Five Best Electric Bikes Under $500 | Buyers Guide

Electric bikes are slowly becoming a very popular means of transportation. Electric bikes are from the usual constraints of a traditional bike design like gearing and weight. What’s more, they save your effort, time, fuel, money and offer other possibilities unavailable with ordinary bikes. 

And.. they are available in all shapes and designs. From basic cargo bikes to everyday use city and commuter bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, you can get any bike for your preferences. There are even some tandem bikes and beach cruisers in the market. eBikes make the joys of riding accessible to a wider user base in multiple ways. 

Because of their popularity, some top-of-the-line electric bikes can be as expensive as $7K. But, when looking for the best electric bike under $500, you have to compromise on features. What are those features, some good cheap electric bikes and where to buy them? We are here to help!

Best Electric Bikes under $500 Features to Consider

Watch out for the following features and details to make the most out of your affordable e-bike purchase. 


While advertising, most affordable e-bike brands focus on the battery voltage. Higher voltages (36V, 48V) increase energy efficiency because of the lower current requirements for the same amount of output power. However, the more important feature to look out for is the total energy a battery can store. Usually, we measure it by voltage x capacity. 

Secondly, when you’re going for a replacement, check the maximum current requirements of the new battery. Some battery packs can store more energy, but they cannot provide the same power required by high-end e-bike models. Some bikes are also introducing USB charging ports with their batteries. A USB charging port allows you to recharge any compatible device directly from the battery. It’s quite a handy feature on long trips


Whether you like it or not, you will have to carry the eBike every once in a while. Therefore, weight is another important consideration. Affordable bikes are usually a little heavier because their frame isn’t made of titanium or high-quality steel. You will most likely get an aluminum or an aluminum alloy frame for the price. Whatever it is, make sure you can easily carry your new e-bike around. 


eBikes under $500 usually come with a 250 Watts to 400 watts range motor. With such a low-power motor, you are basically looking at a flatland cruising e-bike. These bikes will struggle to climb uphill without any user assist pedaling. However, mid-drive e-bikes will still provide better climbing than hub motors at such low levels merely because of their capability to achieve higher torque by downshifting the gears. 


eBike wheels come in quite a range of sizes. The standard range is 12 to 29 inches. But, most cheap e-bikes come with wheels in the 12 to 16 inches range. Larger wheels ensure a smooth ride – especially if the road is bumpy. Larger wheels will easily roll over the obstacles. However, e-bikes with smaller wheels are more compact and easy to carry. 

Best Electric Bikes under $500 in the Market Today

1. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike 

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycles, 16 inch Electric Bike with 8Ah Removable Battery


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    Ancheer foldable electric bike is a complete package. This unit has everything you expect from a $500 bike, including a decent battery, foldable frame, dual disc brakes, and multiple ride modes. 

    The bike weighs roughly 59 pounds, making it one of the heavier bikes on this list. That’s because its frame is made of steel. On the plus side, the frame folds in a very compact way. Thus you can easily pick it up and store it away. 

    Furthermore, the unit has a 36volts 8 Ah removable battery. A single 4 to 6 hours charge can achieve a max speed of 15.5mph depending on the slope. Generally speaking, the Ancheer Folding Electric Bike can climb a slope of 10 to 15 degrees with the pedal-assist mode. We don’t usually see such performance in bikes that fall under the $500 range. 

    Last but not least, this e-bike has 16 inches tires and features a dual disc brake system for better response time whether you are using the full-electric mode, normal mode, or the pedal-assist mode. Ancheer’s customer service is also super responsive. If you get into any trouble, you can always email them or call their CSC. 

    Because of these reasons alone, the Ancheer folding electric bike takes our top spot in this list of the best electric bikes under $500.  

    2. Sailnovo Y1-14 14″ Electric Bike

    Electric Bicycle Sailnovo 14-inch Electric Bike for Adults and Teenagers

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    The Sailnovo eBike is another great choice for adults and kids under $500. It combines 14 inches wheels with a dual brake system. It is made of the lightest aluminum material, but unfortunately, the unit itself is not lightweight. It weighs nearly 55 pounds, for some reason. 

    Why is it on our list? The reason is a strong motor. It has a 350 watts motor powered by a 36 Vikts and 10.5 Ah removable battery. This makes the Sailnovo Y1 the fastest bike on our list. It can reach a maximum speed of 18.6mph with a range of 25 to 28 miles. Not to mention, it runs smoothly on as steep slopes as 15 degrees in the regular electric mode. That’s the closest you can come to an electric mountain bike under $500.

    That’s not all. It also features unique features like shock absorber tires, dual brakes, multiple ride modes, throttle, and peddle assist.

    However, the Sailnovo Y1-14 is suitable for riders with a height of (147 to 178cm approximately). That means if your height is 6 feet or over, this e-bike isn’t for you. It also comes with a maximum support weight of 265 pounds, making it suitable for even those who are a little on the healthier side. 

