Best Stationary Bikes to Get You in Shape

Last updated: December 14, 2020
Sturdy, Silent and Adjustable
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Comfortable, Durable and Easy to Store
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Quiet, Portable and Innovative
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Cycling is a fantastic method of low-impact exercise that can be leveraged to stay healthy and in shape – and there is no easier way of enjoying the benefits of cycling than with a good, dependable stationary bike at home.

Stationary bikes are durable machines, and, on average, quite large too. This is a purchase that merits extra attention – whatever product you decide to go with, chances are that you’re going to be stuck with it for years to come – so you better make the choice count.

Your specific needs will dictate what sort of bike you end up with – but one thing will always hold true – the difference between a high-quality bike and a low-quality bike is staggering.

Top 5 Stationary Bicycles

Fitting a good amount of exercise into your daily routine is no easy task – exercising requires you to invest money, energy, and time. It’s undoubtedly worthwhile – but there’s no denying the fact that it is challenging.

While high-end bicycles might offer unbeatable performance, and well-made commuter bikes are quite convenient in their own right, outside of using a bike trainer there’s just no beating the accessibility that a stationary bike provides.

exercising at home

Stationary bikes are a perfect way to make exercise convenient and accessible. Being able to exercise at home takes a lot of the difficulties out of the equation.

A well-made stationary bike will allow you to burn calories, rack up miles, and improve your overall fitness from the comfort of your home – but choosing the right bike isn’t a walk in the park.

Stationary bikes fill a plethora of different niches – some are small, easy to store, and well suited to casual cycling, while other models are large, heavy-duty machines purpose-built for high-class performance.

To help you make your decision, we’ve reviewed five world-class stationary bikes – all of which incorporate great design, top of the line materials, and useful, cutting edge features.


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    1. Best Overall - Pooboo


    • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
    • Dimensions: 43.8 x 21.6 x 48.1 inches
    • Tension Settings: Tension knob
    • Product Weight: 75 lbs

    Key Features:

    • Multifunctional LCD display
    • Cage pedals
    • Adjustable seat
    • Transportation wheels

    Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Review

    Indoor cycling might be famously convenient, but it can also be a serious form of exercise in its own right. The last couple of years have seen a huge surge of well-made, high-performance stationary bikes. These bikes feature high-quality components that guarantee top of the line performance – pushing them to their limits will require serious athleticism.

    If you’re looking for a bike that can keep up with you, one that will reliably provide you with high-intensity workout sessions, take a closer look at pooboo’s indoor cycling bike.

    Modern, Cutting Edge Design

    Pooboo’s stationary bike features a heavy-duty, triangular solid steel frame with a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. The frame is powder-coated and corrosion-resistant.

    The bike itself weighs a hefty 75 lbs – but a pair of transportation wheels make it slightly easier to move around. The bike can also deal with slightly uneven floors, seeing as it features floor levelers.

    The durable high-density foam handlebars are rather large and comfortable and feature integrated pulse sensors. The handlebars feature a multi-grip design,  and can easily be adjusted to your liking.

    In a similar manner, the seat of the bike is 4-way adjustable. The upright post has a few adjustment notches, while the horizontal slider allows you to move the seat post a couple of inches. The seat is decently comfortable – but it is a little on the small side. However, we wouldn’t make a mountain out of a molehill here – it’s a minor drawback, as seats can easily be replaced.

    The aluminum alloy cage pedals provide a lot of support and make feet slipping a concern of the past. The bike also features a conveniently placed water bottle holder that will always keep refreshments at arm’s length.

    As far as design and build quality go, pooboo’s bike deserves high marks – it’s sturdy, durable, and quite adjustable, without sacrificing any comfort to achieve those advantages.

    High-intensity Performance

    Pooboo’s indoor cycling bike offers dependable, consistent, and high-class performance – let’s take a closer look at the components and features that make that happen.

