Best Spin Bikes To Get You Moving

Last updated: November 19, 2021
Best Overall
Magnetic Resistance System and Sleek Design
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Sturdy Flywheel and Adjustable Resistance
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Preset Workout Programs and Heart-rate Monitor
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10” HD Touchscreen Monitor
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Belt Drive System and Caged Anti-slip Pedals
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The difference between having a spin bike that you simply cannot wait to ride and one you dread the thought of, can be the difference between achieving those fitness targets and falling off the wagon.

With so many spin bikes available online it has never been easier to purchase one but never been harder to purchase the correct one. As such we have put in a spurt on the mountain stage and reduced the Peloton to five leading contenders for your consideration.

Top 5 Spin Bikes

It’s 6pm… You’ve just got in from work – It’s raining out – Dinner hasn’t even been started – Your favorite show is on tonight. Your planner shows you should get to your spinning class. You know you should, you really know you should. Familiar?

woman using home spin bike

Hence the explosion in the market of home spinners. There are now a staggering array of options when it comes to exercise bikes (like elliptical machines or stationary bikes) and it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you along here are just a few of the things that you should look out for when comparing bikes.

Flywheels – The weight and quality of the flywheel can dramatically affect the stability of the bike, especially at high output.

Resistance systems – Generally, these are either magnetic resistance, manual screws or even cables. Consider the level of control over the resistance you require and the relative pros and cons of each system.

Comfort – If the bike is not comfortable then you will simply not ride it. This can involve looking at everything from the seat to the adaptability of the handlebars and riding position.

Style – You are going to be seeing a lot of your bike, even if you have a separate exercise space, so you need to enjoy it’s design as well as it’s practicality.

Alongside these, you can also consider drive and braking systems, frames, legs, screens, consoles, bottle holders, etc, etc. The list is nearly endless.As such here are our top 5 picks from the extensive range of spin bikes available. Each caters to different needs, budgets and personal goals.


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    1. Best Overall - Keiser M3i


    • Bluetooth wireless capability
    • Product Weight – 85lbs
    • Max User Weight – 300lbs
    • Dimensions – 49”L x 26”W x 45”H

    Key Features:

    • Magnetic resistance system
    • Four-way adjustable seat
    • Quiet operation
    • Central console

    Keiser M3i Review

    The Keiser M range has is widely renowned as the best of the best in terms of spin cycles and the M3i, heads that list.

    The first thing you are likely to note is the styling. Not only does it look great but it is based around practicality. The V shape with completely adjustable seat and handlebars leave no restriction on body position, shape or size of the user.

    The fact that the flywheel is located away from the seating position is also intentional, meaning that any of that excess sweat (Yes.. I am looking at you…) does not drip directly upon the flywheel limiting corrosion and reducing the maintenance required.

    Let’s take a closer look at that flywheel. You will have most likely have read that the heavier the flywheel the more stable the machine.

    So, if I told you that the flywheel on the M3i is only 8lbs then you would likely expect some rocking and rolling at high output, but such is the quality of the parts and design that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is the machine rock solid beneath you, but eerily silent, even at the highest intensity.

    When you’re done, and it time to put the brakes on, don’t suddenly expect to hear the machine either. Rather than brake pads, the flywheel’s resistance is controlled magnetically, meaning fewer moving parts, less friction, less noise and importantly, fewer faults.

    The Keiser has all of the accessories you would expect from a high-end spin bike, including a bottle holder, 24 resistance levels, tablet holder and transport wheels; but also more besides.

    The console is Bluetooth compatible (a Bluetooth chest strap is also included with a purchase), and records all of the information you could ever require for your ride. Importantly, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, this information can now be saved on the bike or online.

    The console is specifically designed to be compatible with the Keiser M3 Series Pro app (ios and Android) but will also work with a few of the other most popular cycling apps.

    There is really the only downside to this spin bike and that, predictably, is the price. Make no mistake, it is near the top of the high-end price bracket. However, with the reassuring look, feel and performance of every aspect, from handlebars to pedals, it justifies its price to the serious cyclist.

