The Best At-Home Exercise Equipment

Not everyone has the time or the money to go to the gym and get their workout in, meaning some people are forced to look closer to home if they want to get fit and stay healthy. Whilst any type of exercise is favorable over none at all, you might find you get better results and increase your fitness more if you use the equipment.

You have a choice between strength and cardio workouts, with most consultants (including consultant oncologists and general practitioners) agreeing that cardio is always favorable for your general health and wellbeing, but it largely depends on your preferences.

Of course, the equipment available at the gym won’t necessarily have a place in your home, but this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some smaller pieces of equipment into your home gym to maximize your workouts and improve your fitness from your house.

If you’re thinking about what type of equipment to buy, we’ve put together a list of good items to consider for any home gym.

1. Exercise Bike

Whether you’re looking to define your leg muscles and improve lower body definition, or if you’re wanting to lose weight and improve your general cardio and heart health, an exercise bike is the perfect piece of equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Not only is cycling a low-impact workout, but it’s also great for preventing conditions like diabetes and helping to live a longer, healthier life. The issue is, road cycling can be dangerous, but using an exercise bike provides you with all the same benefits, just without the safety risks!

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2. Treadmill

Staying on the cardio theme, treadmills are another great staple of any home gym. Running as a whole is more of a high-impact workout compared to cycling, but it’s a great way to get fit and improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Like exercise bikes, treadmills and a leg curl machine offer you a safer way to work out as you can avoid the dangers associated with road running, and you can go at your own pace without having to worry about keeping up an appearance as so many road runners often feel.

3. Trampoline

Trampolines are marketed toward children as a piece of fun play equipment, but they’re actually incredibly useful for working out and getting fit! In fact, 10 minutes on a trampoline can burn as much fat as a 30-minute run, so if weight loss is your goal, a trampoline could be a fun and efficient way to go about it.


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    Other benefits of trampolining include improving your balance, bettering your core, and strength, and toning your glutes and legs.

    4. Kettle Bells

    For those who prefer strength training over cardio, kettlebells are the perfect piece of equipment to have at home. You can use them to tone your arms, abs, and legs depending on the exercise you’re doing. Generally speaking, kettlebells are relatively inexpensive and can easily be stored away, making them a good strength training option for those who have limited space.

    5. Dumbbells

    The final piece of equipment on our list is akin to kettlebells but is more aimed at those who want to specifically train their arms and gain definition on their upper bodies. Dumbbells take up less floor space as they can be neatly stashed away, again, making them a good option for those who are limited on space. In addition, they’re inexpensive and great for beginners looking to slowly build up their home gyms.


    These are just a few of the basic staples you can include in your home gym. What will you be using?


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