10 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Cyclists

Being a secret Santa on Christmas is always a great idea. After all, what’s better than distributing gifts and spreading happiness? But sometimes, when you draw a name, your mind goes blank. What to present as a gift? Will they really like it?

How many boxes of chocolates or bottles of wine can you really gift? There comes a time when you want to become a little creative and get something different, more personal, and fun.

So, if you’re the secret Santa for a cyclist, we have some good news. This article presents you with the best secret Santa gifts for cyclists. Notice how these gifts are useful and fun without breaking the bank. 

Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $100 For This Christmas

1. Cucina Vita Bicycle Pizza Cutter

bicycle pizza cutter

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This secret Santa gift is exactly what it says in the heading – a pizza cutter shaped like a bicycle. Just wheel it over your pizza to get perfect slices every time. This pizza cutter is the epitome of a silly yet pretty handy secret Santa gift. It will put a smile on your cyclist’s face because you already know they love bicycles and who doesn’t like pizza? 

Why Choose It

First, because it’s one of the best secret Santa gifts under $50. Second, it’s different from others because of its front wheel, which you must use to cut the pizza.

It’s made purely of stainless steel, which ensures a precise cut. It’s also very durable, so you can use it for a long time. It’s also very easy to clean. Simply hand wash it with soap, and it’s ready for round two. 

2. Sabrina Silver Chain Bracelet

chain bracelet

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    Jewelry is always a lovely gift. So, if you’re looking for the best secret Santa gifts for guys, look no further. This beautiful chain bracelet will surely be a cool addition to a man’s wardrobe for any occasion. Made from stainless steel chain and a fold-over clasp, this bracelet looks fantastic on and off the wrist. 

    What Choose It

    Compared to other chain bracelets in the market, this one is of excellent quality. It glistens in the sun, feels heavy on your palm, and looks cool on your wrist.

    The workmanship on this bracelet is evident from the quality finish. Most of all, it’s hypoallergenic, so the Sabrina Silver chain bracelet will be the perfect gift if your cyclist is prone to allergies.  

    3. Park Tool AK-5 Advanced Bicycle Mechanic Tool Kit

    bike repair tool

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    This is the ultimate practical gift for cyclists. Every one of them is guaranteed to require a mechanic tool kit sooner or later. With this handy kit, they will be able to easily perform everyday maintenance, cleaning, and repair procedures. Not to forget, it comes with a comprehensive blue book of bike repair to make working on bikes a breeze. 

    Why Choose It? 

    This tool kit includes 36 valuable tools maintenance and repair tools. All of them are solid and hold up nicely through repeated use. Bikers can use it to perform anything from basic maintenance to various repairs and adjustments on any bike. Thanks to Park Tool’s blue finish or its labels, it has easily identifiable parts. 

    4. Metal Bike Wall Art

    bike painting

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    When it comes to secret Santa gift ideas for her, there are only a few options. Especially if she’s a biker, you need something that’s aesthetically pleasing and valuable. Although a bit expensive, this metal bike wall art should get the job done with ease. They can hang it in their bedroom, living room, dining room, or bathroom. 

    Why Choose It? 

    This metal bike wall art is an overall fantastic piece of art. The metal construction looks and feels quality – not flimsy aluminum. The size is perfect and has a tad bit of heft. Little details and touches on the art are also exceptional.

    The artist meticulously added small metal points around the piece. Therefore, the entire piece protrudes from the wall at the same distance. This makes it very aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

    5. Catchup Water Bottle

    catchup bottle

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    Well, one can guarantee two things about any cycling gift recipient. One, they have quite a few water bottles. And two, each is bashed-in, scrapped, and probably has mold inside the spout. You can do them a favor by getting them a sparkling new sports cap water bottle – that looks like a catchup bottle. It’s one of the best cheap secret Santa gifts. 

    Why Choose It? 

    This bottle looks so cool and quirky. It will solicit a host of smiles from your secret Santa gift recipient. At the same time, it’s also very practical. Who doesn’t need a water bottle? Oh, and it’s easy to squeeze and clean and doesn’t leak liquid or leave a plastic taste in your mouth. What’s not to like about this one of the best secret Santa gifts under $20?

    6. APRIME ECO-CAFE Crew Cushion Outdoor Socks

    outdoor socks

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    There’s nothing worse than having sweaty (or cold) feet on a bike ride. Therefore, these crew cushion outdoor socks make for an ideal gift for any cyclist. They look fantastic and keep your feet sweat-free in summer and warm in winter. Not to mention, they go well with any style of shoes you want to wear. What’s not to like? 

    Why Choose It

    Made of 78% polyester, 20% rubber, and 2% spandex, the Aprime eco-cafe socks are durable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. This makes them ideal for long rides where changing socks too often may not be an option. They come in a beautiful design that goes well with any trainers or cycling shoes. 