    The bike utilizes a belt-driven system that is almost completely silent. When combined with the heavy-duty 35 lbs bidirectional flywheel, the result is a reliable, quiet, machine that accurately mimics real-world conditions.

    The resistance level is controlled by a large, easy to use resistance knob that allows you to raise the intensity smoothly, bit by bit.

    Pooboo’s bike also features a large, multifunctional LCD display. This digital monitor can display time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories, or a combination of these metrics. The display isn’t anything to write home about – it’s decent and it gets the job done, but it’s far from impressive. The LCD display also features a phone/tablet holder.

    The combination of the heavy flywheel, continuously variable resistance adjustor, and steel crank makes for a durable, high-performance bike which is a joy to use. If you end up choosing pooboo’s bike, you can expect reliable, top of the line performance regardless of workout intensity.

    • Heavy bidirectional flywheel
    • Durable, heavy-duty frame
    • Easily adjustable resistance
    • Adjustable seat and handlebar
    • Average LCD display
    • Relatively small seat

    2. Best Budget - XTERRA


    • Weight Capacity: 225 lbs
    • Dimensions: 31.89″ x 18.1″ x 43.3  inches
    • Tension Settings: 8
    • Product Weight: 32 lbs

    Key Features:

    • Precision-balanced flywheel
    • Adjustable seat height
    • Heart rate sensors in grips
    • 3-piece pedal crank

    XTERRA Fitness FB150 Review

    A stationary bike doesn’t have to be a huge investment. Thankfully, the market is full of well-built products that can help you meet your fitness goals at home, without breaking the bank.

    When we were looking for a product for our best budget category, we focused on design, durability, and convenience. We knew the bike had to be comfortable, quiet, and easy to use, while still being able to provide lots of resistance and actionable feedback.

    It took some time, but we finally found the XTERRA Fitness FB150. It fits the bill perfectly – and once you get a closer look at its features, you’ll see why it ended up being our pick.

    Design and Durability

    The FB150 features a folding x-frame design. The thick steel tubing of the frame offers a lot of durability, but not at the cost of overbearing weight – the bike weighs 32 lbs fully assembled.

    The bike’s dimensions are 31.89” x 18.1” x 43.3” – however, it can be folded up to take up just 18.1” x 18.1” of floor space when not in use. To help make storing it a little easier, a pair of transport wheels allow you to move the bike without too much effort.

    The robust steel frame gives the FB150 a maximum weight capacity of 225 lbs. Along with this, the large, contoured, and well-padded seat features an adjustable height – allowing it to accommodate most users from 4’10” to 5’10” tall. The pedals feature adjustable straps and provide a secure surface.

    The large grips allow for a variety of positions and feature a pair of heart rate sensors. The 2” x 1” LCD window displays speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse. It’s easy to read, if a little small – but the cycling position of the bike places you near the screen anyway – so this isn’t too much of a drawback.

    Overall, the FB150 is well designed and easy to use, offering a great blend of durability and comfort.

    Settings and Features

    Now, let’s move on to the more performance-focused area of this review. The FB150 might be a budget, entry-level product – but this doesn’t mean that it offers subpar performance. For starters, the 8 levels of resistance offer a wide variety of ways to enjoy cycling. Whether you’re after a leisurely, relaxing pace or a rapid, intense sprint, the FB150 can meet your needs.

    The large dial tension knob underneath the handlebars is easily accessible and allows you to switch up the pace mid-workout.

    A 3.3 lbs precision-balanced flywheel, friction-free magnetic resistance, and silent belt drive system make the FB150 a quiet, dependable machine that will require little to no maintenance.

    The 3-piece pedal crank ensures that the pedaling is consistent and smooth, while also adding a little more durability to the overall setup. So, when all is said and done, what are our impressions? The FB150 punches above its weight class – offering a level of quality and performance rarely seen in this price range.

    It’s comfortable, and the high-quality components and wide variety of settings make it even more enticing – especially for a folding bike. All of this is available at a very affordable asking price – if there’s a stationary bike out there that can beat the FB150’s value-to-price ratio, we’d love to see it.

