Top 16 Best MTB Grips for Numbness and Smooth Rides

16 Best Mountain Bike Grips for Numb Hands

Do you think numb hands are your biggest hurdle for bike rides?? Best mountain bike grips for numb hands are the ultimate answer. Here is your guide to enjoying a smooth bike ride without worrying about numbness. Just make an accurate purchase and start your adventurous bike rides today! Bike rides, even with numb hands, are no more a dream. 

The grips are a critical part of a mountain bike as they are the major point of contact for the rider. The grip is the part that assures stable and steady control over the bike and assists the rider in enjoying a smooth ride. The bike handle grips make sure that the contact points are rightly placed so that the rider can cherish both control and confidence, along with decreasing arm pump. Basically, mountain bike grips are rubbery lengths fastened to handlebars that you can hold on to. The most commonly used design is the lock-on design. It stays in place with the help of one or two end clamps.  This crucial significance of the mountain bike handlebar grips becomes twofold for riders who may have numb hands. You may think of a grip as a pretty simple part. Yet, there are many underlying factors that we need in a grip to designate it as the best mountain bike handlebar grip.

Best Mountain Bike Grips for Numbness – Budget-friendly and Super Effective

We have gathered the list of some best mountain grips to ease your purchase. 

BOBILIFE Bike Handlebar Grips

BOBILIFE Bike Handlebar Grips

These are Non-Slip-Rubber bike handle grips. These are adjustable handle grips that come with Aluminum Lock and two expandable rubber caps. 

The most distinguishing feature of these mountain bike handlebar grips is the comfort that you will cherish. The handlebar grips present a soft grip and minimize fatigue in your hands, elbows, and wrists. This grip is hence especially suitable for long rides and numb hands. 

This set of mountain bike handlebar grips is suitable for road bicycles, mountain bikes, BMX, folding bikes, and other bicycles, having a handlebar of around 22.2mm in diameter. Its durability is ensured by handlebar end caps, which are made with high-quality sponge, rubber, and aluminum. Its easy installation is another striking feature. The non-slip design, double aluminum alloy locking, and high-quality plastic end caps will lessen any chances of loose-off.Buy-Now-Amazon

BV Bike Handlebar Grips 

BV is known for creating innovative equipment for commuting, recreational, and touring cyclists. Get ready for a superb and smooth ride with BV Bike Handlebar Grips. Its material absorbs all major kinds of shock and relieves stress from hands, especially during long rides. Its single clamp design reduces weight for improved ergonomics. It is mostly popular for fitting any standard straight handlebar. The Longer grip surface is specially designed to allow multiple options for hand placement. Besides, it is also equipped for aggressive riding as it has a motocross-inspired grip pattern. 

BW USA Ergo-Lock 2.0 Grips

 The ergonomic and comfortable grip pattern of the BW Ergo-Lock MTB Grips presents a slip-free connection for the bike rider. Its durable Kraton rubber construction will elongate the lifespan of the grips. The Aluminum lock-rings ensure no rotation or sliding under harsh riding conditions. Moreover, its end cap will protect the grip and handlebar from damage. Plus, the anti-twist locking system is major assistance for preventing rotation. 

Entrance Bike Grip 

It is an ergonomic grip especially made to place the rider’s hand in a position that will minimize numbness and discomfort. It is the best option to explore if you find difficulty in riding. The material used for this grip possesses a high level of elasticity to enhance comfort, traction, and shock absorption. It is extremely durable because of its making with thermoplastic elastomer. It also presents an aluminum lock ring that will hold the grip in place and prevent any shifting of ergonomic design.


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    Ergon – GA3 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar Grips

    GA3 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar GripsWith the GA3 Ergonomic lock, you will cherish comfort and support for all your rough terrain and mountain rides. This ergonomic grip locks on tight as it has a very lightweight inner clamp. The real concept of GA3 is to combines all the real benefits of the wing to provide active supports to the wrist. 

    Its specific grip zones are made to accurately match the curves of the hand so that increased trail feedback can be provided. 


    Ergon GC3 Bicycle Handlebar Grip

    Ergon GC3 Bicycle Handlebar Grip

    The new Ergon GC3 Bicycle Handlebar Grip combines all the ergonomic advantages of ALMOST ALL The Ergon Performance Comfort Series grips. This grip is an advanced version of the GP1 grip but has a larger GFK bar end for extra torque and substitute hand position. This grip can dissipate pressure and optimize the wrist and hand and wrist position of all joints in a way to provide the exclusive feel of natural cork. The distinguishing angle adaptable multi-hand position bar end presents rubberized inserts for a stable slip-free hold.

    ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip

    ESI Grips Extra Chunky MTB Grip

    This Extra Chunky silicon MTB grip is just like its name. It’s extra chunky. It presents excellent grip, both wet or dry grip, extra comfort, and needs no bar adhesion. The overall look is also stylish. These grips weigh 80 grams as made of silicone ensure a sovereign handlebar control. One of the most striking features of this grip is its easy adhesion. You do not need any hairspray, glue, or lock-on. 


    FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Bike Grips

    FIFTY-FIFTY Dual Lock-on Bike GripsThis grip has been specially designed to make sure that you ride without any stress. You will not need to worry about the grips that are falling apart or rotting on the handlebars. These grips are equipped with a dual lock system which will be adequately tied on both sides. It has been made from high-friction rubber to make sure that the grips remain adhesive in wet conditions.

    The grip has large ribbed areas making its overall look stylish but ensuring comfort at the same time. These grips rely mainly on the palm. So these are designed to provide a natural grip even when the rider is not wearing any gloves. The only downside you have to deal with is that they may hold back some moisture.

    You can get these grips in multiple colors to match your bike. There are also very reasonably priced and highly recommended for comfort and stability.


    Lizard Skins Northshore Lock-On Grip

    Lizard Skins Northshore Lock-On GripLizard skin lock grip has two lock rings and is fitted with end caps. The breakthrough points for this grip are:

    • It presents perfect grip both with and without gloves
    • It is a very affordable grip
    • It is specially made with materials like aluminum to provide control and comfort and control
    • It is easy to install
    • It can absorb vibrations that cause dumbness

    OUTERDO MTB Soft Rubber Handlebar

    These are Ergonomic comfort handlebar grips that will fit any handlebar. These are soft and shock-resistance grips to provide real comfort. It has skid proof TPR rubber grip that will provide stability even after a long ride. It is made of rubber with a durable hard inner core. Available in multiple colors, this grip will suit your bike for long rides and challenging tracks. 

    Outtag MTB Grip

    OUTERDO MTB Soft Rubber HandlebarOne of the best features of this MTB grip is its Anti-slip handlebar grips which provide superior security and comfort. This grip does not put any stress on the arms and shoulders of cyclists. The enhanced and luxurious riding experience with these grips will indulge you in love with cycling. It provides extra safety to the surface with multiple string furrows. Additional features include anti-slip rubber holes, which resist slip in case of rain. The sweat permeability is also greatly improved by these grips, providing the ultimate cycling safety. These grips are highly durable with their Screw-on design, keeping grips tight and avoiding any loosening or falling.  It adds comfort to the cycling experience as the Soft rubber material provides vibration dampening, protecting the hands from numbness. This easy-to-install grip will need Zero disassembling and tool installation.  

    RaceFace Strafe Bike Grips

    RaceFace Strafe Bike Grips

    This grip has a narrow profile with a bendable surface, providing a soft feel to the cyclers. These grips are made to provide a good cushion to enable road shock absorption, which mainly results from vibrations and bumps and vibrations. These grips are most suitable for downhill and MTB. It also resists any kind of slip in case the rider has wet hands. Its greater durability makes it a good and economical choice. You can enjoy high performance and comfort with no hand fatigue.  Its Easy installation and availability in different colors make it one of the best choices among the best mountain bike handlebar grips. 

    Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip

    Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip

    Schwinn is the name of the original American bike brand, which has largely empowered millions of riders. The company has spent over a century building the bicycle industry. 

    This Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip is also the result of intense research. It is one of the most reliable ergonomic mountain bike grips. 

    The grip comes with an extra gel layer for comfort and soft touch. Highly durability has been achieved by using the Kraton compound in the making of the grip. Extra vibration dampening protection is provided through a larger palm pad area. Its textured pattern will assist the riders by providing improved traction. It is one of the best choices for making your bike rider luxurious. 


    TOPCABIN Bicycle Grips

    TOPCABIN Bicycle Grips

    This 130mm grip is universal for most bicycles available in the market, including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, adult bikes, or even Fixies.  But it is most suitable for Handlebars which have an outer diameter between 22-23 mm. it comes with a perfect sturdy plastic cap to give a finished look to your Bicycle Handlebars. It has a stable bar end plug. With a 12-month warranty, you can purchase this grip with eventual peace of mind. 

    VinqliQ Mtb Grip

    VinqliQ Mtb GripIt is one of the finest ergonomic mountain bike grips. It is made of textured and non-slip knurled molding surface to enhance grip, provide environmental protection. These are some of the best wear-resistant and breathable grip for long riding. 


