helmet does not slip and hinder vision. 

    Another reassuring factor; is the extended vented polycarbonate on the rear makes sure the sensitive area of the head stays secure.

    4. Joovy Noodle


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    The Joovy Noodle is yet another excellent option on our list of best toddler bike helmets. It’s noteworthy mainly due to its versatility. It’s a one-size-fits-many helmet but comes in two main sizes; Small (18.5 – 20.5 inches) and Medium (20.5 – 22 inches).

    It’s perfect for the ever-changing head size of your kid. The padded pinch guard chin strap and adjustable fit dial make sure the helmet is a snug fit. The dial can be loosened further with the help of additional straps to better fit the kid’s skull. 

    Apart from the 7 fun color ranges, this helmet also has mesh protection that keeps the bugs out and a sun visor to shield from harsh rays. Lastly, this 14-vented helmet is likable due to its lightweight structure.

    5. Giro Scamp Small (MIPS) 

    giro scamp

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    This is another Giro Scamp toddler bike helmet with an added MIPS flare. Giro perfects their cycling gear in a leading test lab. They make sure your helmet is ready for impacts from any direction. Here, the MIPS – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System redirects energy away from sensitive areas.

    This toddler bike helmet has a vertical position and tension with the Roc Loc Jr. fit system to make it fit snugly. A lightweight, safe choice befitting the child’s head and protection.

    However, with kids of very small head sizes, it may not fit tight. Some parents may also find straps to be a little tricky.

    6. Giro Tremor Child

    giro tremor

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    Giro is known to have a great variety of toddler bike helmets, many worthy of praise. This is yet another toddler bike helmet with 18 vents to have a polycarbonate, lightweight, breathable effect. The unique feature of this toddler bike helmet is its availability in a wide range of sizes.

    The many vents and in-mold construction eliminates excess weight. It is done by permanently fusing the tough polycarbonate outer shell to the interior liner. The Universal size and wide range will help fit like a glove on your kid’s head. The similar Roc Loc Support system helps strap the head in tightly.

    However, this is not a MIPS-supported bike helmet.

    Honorable Mentions In Baby And Toddler Helmets

    7. Schwinn Toddler 


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    If you are looking for helmets for your infants and everything seems a size too big, the Schwinn Toddler bike helmets are the solution.

    Their infant sizes also have a wide range; to top it off, they can be adjusted as the child grows into a toddler. The little ones get a sun visor making it a full-face toddler bike helmet and adding rear protection to their design.

    Overall, there is a comfortable feel to the helmet. The Schwinn 360 padding and dial fit adjustability make it sit like a glove. It also has a ventilated- mesh design making it a lightweight, bug-free, kid-friendly helmet.

    8.  Bell Sidetrack 2 Child


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    If you want a toddler girl bike helmet, consider this option. It comes in a wide range of sizes, including Universal Toddler (45-52 cm), Universal Youth (47-54 cm), and Universal Child (50-57 cm) sizes. 

    The company is a pioneer of the 14-vented fusion in-molding polycarbonate shell. This conjoins the helmet’s outer shell to the EPS. As for adjustability, it comes with ergo-fit. This improved Ergo Dial is a sleek and less bulky way to the old twist and turn. It also features quick-adjust fasteners, keeping straps in one position. The Sweat guide tracks the sweat away from the brow pad and eyewear for a fun unprohibited ride.

    However, the strap system can be tricky for some parents initially.

    How To Choose The Best Bike Helmet For Your Baby Or Toddler

    Helmet Size

    This is a no-brainer. It depends on the size of your kid’s head. You may think giving the elder sibling’s helmet would be a good idea. The best way to ensure your toddler bike helmet fits like a glove is to measure your kid’s head properly. It’s often challenging because there isn’t a wide variety of smaller sizes available. The brands mentioned above are among a few with a wide variety of sizes to suit your growing child.

    Take a leveled tape measure from front to back. It must lie in the ranges the brands have to offer.


    Kids will try to take away any hindrance between their play times. Such are buckles. Better to grab padded buckles or one with rounded/smooth edges, so they don’t irritate the child.

    Buckles shouldn’t be bulky or made of very hard plastic as it brings the comfortability scale down. The more comfortable, hindrance-free, and lightweight the toddler bike helmet is, the more chances your kid will want to wear it.


    Infants, toddlers, and kids’ necks are still in the developing stages. The added weight will lead to negative postural changes and discomfort for the child. According to standards, the weight of such toddler bike helmets should ideally be around 8 to 11 ounces.


    It is better to purchase a toddler bike helmet conforming to their growth spurt. Adjustable straps and dials make the helmet sit like a glove. Adjustability allows you to let your child enjoy their favorite helmet for longer and saves you a little extra cash.

    MIPS Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

    Toddler bike helmets are designed according to the MIPS to direct impacts in different directions. This way, it safeguards sensitive areas. MIPS is the cherry on top of every protective gear that lessens the chances of rotational force injury.

    Flat Back – Best for Riding in Trailers or Seats

    Flat Backs are the extended rear of the protective shell of helmets. They aid in protecting the neck and lower rear of your kid’s head. This proves to be crucial when infants or toddlers drive bikes with seats as the extended rears of helmets save the nape of their necks from impact.

    Key Takeaways

    Nothing beats safety. Protection is key for your kid, and a toddler bike helmet and pads are a great way to let your kid safely have fun. They let your kids do the zoomies without you having a minor heart attack whenever they pick up speed around the corner. Our list of the best toddler bike helmets will surely help you pick a suitable product – one that your kids will willingly take along when they go for a ride. 


    What Size Helmet Does A 2-Year-Old Need?

    Heads come in all shapes and sizes…even at 2. So, there is no one size for all two-year-olds. However, on average, a helmet with a 48cm head circumference fits for two years old. 

    Average Kids Age To Helmet Size Chart

    Age Helmet Size (in cm)
    12 Months 46
    2 Years 48
    3 to 5 Years 51
    6 to 10 Years 53

    Can A 2-Year-Old Wear A Bike Helmet?

    Of course. A two-year-old can and must wear a bike helmet. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every toddler wear a helmet while biking despite their age. 

    What Are The Best Bike Helmets For Toddlers?

    While there are several good options in the market, we uncovered the 8 best toddler bike helmets in this article. Take a look at our top picks above. 

    What Is The Safest Helmet For A Toddler?

    A toddler bike helmet that fits well and is made of durable materials is the safest option for your kid. 

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