    • Great value
    • Versatile settings for its price range
    • Durable construction
    • Easy to store when folded
    • Small display
    • The seat is a tad too hard

    3. Best Foldable - Gold 500 XLS


    • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
    • Dimensions: 39 x 48.4 x 26.4 inches
    • Tension Settings: 8
    • Product Weight: 51.6 lbs

    Key Features:

    • Heart pulse sensors
    • Can fold to half of its original size
    • 3 piece cranking system
    • Transportation wheels

    Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Review

    Although they offer a lot of benefits, stationary bikes have a single drawback that they just can’t seem to shake off – they’re large. Well, most of them are.

    If you’re strapped for space, then a folding stationary bike is the way to go. Elegant, sturdy, and easy to store, they’re the perfect way to enjoy this healthy hobby without sacrificing too much floor space.

    We’ve chosen the Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS as our top pick in this category. Robust yet easy to store, it’s a well-made machine with plenty of interesting features to offer.

    Materials, Design, Dimensions

    The first thing that stands out in the construction of the 500 XLS is the frame. Although it doesn’t look heavy or particularly durable, appearances can be deceiving. The sleek, minimalist frame is made out of strong, heavy-duty steel, and weighs 51.6 lbs.

    Durability is great, but you might be worried about all that weight. You can rest easy – a pair of transportation wheels make moving the bike around a piece of cake. Once folded, it takes up approximately half the space that it usually does – measuring in at 26.4 x 24.8 x 57.5 inches. Finding enough space for this bike will prove no issue.

    The 500 XLS features a pair of large pedals that feature safety straps. They provide a good, solid footing, and allow you to make the most out of your workout.

    In a similar vein, the seat of the bike is quite large – measuring in at 14.6 inches across, and it is quite well padded. The seat can easily be adjusted, which brings us to one of the 500XLS’s main selling points – adaptability.

    The bike can accommodate users with a height ranging from 5’1” to a staggering 6’5” tall. The high strength steel of the frame that we’ve already mentioned gives the 500 XLS a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. To put it in slightly simpler terms, almost anyone can use this bike.

    Performance and Features

    So, how does the 500 XLS stack up when it comes to performance? Although it may be space-conscious and easily portable, this bike is no pushover when it comes to high-intensity workout sessions.

    The 500XLS uses a magnetic resistance system that has 8 levels of tension. It’s a decent amount of versatility, allowing you to enjoy both spins at a leisurely pace and more intense, calorie-burning sessions.

    The bike is quite quiet – a precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive ensure help prevent any distracting noises. At the same time, the double drive transmission and high torque 3 piece crank system make for smooth, consistent, and enjoyable pedaling.

    A large, easy to read LCD screen is located between the handlebars. It can display time, speed, pulse, calories burned and has an odometer setting.

    The handlebars themselves are decently comfortable and feature integrated heart rate sensors. The dial which controls the tension settings is located above the screen – and is also quite easy to read.

    So, what does it all add up to? The XLS 500 is a comfortable, versatile, and durable piece of kit. It offers a decent amount of tension settings, and you’ll have no issues whatsoever with finding enough room for it. Made from high-quality components, the XLS 500 will provide you with consistent, enjoyable pedaling – and it won’t require a large investment of money or floor space.

    • Good variety of settings
    • Great weight capacity
    • Large, comfortable seat
    • Easy to store when folded
    • Heavy
    • Tedious assembly

    4. Best Under Desk - DeskCycle 2


    • Weight Capacity: N/A
    • Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 10 inches
    • Tension Settings: 8
    • Product Weight: 23 lbs

    Key Features:

    • Adjustable pedal height
    • Display stand
    • Kensington security slot
    • Silent magnetic resistance mechanism

    DeskCycle 2 Review

    Fitting a stationary bike into your life can be a bit tricky. Quite literally, in regard to space, as stationary bikes are often bulky – but also figuratively when you think of the time investment. So, if you’re short on space or time, how can you incorporate cycling into your daily routine?