    • Build quality / reliability
    • Quiet
    • Multi-function central console
    • All accessories


    • Price
    • Self-assembly required (can be tricky – around 2 hours)




    2. Best Budget - Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle


    • Flywheel Weight – 40lbs
    • Product Weight – 97lbs
    • Max User Weight – 275lbs
    • Dimensions – 46.5”L x 18”W x 46”H

    Key Features:

    • Multi-grip handlebars
    • Transport wheels
    • Levelers for uneven floors
    • Felt brake pad system for adjustable resistance

    Sunny Health and Fitness Pro Indoor Cycle Review

    Think budget, think compromise, right? However, you will find that with the right budget spinners you may not need to make as many concessions as you imagine.

    The majority of the SF range from Sunny comes with a sturdy chrome 40lb flywheel which keeps the bike steady, even during the most vigorous sessions. The solidity and security that these flywheels create compare favorably, even with some spinners at the top end of the market.

    The felt brake pads on the wheel are also an enduring feature of the model and with the resistance knob easily accessible during the workout, any type of training is catered for.

    The cleverly designed handlebars and adjustable seat allow for a tailored ride and are specifically designed to suit nearly any body shape or riding position comfortably.

    I say nearly, as there are some concerns over-riders less than 5′ tall, and the inability to move the seat along the horizontal, ie, towards the handlebars. If you fall into this category then I would recommend trying before you buy just to make sure that the ride is comfortable enough.

    You will find many gyms use these models for spin classes due to the competitive pricing and durability, however, it does come with a number of features that make it perfect for home use as well. You will notice two rollers at the front of the bike, these allow easy movement of the bike despite its weight.

    These are placed in such a way as to allow the flywheel to work with you, essentially meaning you only need to lift the light end of the bike and push. Below these are the adjustable levelers so that the bike can be set up precisely on uneven floors or carpets.

    As a rough rule, you will find that Sunny bike model numbers end with either a C or a B. This refers to the drive mechanism; C for a chain drive, and B for belt drive. I would advise belt drives in general, as they do tend to be quieter, more easily adjusted and require less maintenance than their chain counterparts.

    That said, the chain drive system on Sunny’s is actually one of the best around and, with a little easy maintenance, should be comfortably able to deal with the stress of strong and frequent workouts. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of bike maintenance? Some spanners and a bit of grease? … No? … Just me…

    To sum up, you will find that Sunny home spinners will carry out 90% of the functions of bikes twice, or even three times the price, and do them very well. The only concern may be around the lack of a monitor or computer, but remember that these can always be purchased separately and added.

    Whether you are a casual biker looking to spend a bit of time indoors this winter or a dedicated spinner, you do not need to break the bank to get an excellent home spin bike.

    • Stable flywheel
    • Comfortable
    • Easily moved
    • Durable



    • Some simple maintenance may be required
    • Lack of a monitor, computer and bottle holder



    3. Best For Home - Diamondback 510ic


    • Heavy and Sturdy Frame
    • Product Weight – 104lbs
    • Max User Weight – 300lbs
    • Dimensions – 42”L x 15”W x 35”H

    Key Features:

    • Exercise data
    • Preset exercise programs
    • Fully adjustable seat and handlebars
    • Simulates open road riding

    Diamondback Fitness 510ic Review

    Whether it is for the neighbors downstairs, the baby or just your partner snoozing on a Sunday afternoon; noise has to be one of the main considerations when looking for a home spinner. Unless you’re, you know, one of those types…

    As such my pick here is one of the quietest models on the market. In this aspect please ensure it is the 510ic you are looking at rather than any of the other Diamondback models, which can be somewhat noisier.

    This model of Diamondback comes with a built-in LCD console which lets you easily read your speed, RPM, Power output in watts, heart rate, elapsed time and distance. By far in the way, the best feature of the onboard computer is the preset exercise programs.

    These include 8 standard programs and 4 heart rate controlled programs. The heart-rate monitor is used in these programs, and for the general display, it is cleverly built into the handlebars themselves rather than having a clip, wire or strap.