    Wolf Tooth Components Fat Paw Grips

    Wolf Tooth Components Fat Paw Grips 

    The Fat Paw grip is made from soft durometer silicone. Hence limiting hand fatigue. With its 36mm diameter, this grip works great with or without gloves. It is made to provide extraordinary vibration damping. Its Super-tacky texture is designed for ideal vibration damping and hand comfort and. Having 36mm outer diameter, it is one of the fattest grips for riders.



    How to install mountain bike grips

    Knowing about the best mtb grips for numbness is crucial, but the know-how about its installation is equally critical. 

    Getting started

    The bike handle grips on flat bars or upright or flat bars should not move or slip or move during the bike ride. Over time bike’s grips expand and eventually loosen on the bar. Use a high-quality adhesive to help the grip stick to the bar. 

    Most of the best mtb grips for numbness use either a lock-on or slip-on method of attachment. Slip-on bike grips apply the interference fit or friction fit phenomenon, stretching the handlebars around the grips. Lock-on grips are equipped with a locking collar system, making the grips locked until they are worn out.

    Grip Removal

    Lock-on Grip Removal

    All you have to do is lose the bolts clinching the grip to the bar for this type of grip. These come in variable hex fitting 2.5, 3, or 4mm.

    Slip-on Grip Removal

    For this type of grip removal, you need an air compressor with an appropriate accessory set to create an air gap between the grip and the bar and grip. Wiggle and Twist, and remove the grip.

    In another method, use the appropriate tool to open the grip from one end. Spray rubbing alcohol inside to create a lubricant to slide off the grip. If all methods fail, simply cut through the grip with a blade or scissors. However, do not use this method for carbon fiber bars, as slashing the surface will dwindle the handlebar. Scoring aluminum or steel will only result in cosmetic damage.

    Grip Installation

    For lock-on grip, simply slide the grip on. Carefully place the grip at the appropriate location. Now torque the bolts to the stated torque value.

    For slip-on grips, blow the air between the grip and the bar. Now spray alcohol over the bar and inside the grip and slide the grip firmly onto the bar. Wait for few hours for alcohol to get fully evaporated. Adhesive spray can also help in sticking the grip to the bar once dry.  Whichever adhesive you are using, make sure you give it enough time to dry. 

    How to avoid numbness during the bike ride

    Numbness is usually the result of Constant pressure on any body part, which disrupts blood flow to the respective nerves. The doomed nerve then sends some abnormal sensory information to the brain. The brain then translates it into tingling or feeling of numbness. Although you may search for the best mountain bike handlebar grips, there are ways to avoid numbness:

    • Get a bike fitting and make sure that you are riding on the proper size frame. Always make sure that the components of your bike are fine-tuned for customized body mechanics. 
    • Wear gloves as vibration can put stress on nerves. However, it also enables you to grip harder. Wearing gloves, especially with padding, can help. Make sure that the padding comes on the pinky side of your hand. 
    • While holding the handlebars, change the hand positions frequently  
    • Adjust the bike in a way that maintains an upright position. In this way, you can take off the pressure from your wrists and hands.
    • Exercise to lessen any kind of muscle weakness

    Factors affecting the Handlebar Position 

    Multiple factors affect the hand position and handlebar adjustments commonly used by biker riders.

    • Stem height
    • Reach
    • Bar rotation
    • Lever placement
    • Lever medial

    These are the factors that must be considered while examining the mountain bike grips.

    Does MTB Gloves Matter to prevent numbness on hands?

    Apart from avoiding inadequate or undue training, altering your cycling posture, and avoiding a mistaken bike fit, well-padded gloves can prove to be a major factor in minimizing the chances of getting hand numbness.

    Gloves serve to redistribute the pressure put on the hands, especially when hands are over the bar. They add comfort and relief while bike riding by tumbling the vibrations from the bars. You can also choose long finger gloves which to keep the fingers warm and nice.  

    One of the most popular styles of gloves nowadays is long finger gloves for mountain bikers. These are highly in demand as they do provide greater protection from abrasions. On the other hand, fingerless gloves are equipped with enhanced padding and are slightly less expensive. 

    Before choosing the best mtb grips for numbness, choose the right gloves with sufficient padding to minimize the pressure on your nerves. In this way, the rider can focus the attention on riding rather than distress in the hands. However, if the numbness does not subside, go for the other ways of subsiding the numbness.

    Final Thoughts

    Bike riding is the dream of many, but it is the quality of the bike and its related accessories which make riding enjoyable or not. The quality of grip plays a huge part in determining the comfort and luxury of a bike ride. Purchase the right bike handle grips to experience a luxurious ride.

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