    Luckily, there’s a new trend that seeks to solve both of these problems. Desk bikes are small, modern machines that allow you to pedal anywhere – even at work, from the comfort of your desk.

    We’ve chosen DeskCycle’s updated model for our top pick in this category. DeskCycle are the trailblazers of desk bikes, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us in the future.

    Quiet, Portable, Convenient

    The Deskcycle 2 is almost unnoticeable – the low pedal height allows users up to 5’10” tall to use the device at a 27-inch desk.

    The 20-inch wide front leg of the bike eliminates rocking, while the high-inertia precision flywheel and magnetic resistance mechanism make it completely quiet. All of these features allow you to use the Deskcycle 2 almost subconsciously – without distracting your colleagues or sacrificing your concentration.

    The bike weighs 24.7 pounds – thankfully, it can be secured to your desk by using a Kensington lock. The updated model of the Deskcycle also features bidirectional pedaling and adjustable pedal height – with 10 inches being the default, and a 9-inch option if you need more clearance.

    The pedals themselves are quite large and feature wide velcro straps. They offer a comfortable fit for all shoe sizes and reduce the risk of your foot slipping.

    Overall, the Deskcycle 2 is easy to use, quiet, and very convenient. Using it at the lower settings won’t take a toll on your efficiency. The higher settings can provide a real challenge – but this usually comes at the cost of typing accuracy or concentration. It’s a real one of a kind product – the only way to burn calories and keep healthy while sitting down.

    Settings and Feedback

    Although it may be tiny, the Deskcycle 2 packs a punch. It features 8 resistance settings, which range from very easy to quite challenging. A large, easy to read dial on the back of the bike controls the resistance levels.

    The front of the bike features an LCD display. The Deskcycle 2 made huge improvements to the display – it has a much larger viewing area, and keeps track of up to 160 hours of activity. The bike also comes with a display stand that uses a very long cable – allowing you to place the display in a convenient spot on your desk for easier viewing.

    Speaking of the display, it supports 6 functions – RPM, speed, distance, calories, time, and scan, which alternates between showing distance, calories, and time.

    The 160 hours that the Deskcycle 2 logs are convenient to have on hand – but the bike also comes with its own free app. It allows you to log your daily activity with the tap of a button and can give you a clearer overview of your progress. The app is compatible with Fitbit, while the iPhone version is compatible with Apple Health.

    It’s tough to categorize or explain the Deskcycle 2. You almost won’t notice that it’s there – but pedaling at a rate of 1 revolution per second on the third resistance setting will double the calories you burn while sitting.

    With an improved display and adjustable pedal height, the Deskcycle 2 occupies the same position that its predecessor did – head and shoulders above the competition.

    • Sturdy
    • Good variety of resistance settings
    • Durable
    • Quiet
    • Tends to slide a bit
    • Slightly inaccurate calorie counter

    5. Best For Seniors - MaxKare


    • Weight Capacity → 220 lbs
    • Dimensions → 45.7 x 18.9 x 41.7 inches
    • Tension Settings → 8
    • Product Weight → 65 lbs

    Key Features:

    • Heart rate sensor grips
    • Large, comfortable seat
    • LCD monitor and tablet/phone holder
    • Seat adjust level

    MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

    Besides being fun and healthy, cycling is one of the best forms of low impact exercise. Even intense workout sessions can be done without putting any noticeable strain on your joints.

    This factor is doubly important for seniors. Stationary bikes provide an easy, convenient way for seniors to enjoy the benefits of exercise at home.

    But not just any stationary bike will do in this case. Most bikes have a high center of gravity, which makes for a much greater chance of injury for seniors. This is where recumbent bikes come in. The added back support and adjustable seating make this type of stationary bike perfect for seniors.