    Although it sounds simple, having these programs already installed into the console can take away one of the key worries around owning a spin bike; namely, ‘how much’, ‘how often’ and just plain ‘how’, should I use it to get the most out of it.

    The resistance controls are fully computerized from the central console, meaning that there is no guessing whilst turning the resistance knob, however, there are only 16 settings. As opposed to 20, which is fairly standard, and 24 on high-end models.

    This doesn’t mean that the higher end resistance is any less than required, but it does just leave fewer options for a detailed workout plan. Unlike some spin bikes, the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable in both the horizontal and vertical axis. This means that the bike is genuinely usable for any body shape.

    With a 32lb flywheel and heavy-duty frame, this is far from the lightest bike available but has wheels for easy transport and adjustable feet to deal with being placed on an uneven surface.

    The flywheel itself is one of the best for replicating the road feel whilst the heavy-duty frame does come with its own benefits. Not bending or flexing under pressure you can be assured that the frame is one of the most reliable around.

    There have been some reports that assembly can be somewhat cumbersome, this likely due to the weight of the constituent parts. However, these do appear to be exceptions rather than the rule with most reporting that it can be put together in around an hour.

    • User-friendly console
    • Quiet
    • Sturdy and reliable
    • Smooth ride 
    • Only 16 resistance settings
    • Quite heavy 

    4. Best With Monitor - Studio Bike Pro


    • iFit Enabled
    • Product Weight – 136lbs
    • Max User Weight – 250lbs
    • Dimensions – 56.5”L x 21.9”W x 52”H

    Key Features:

    • Inertia-enhanced flywheel
    • Smart touchscreen display (10”)
    • Magnetic resistance
    • Caged and clipped pedals

    Proform Studio Bike Pro Review

    When you bring to mind spin bikes with monitors it’s likely you’ll start thinking about Peloton – and those terrible adverts. In actual fact there are a wide array of options available to you in this market and the latest from Proform is one of the best.

    Let’s start with that monitor then. It’s a 10” smart HD touchscreen positioned on a tilt and swivel arm. It can be turned such so that it can be seen from both sides of the bike. Although 10” is smaller than some available, the screen is full color.

    Through it, you can stream virtual workouts, and with the one-year free subscription to iFit Coach that comes with the purchase, the workouts can be accessed on-demand.

    As the monitor is built into the bike itself then if you were to take up the option of an iFit coach, they can directly interact with your bike remotely, for example controlling the resistance.

    The monitor also has an audio port and two 2” speakers, so that you can play your favorite tunes during your sessions. Always innovative, Proform also provides two 3lb weights and has integrated dumbbell holders into the bike’s design. Enabling quick access to an upper-body workout alongside your ride.

    The resistance system is magnetic, reducing noise and aiding a smooth ride. There are 22 levels available for a controlled workout. There are two choices of pedals. You can either go for toe clips or toe straps as standard. If this is not your thing the pedals, as well as the seat, are interchangeable for your favorites.

    The tech continues when it comes to the flywheel which is inertia-enhanced. This is designed to give true on-road cycling feel to the pedals and the rider.

    It carries most of the accessories that you would expect such as, a bottle holder, transportation wheels and adjustable feet. Perhaps the only beneficial addition would be a phone or tablet holder built into the design.

    It’s slightly disappointing that the bike only comes with a one-year subscription to iFit, and after that, you will need to pay if you wish to continue to use the service. Other than that you are not likely to find a spinner that is as tech-savvy as the Proform for the price.

    • Excellent technology
    • Silent magnetic resistance
    • Universally changeable seat and pedals
    • iFit Coach



    • iFit subscription only one year
    • The monitor could be slightly larger

    5. Best Stationary - Syrinx Indoor Cycle


    • Steel Frame Construction
    • Product Weight – 73lbs
    • Max User Weight – 280lbs
    • Dimensions – 39.1”L x 18.2”W x 43”H

    Key Features:

    • Easy assembly
    • Durable vinyl ultra-tough handlebars
    • 35lb Flywheel
    • Pure wool felt brake pads

    Syrinx Indoor Cycle Review

    Let’s be honest, Syrinx first attempts at making spin bikes were not a great success. There were complaints dominating the headlines but they have gone back to the drawing board and produced a new version in the hope of addressing the issues. So is it any good?