    3. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike

    Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bikebuy now from amazon button

    If you want to gift your little one an e-bike for their birthday, look no further. The Razor dirt Rocket Ebike is an excellent little bike for kids. It’s available in 4 four different models (SX350, SX500, MX350, MX650), making it suitable even for 13 year old and 64 kg kids. 

    Their higher-torque and rear-wheel chain-drive provide better power and traction than many competitors. And that’s not all. The best thing we love about these bikes is that they are so quiet you can ride them anywhere without anyone complaining. That’s why taking them to ride around the cottages, homes, or campgrounds is perfect. No nightmares for parents!

    As there is no speed control, the bike is 100% throttle or 0%. The good thing is, it’s very responsive and comes to a grinding halt almost immediately when your kid lets off the throttle. 

    It has no suspension, so the initial ride can be rough and is best used on smoother surfaces. Secondly, the tires are very small and make the ride a little unstable at first but fine once your child gets the hang of it.

    4. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Pro+

    Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Aluminum Folding Electric Bike with Pedals

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    On the surface, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Pro+ is another fully foldable e-bike with an aluminum frame. But, it’s super lightweight as it weighs just 37 pounds, comes with an integrated handle, replaceable battery, and a magnetic closure system. This makes it one of the best folding electric bikes under $500 in the market right now. 

    The bike uses a 250W motor and a replaceable lithium battery. A single recharge takes about 4 to 6 hours, and you can reach a max speed of 15.5 mph on its full-electric mode with a range of 15 to 16 miles. Also, Swagtron’s battery prices are much more reasonable than competitors. So, you can even get a replacement battery easily for long tours. 

    Moreover, it has 14 inches of air-filled wheels and supports the usual three riding modes – pedal assist, full-electric, and pedal only. On paper, the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Pro+ supports a weight of 265 pounds, but in practice, we wouldn’t recommend it for users over 200 pounds. 

    The unit also features a pair of caliper brakes. These are tough, stylish, durable, and easy to use when riding. 

    5. Jetson Bolt

    Jetson Bolt 14in

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    The Jetson Bolt is an excellent small electric bike. It is ideal for sightseeing and quick runs to the grocery store if you don’t feel like driving. Oh, and the frame is durable enough, making it suitable for almost all ages.  

    It’s a very small bike with a user weight capacity of 250 lbs. On top of that, the handlebars fold down, which makes them super easy to carry around or put into the back of your vehicle. But, it’s not very lightweight (weighs 34 lbs), so if you have any back pain issues, consider looking at alternatives on this list. 

    What’s more, the Jetson Bolt’s 350 Watt motor runs very quietly and ensures a smoother ride. The battery life is good. It averages around 7 miles on a single charge on a good day, which is decent enough for a bike in this price range. 

    However, our only problem is with the seat. It’s a bit too small and uncomfortable. So, consider investing in a better seat to get the most out of this e-bike. Overall, the Jetson Bolt is an excellent under $500 bike for kids and adults alike. 

    Where to Buy the Best Electric Bike under $500?

    In recent years, the demand for electric bikes has skyrocketed. That’s why now you can purchase an e-bike from almost anywhere. This includes: 

    Online stores: While the internet is vast and online stores are countless, we recommend sticking to the highway. Only shop online from mainstream websites like Amazon, Walmart, or official brand websites like Jenson USA, Competitive Cyclist, REI, etc. that have a strong reputation. They will never sell a sub-standard product. And if something goes wrong, you can always claim a warranty.

    Your Local Bike Shop

    The local bike shop is the most recommended place for any new cyclist. The reason is obvious. You will always get helpful advice there. There won’t be any delivery charges. You will get a professional bike build and a possible discount on accessories. However, these local bike shops usually have very limited stock and fewer models on display. You won’t get the same variety that you can get online. 

    Directly from the Manufacturers

    When buying an e-bike through a manufacturer, there might be coupons like Rad power bikes discount code to help you save.

    If you have an eye on a particular brand already, getting that model directly from the manufacturer is a great option. This way, you will get first access to available stock and not just to a particular model but the brand’s full lineup. As most manufacturers offer collection via a bike shop, you can also select an appropriate collection point for easy delivery. And if you get lucky and the brand delivers directly to your door, that can be another plus. But, don’t expect any test rides, and discounts are also rare when you get an e-bike directly from the manufacturers. 

    Second Hand

    Getting second-hand e-bikes is useful if you are on a budget. You can get the lowest prices possible and get the best deals. You can visit places like Amazon, eBay, or even Facebook marketplaces to shop for second-hand bikes. But, with this ease comes the increased risks of scams and frauds. It’s also harder to find the right size and model for a user’s age, weight, height considerations. 

    Final Thoughts

    That’s all about the best electric bikes under $500. We hope now you know everything you need to make the most out of your purchase. Remember, a bike is best if it suits your specific needs and fulfills your individual requirements. Therefore, make sure you fit the size and height requirements mentioned on these e-bikes.

    As always, never forget safety. Wear appropriate safety gear and respect the traffic laws of your region. While electric bikes are an environment-friendly means of transport, they have a lifetime. When the bike or its battery dies, recycle it properly. Good luck!

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