    Comfortable, Safe, and Adjustable

    One of the most important factors to look for in a bike for seniors is comfort. The MaxKare recumbent bike features a large, well-padded and ergonomically designed seat. The 14.5” x 11” seat can accommodate riders of all sizes.

    The equally large backrest makes use of a high-density sponge to provide maximum comfort and durability. Two ergonomic, vinyl-foam padded handlebars encircle the seat, allowing for a solid, natural grip. The handlebars are also equipped with heart rate monitors.

    The bike also weighs a sizable 65 lbs – you won’t have to worry about any wobbling or instability with the MaxKare. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs and can accommodate users with a height ranging from 4’8” to 6’5” at the high end.

    To offset the rather heavy weight of the bike, a pair of small transportation wheels at the front make the bike a little easier to move.

    A conveniently placed lever on the right side of the seat allows you to easily adjust the placement of the seat. This factor, coupled with the lower center of gravity, solid backrest, and seated position, make the MaxKare recumbent bike very user-friendly and safe to use.

    Resistance, Performance, and Metrics

    The MaxKare uses a magnetic resistance system that is controlled by an easy to use tension knob which is located underneath the LCD screen. The bike features 8 resistance levels – and the hardest ones will definitely give even the fittest of seniors a run for their money.

    The bike features a pair of large, weighted and textured nylon pedals with adjustable straps. They allow for solid footing, and the straps allow them to be tightly secured without being uncomfortable.

    The MaxKare also features a durable belt transmission system, which, together with the balanced flywheel, provides smooth, consistent pedaling and traction without the need for maintenance.

    One of the main selling points of the bike is the LCD screen. The display can track time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. The console is powered by two AA batteries and lights up whenever it detects pedal movement.

    The console doesn’t feature preset programs, but it does have goal settings for distance, time, and calories. It also features a handy device holder that can accommodate an iPad or a smartphone.

    The resistance levels and console settings of the MaxKare are perfectly suited to the exercise needs of seniors. Comfortable, durable, and safe, the MaxKare provides a great level of performance, while still prioritizing design elements which suit seniors.

    • Requires little to no assembly
    • Wide variety of sizes and gearing options
    • Fantastic braking system
    • Kid specific geometry
    • Low maximum weight capacity
    • Quite heavy

    Stationary Bikes: Frequently Asked Questions

    Can Stationary Bikes Help You Lose Weight?

    Yes - stationary bikes are a perfect way to take part in calorie burning, low-impact aerobic exercise. If your goal is weight loss, commit to cycling for at least 30 minutes every day at a moderate pace.

    Which Muscles Do Stationary Bikes Work?

    Although the primary benefits of exercising with a stationary bike are cardiovascular, it’s also possible to strengthen and tone certain muscles with the of an exercise bike.

    The muscles that will see the greatest results are the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It’s also possible to see some improvements in your abdominal and lower back muscles.

    Is It Safe to Use a Stationary Bike Every Day?

    Yes - as a form of low impact exercise, using a stationary bike every day is very safe. It’s a much safer alternative when compared to cycling or jogging. Additionally, the strain that is placed upon your joints is minimized when using a stationary bike.

    Just make sure to incorporate some upper body exercises in your overall fitness routine, and you’ll have no issues.

    Do Stationary Bicycles Require Any Upkeep?

    Stationary bicycles generally require very little maintenance. Apart from cleaning it after a workout to prevent corrosion, chain-drive models will require occasional lubrication. Newer stationary bikes, which make use of belt-driven systems will only require servicing once the belt needs replacing - but apart from that, there’s more or less no maintenance involved.

    Does the Weight of the Flywheel Matter?

    This depends on your needs. A heavier flywheel and the inertia that it provides can more accurately simulate the conditions of riding a real bicycle. However, if you’re not too keen on that, and simply want to workout, you can do just fine with a lighter flywheel - as long as it’s precision machined.

    Best Stationary Bikes to Get You in Shape — Bike Hacks