7 Best Mountain Bike Pants to Keep You Warm For Winter

The ultimate guide to mountain biking in winters.

No matter the weather, mountain bikers are adventurous, and you will always find them on the trail.

However, It’s easy to ride in summers; all a biker has to take care of is staying hydrated, putting a helmet on, and bike.

Later come back home, place the bike in the shed, throw the sweaty clothes in the washing machine, and you are done with the day. 

But with the temperature being cold and windy, it’s more than a helmet and gloves they need to take care of. Mountain bikers definitely need to have a good pair of mountain bike pants to ensure warmer knees and full leg coverage. 

To ensure maximum protection and comfort, we have come up with a few of the best tried and tested mountain bike pants for fearless riders. 

Mountain Bike Pants for Winters 

It can be quite challenging to buy the best mountain bike clothing because everyone has different preferences when searching for mountain bike pants.

Some riders like to keep themselves warm, whereas others, especially women, want to look good while they bike on the trail. For women, it’s always comfort and style together.

So most women look for bike riding outfits that make them look confident and chic while riding along. 

Well, the good news is in this guide to mountain biking in winters, we have something suitable for almost everyone.


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    So whether you are a fashion freak or prefer comfort over style, we have it all! 

    BALEAF Men’s Fleece Athletic Sweatpants

    BALEAF Men's Fleece Athletic Sweatpants

    Baleaf is quite popular among athletes because of its excellent quality athletic gear. That provides comfort along with style. These mountain bike pants can be the best fit for you for winter riding. 

    These cycling pants come with a drawstring closure that makes it easy for the rider to adjust it on the waist regardless of the layering underneath. In addition, the soft fleece provides long-lasting warmth and proves to be highly effective in blocking wind and cold. 

    The sweatpants are accessorized with zippered pockets in the front to carry mobile phones, keys, etc., easily. Along with that, the ankle cuffs come with a zipper as well that helps in adjusting the leg openings on boots or just have a loose fit. 

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    INBIKE Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants

    INBIKE Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants

    Inbike brings thermal pants explicitly designed for athletes who want to keep themselves warm and require a maximum range of motion. These pants are produced from 100% polyester, and the material ensures quick drying of moisture, making them breathable, soft, and comfortable to wear. 

    The trousers’ windproof and semi-waterproof quality makes them perfect mountain bike pants to wear in rain and extreme chilly weather. In addition, the high elastic waistband ensures the adjustability of the trousers according to the physique. 

    The design of these trousers is a bit unique, as it has a reflective logo and reflective stripes that increase visibility in low lights and makes it secure to wear at night time. 

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    Lixada Men’s Cycling Winter Thermal Mountain Bike Pants

    Lixada Men's Cycling Winter Thermal Mountain Bike Pants

    Lixada mountain bike pants are cycling pants made from high-quality polyester fabric to protect against wind and cold without sacrificing breathability. In addition, the thermal fleece lining retains body heat to keep you warm and comfortable.

    Moreover, like Baleaf sweat pants, Lixada mountain bike pants also come with zippered pockets to provide storage for your valuable. And the elastic waistband ensures the adjustment of the size and a customized fit according to your liking. 

    If you are looking for something with pockets and a reflector design, these pants will be best suitable for your cycling endeavors. 

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    ROCKBROS Thermal Windproof Cycling Pants

    ROCKBROS Thermal Windproof Cycling Pants

    The Rockbros Thermal Windproof Cycling Pants could be the next go-to biking outfit you want to wear in chilly weather.  

    The pants include a designed fleece-lined lining to keep you warm. In addition to providing thermal insulation, the micro-fleece liner is designed to allow comfortable cycling in temperatures as low as 14° F / -10° C. 

    A high-quality water-repellent polymer has been placed into the front region, allowing it to be utilized even in wet weather. The back area is capable of retaining a considerable amount of moisture.

    Two fully zipped pockets with sturdily designed zips keep your stuff from tumbling out during your ride. The kneecap area features a loose pattern that allows easy mobility. And can be adjusted to fit your preferred style or comfort.

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    Sobike NENK Winter Pants Men Cycling Pants

    Sobike NENK Winter Pants Men Cycling Pants

    These pants are not only comfortable, but they are stylish as well. Who says you can’t look fabulous while trail riding. All you need is these Sobike Nenk men’s bike pants! 

    The double-layer synthetic in the front of these pants helps block out the wind and makes them waterproof. So if you are riding in rain or wet areas, it will help you keep dry. In addition, the back part is manufactured from polyester and spandex, which makes it breathable. 

    And even if you are not in the mood to go out cycling, you can wear them indoors as well. It has zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe. It also has zips on ankle cuffs for easy adjustments.

    The good part of these mountain bike pants is the design; it has a reflective logo on the side and a draping design on the knee. 

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    Baleaf Women’s 3d Padded Cycling Tights

    Baleaf Women's 3d Padded Cycling Tights

    Like men, women are into mountain bike riding too these days. And as much as it is essential for men to feel comfortable while riding, it is necessary for women as well to choose mountain bike pants carefully. 

    Baleaf brings 3D padded cycling tights for women that not only provide comfort with its stretchy material. But also helps in looking stylishly athletic too. The breathable fabric (created with polyester and spandex) of the tights wicks away the moisture quickly and keeps dry while cycling. 

    The exclusive feature of these tights is the 3D chamois that reduces vibration and helps on long rides. In addition, the zipper on the ankle cuffs makes it easier to adjust. The tights have a reflective logo that also helps with low-light visibility to add style. 