    The new version comes with multi-grip handlebars that have been encased with ultra-tough durable vinyl for comfort. Most importantly the redesign means that these, and the whole bike, is now sturdy and solid.

    This is in part thanks to the 35lb bidirectional flywheel which is manufactured to give you the feel of safety and security at high revolutions. The new version comes with a high-quality belt drive system and felt brake pads significantly reducing noise and providing a smoother workout.

    The pedals have also had a rethink and the new is made from an aluminum alloy, are caged and come with an excellent anti-slip measure. These should certainly be enough for most casual workout needs but if you did wish to upgrade to higher-end pedals then the standard offerings are easily removed and replaced with any of your choosing.

    The seat is now fully adjustable, forward, backward, up and down, and although slightly on the large side is comfortable and comes with some clever features. These include a shock absorber system for that heavy session (if the form of springs placed under the seat), as well as a system that tries to distribute heat evenly across the whole saddle.

    Mixed with the added airflow it makes this one of the most ridable stationary bikes around, and perfect for long endurance rides.

    The Syrinx does come with a central control console with the standard read-outs (time, distance, speed, and calories burnt) but the monitor can feel a little cheap. This is not unusual for a bike in this price range but can be made up for by the fact that it comes with a holder for your phone or tablet as well as a well-placed bottle holder.

    From somewhat humble beginnings, Syrinx seems to have turned around their foray into the stationary exercise bike world. The new offerings provide not only excellent value for money but a quality piece of equipment. If the 280lb user weight limit is not a concern when choosing a bike then this is certainly an option to entertain.

    • Comfortable riding experience
    • Smooth and quiet
    • ‘Real bike’ feel
    • Solid and sturdy 
    • Lack of accessories
    • 280lb max user weight

    Spin Bikes: Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is the Best Brand of Spin Bike?

    The best brand of spin bike is relative to your personal requirements. Your work-out goals, your space, budget, and even your body shape can all affect the brand of spin bike that would suit you. As a general rule, you will find Keiser's M range to be at the top of the high-end market so they could be classed as “the best,” however, researching your topic and finding the right fit for you is of the most importance.

    Are Spin Bikes Worth It?

    Spin bikes are definitely worth it. The health benefits from spinning include cardiovascular and lung health, burning calories, relieving stress, building lower body strength and body toning. Having a spin bike at home not only saves you time but makes you more likely to continue training and receiving the benefits from that.

    What Should You Look for When Buying a Spin Bike?

    When buying a spin bike these are the things that you should look for.
    - Flywheel weight
    - The solidity of frames and legs
    - Type of drive system (chain or belt)
    - Braking system (fabric, leather or magnetic)
    - Resistance type (cable, manual, magnetic)
    - Adjustability (seats and handlebars)
    - Display screen
    - Peddles (SPD or not)
    - Bottle holders
    - Ease of transport (wheels and weight)
    - Style

    Are Magnetic Spin Bikes Better?

    Magnetic spin bikes are better. Although they generally cost more to purchase. Having a magnetic rather than friction-based system for resistance and stopping the flywheel means that the bikes are less noisy, more reliable and require less maintenance.

    What Is the Difference Between a Spin Bike and a Regular Exercise Bike?

    The difference between a spin bike and a regular exercise bike is in the flywheel. Spin bikes have a heavier flywheel, connected via a chain or belt with little friction, meaning that they operate more like conventional road bikes.

    Once the rider has momentum in the flywheel, on a spin bike, then the flywheel will continue to turn the pedals even if the rider stops exerting force into the pedals. On a regular exercise bike, the pedals will stop the moment the rider stops applying force to them. Spin bikes, therefore, allow variable resistance control and enable the rider to achieve a much higher pedaling rate, meaning a better workout.

    Best Spin Bikes To Get You Moving — Bike Hacks