    7. Maker Bicycle Light Front and Rear Silicone LED Bike Light Set

    bike light set

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    No illumination is enough for cyclists. There’s always the need to have better lighting. The more lights attached to a bike, the more chance a cyclist has of avoiding any close encounter with a negligent driver on the road. So, to keep your dear ones safe, nothing is better than gifting them a bike light set. 

    Why Choose It

    This bike light set is incredibly useful. These little guys are specially designed to wrap around the cycle’s handlebars, and seat stays. But you can fit these pretty much anywhere you want – on your backpack, your helmet, and the front or rear. The list is endless. This pack of four offers great value because it includes batteries. 

    8. Pro Bike Multi-tool For Road

    bike multitool

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    All cyclists love gadgets and never get enough of them. Rarely are cyclists actually prepared for problems on the road. Most of them just assume that regular maintenance at home would be enough to keep their bike ready for the road. But, the funny thing is, problems like punctures or dodgy gears never occur in the garage. So, when you buy them this amazing multi-tool, they will be forever grateful. 

    Why Choose It

    The entire F-series lineup from Crank Brothers features a slim frame and ultra-fine finish. This keeps the tools lightweight and compact for the road. The tools are incredibly small and designed to fit almost anywhere.

    Therefore, they don’t weigh you down. Plus, all the tools come in a compact and durable iron-finished body. Oh, and if you go for F0+ or F15, you also get a magnetized case with a bottle opener. 

    9. Cycopath Funny Cyclist Mug

    funny mug

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    Mugs are some of the best funny secret Santa gifts – whether within your family or workplace. They come in handy as a simple gift and a holding container for extra items when you need a good container. So, choosing a funny cyclist mug as a secret Santa gift can brighten up anyone’s day. 

    Why Choose It 

    This is one of the best office secret Santa gifts for the “cycopath” in your life. It will brighten up any old boring mug cabinet or office table. It’s also perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverage. One of the biggest problems with most customized mugs is their design fades away. Not this one! Its design won’t rub off or fade away over time. 

    10. Where There’s A Will By Emily Chappell 

    Suppose you want to give your gift recipient a dose of motivation. In that case, there’s nothing better than a good motivational cycling book.

    They are a great read and give them something to indulge in when they’re not riding their favorite bike. Also, books make for great conversation starters. So, you can break the ice and get the conversation going. 

    Why Choose It

    Two reasons. First, it’s one of the best secret Santa gifts under $10. Second, it’s one of the most inspiring cycling books. Especially if you are looking for some adventure inspiration in your life, it becomes a must-read.

    It elucidates how perseverance and following your heart are all that matter. This book inspires you to listen to your heart for once, cut the rat race, and take on an adventure of your lifetime on two wheels. 

    How To Get The Best Secret Santa Gifts For Friends, Coworkers, and Neighbors

    Consider the following aspects when choosing a particular secret Santa gift:

    Practical Vs. Funny

    When it comes to gifts, it’s always a good idea to get something practical. It’s not just limited to cyclists. Your gift should improve their life somehow. As for cyclists, when you’re going for a practical gift, it should enhance their riding experience or help them maintain their bike. 

    However, getting a practical or functional gift isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, you may want to tickle their funny bone or put a smile on their face to make their life better. Getting them something silly, like a customized shirt or mug, can do the trick in such a situation. 

    Even then, I suggest going for something that has some practical use. After all, spending your money on something that’s mildly funny but remains fundamentally useless may be a waste of your hard-earned money. 


    Unique and creative secret Santa ideas always get remembered for a long time. And one thing that creates uniqueness more than anything else is personalization. But remember, a personalized gift doesn’t just mean getting a generic customized thing with their name slapped. You can find hundreds of personalized gifts handmade with love by talented gift-makers. 

    Personal Taste

    Another important thing to consider is the personal taste of the receiver. It doesn’t matter if you feel a particular gift is funny or practical. If the receiver doesn’t find it funny or useful, your gift will likely end up in the giveaway bin. 

    Final Thoughts

    Buying Christmas gifts for people you don’t know well can be tricky. If it’s for a secret Santa exchange, you also have to consider the budget. This means you cannot just throw money at the problem and expect a solution.

    However, if you know cycling is their leisure activity, choosing a gift becomes much easier. I hope this list of the best secret Santa gifts comes in handy. Have a Merry Christmas! 


    What Is The Best Secret Santa Gift For A Cyclist? 

    Well, the best gift for someone will depend on their personal tastes. But. We believe anything funny yet practical can make for a great secret Santa gift. For instance, a humorous cycling mug, a customized shirt/socks, etc. 

    What Is The Best Practical Secret Santa Gift For A Cyclist? 

    A multi-tool or a bike maintenance kit can be a great gift for any cyclist. 

    What Are Some Of The Best Secret Santa Gifts Under $25?

    Coffee cups, customized candle sets, books, organizers, plush slippers, socks, shirts – literally anything can be a great under $25 gift if you can get it within the budget and the receiver likes it. 

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