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    Winter Mountain Biking Essentials

    As much as you require good mountain bike pants, there are other essential things that you would need for your physical and psychological comfort while cycling in winters. 

    While riding in winters at extreme temperatures, you must keep yourself dry and warm. For that, you would need to wear a pair of appropriate outfits. 

    An appropriate outfit includes waterproof shoes so that you can keep your toes from freezing and provide comfort while pedaling. If you cant afford them, simply go with waterproof socks. Waterproof socks will prevent the water from getting in contact with the feet. 

    Keeping your knees warm is very important as well; get knee warmers. Roadie-style knee warmers will be best to boost the warmth of a standard set of mountain bike pants. 

    An essential thing when riding in winters is base layers. First, get yourself baselayers that will keep you warm and dry quickly if you get wet. Then, pair it up with a waterproof jacket on top to keep you dry from the rain. 

    The next thing we would suggest is getting winter gloves and a headband to wear like a scarf on the neck. 

    These essentials will help you with a comfortable ride along with the appropriate mountain bike pants

    People Also Ask 

    We know that you might be having hundreds of different thoughts while thinking of your first ride on a mountain bike. Going all wild on the trails can be a tad bit scary for beginners. 

    Here are some questions that are asked by beginners frequently. We hope these will help you in preparing yourself. 

    Is it bad to leave my bike out in the cold?

    The air is quite moist in winters. If you leave your bike outside in the cold, the moisture in the air can cause it to rust. In addition, the water will get in different parts of the cycle, which can compromise the bike’s performance. The bolts can seize up and eventually corrode and get stuck. The bearings can also break along with the cables eroding, affecting the shifting and braking. The paint and plastics can fade, and it’s not a good thing. So it would be best if you did not leave your bike outside in the cold uncovered. It would be best to wrap it up with a water-repellent cover if you have a storage problem.  

    Is it safe to ride in winters? 

    Riding in winters can be challenging and rough, but it is not impossible. You are good to go with appropriate mountain bike pants and biking gear. It is also advised to use a proper mountain bike with fat tires to help grip the slippery surfaces. 

    Can cycling in cold burn more calories? 

    When you ride in winters, your body works a little harder than usual. As a result, your metabolism rises to keep you warm and burn more calories while exercising. The calorie burns are not massive, but it is better than sitting idle on that comfy couch and increasing the waistline. 

    How to keep your face warm while cycling?

    While cycling in the winters, your face is vital to feeling cold. To keep it warm, you should use face masks covering your face. There are many different types of masks in the market. Some have adjustable nose strips and a small gap to help breathe while cycling. They fit around the face with hooks over the ears. 

    Get a mask that acts as a good wind and rain blocker and offers protection to the lower ears. Apart from that, multiple other accessories can help keep the face warm.

    How to keep your feet warm while cycling in the winter? 

    If you are prone to getting extra cold feet, the usual way to keep them warm is to cover your shoes with insulation. In addition, invest in warmer socks and heated insoles. While cycling, these two accessories can be your feet’ best friends in winters. 

    What should I wear cycling in 40-degree weather? 

    It is necessary to keep yourself warm while riding in such weather. Therefore, the best attire for such an occasion will be to wear  Tights or leg warmers along with a long-sleeve. 

    To cover the neck heavy mock turtleneck and lined cycling jacket would do good. Medium-weight gloves; headband covering ears; winter cycling shoes, shoe covers, wool socks.

    How should I dress for cycling in winter?

    The part where we discussed the essentials for riding in the winters covers it all. You just need to cover yourself from head to toe with warm clothes. And ones that provide you with maximum protection from rain, slippery slopes, and high-pressure wind. 

    What kind of pants should I wear for winter mountain biking?

    It is best to wear mountain bike pants made with fleece and help in keeping the legs warm. Moreover, they should be water-resistant and have windbreaker properties. The ones made from spandex and polyester are best for quick drying the moister and giving a comfortable feel. 

    Best mountain bike pants for mountain biking?

    We have mentioned six mountain bike pants that will be suitable for you during your ride in winter. These options will help you select the best pants according to what you require and prefer. The options include both the cheap and expensive ones for males and females. 

    What do you wear mountain biking in the snow?

    It is possible to mountain bike in the snow, but additional precautions are required. For example, you won’t want to get your hands and feet frostbitten. 

    Make sure to wear two pairs of socks, which help you keep your feet warm. And wear a beanie under the helmet to give extra protection and help keep the head warm. 

    Invest in high-quality snow boots that will help you with the traction and keep your feet warm as well. It would be best to add extra layers of waterproof jackets, shoes, and gloves. 

    How cold is too cold for mountain biking?

    For some cyclists riding under 50 degrees is very hard as it is too cold. But most of the cyclists ride in weather conditions to up to 40 degrees as well. However, it does not only depend on the temperature. Other things need to be considered, like the wind pressure and the humidity. 

    Mountain bikers have the best sort of clothing in the markets. With proper preparation, you can bike in cold conditions too. 

    Make sure to evaluate the situation carefully before heading out. 


    Cycling is a sport for people who love a fast-paced workout lifestyle. And to perform mountain bike riding, it is necessary to prepare yourself with the proper cycle gear. If you are a beginner, you need to know some basic questions when trail riding in winters. 

    We have discussed an entire collection of mountain bike pants that you would require and answered essential questions. We hope it will be helpful. Happy Riding!

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