Best Electric Bike with Dog Carrier for Your Furry Friend

Do you like taking your doggo for a ride every once in a while? You are not alone. Most dog owners who love to bike take the furry friend either running daily errands or for a walk. 

Needless to say, it can be quite problematic, especially if you are not comfortable with holding your dog for so long. Some dogs may feel stressed out and uncomfortable when left at the back of a bike. In contrast, others simply can’t resist licking their owner’s palms even in the middle of an activity that could prove dangerous.

Solution? A dog basket for the bike. If you think about it, a dog bicycle basket makes a whole lot of sense. You can carry them with you as if they are baby carriers. Plus, there is nothing better than an electric bicycle to move around with your bulky friend.

So, how to choose the best dog bike seat? Is a bicycle dog carrier suitable for your daily use, and if yes, which is the best one for you considering your dog’s size?

It’s about time we answer these questions. But first, you need to know: 

How Accustomed Is Your Dog To A Bicycle Dog Carrier?  

The most important aspect to consider before you decide to get a bike dog carrier is your furry friend’s temperament. If s/he isn’t accustomed to riding bikes or any kind of vehicle for that matter, the whole experience may lead to discomfort and even trauma.

Start by introducing your dog to the bicycle slowly. Let him sniff it from a distance and when s/he shows no sign of fear or restiveness, sit on the bike with him in one hand while holding his leash in the other. Gradually increase the distance between you and your dog until they can be comfortably seated in a side bag or basket. 

Carefully examine his behavior. If he’s shaking, nervous, or looking around nervously, slow down. Take him off the bike. A good way to judge how your dog will behave on an electric bike is to notice their behavior in your car. If they are comfortable in a car, they will sit without hesitation on the bike. 

Best Electric Bike With Dog Carrier

NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle


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    If you are looking for an electric bike that comes with a basket at a dirt-cheap price, look no further. It’s an excellent value for the money. Oh, and you can use both manual and electric modes. 

    Handlebar, seat height, and inclination – all are adjustable. Its assembly can be a bit problematic if you are putting a bike together for the first time. Thankfully, the instruction manual is very clear and helpful. 

    However, this isn’t a bike for your off-road excursions. Therefore, stick to smooth dirt trails, streets, and flat lawns. Also, its basket size is good for small dogs only. 

    Best Dog Carriers for Electric Bikes

    #1 PetSafe Happy Ride Nylon Pet Bike Basket

    PetSafe Sport Nylon Dog Bike Basket

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    The PetSafe Happy Ride Nylon Basket is one of the best bike front baskets we have seen in a while. It has a very sturdy connection with the bike, making it very stable when supporting the dog. 

    Not to mention, having the full roof on top provides excellent protection against the sun and rain. It’s also easily movable, so you can move it around for your comfort. Moreover, the extra pockets around the basket come in handy for storing small items for the trip. 

    Nonetheless, the bottom of the basket is a little hard. We suggest using a folded towel or any other comfortable cloth down under to give your furry friend a comfortable ride

    #2 KlickFix Handlebar Bike Bag

    KlickFix bike bags handlebar handlebar bag Smile

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    Let your pup enjoy the views as you ride the blues with the KlickFix Handlebar bike bag. This handlebar bag comes with a clear protective top. So you can cycle in the rain without your pet getting soaked or hiding them in a closed container. 

    The material of the bag feels like tent fabric, making it water-resistant as well. Plus, it comes with a small oval cushion for comfort. You can even remove the cushion if your pup tries to dig it up. 

    However, the bracket to secure the carrier does not come with the package. You have to purchase it separately. On the plus side, it means you can use other items in the Rixen Kaul Range as the bracket is universal for their products. 

    #4 URBest Bike Basket

    URBest Bike Basket

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    This is an exceptional helper to carry all the accessories and, of course, your pet with you when riding outside your home. Made of water-resistant oxford cloth and aluminum frame, it’s practical, very durable, and long-lasting. 

    Thanks to the quick-release handlebar mounting system, it’s very easy to install and remove with the single click of a button. It also has a drawstring closure to keep your pet safe. 

    But, there’s no instruction manual included in the package. You will have to figure out the assembly on your own. 

    #5 Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

    Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

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    Finally, we have a dog cart for the bike. The Schwinn pet trailer is ideal for medium and large dogs. The trailer is super sturdy and safe to ride. The design is also impressive for a trailer. The rear door, folding brake, and sunroof opening are designed to keep your dog’s journey as enjoyable as possible.

    Furthermore, The leash length is adjustable. You can adjust according to your pet’s behavior and stop them from leaping out of the trailer. The unique folding frame and quick-release wheels pack up nicely once you are done with the ride. 

    You just have to struggle a bit getting the crossbar in place. Also, the trailer platform stays at an angle. We Wish it was horizontal. But Overall, it’s an excellent carrier for medium and large (up to 100lbs) dogs. 

    Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On An Electric Bike Ride:

    1· The most important thing for your doggo’s safety is the dog carrier itself. Dog carriers made of cotton canvas or, better yet, waterproof neoprene is best suited for an electric bike. They come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one will not be a problem. 

    2· When you choose a carrier, make sure it is secure and will stay close to your bike. The bicycle pet carrier strap should be sturdy enough, so it doesn’t move around a lot while you are riding. The best thing you can do is choose one that already comes with the straps attached to your electric bicycle.

    3· To make sure your dog feels safe, the dog bike attachment should not allow air movement. You can buy a carrier with an opening on the top or on the side. Some carriers come with soft nylon netting that is perfect for dogs who always want to look around and check what’s going on. 

    4· Make sure you choose a pet bag that your dog feels comfortable in and it has enough space for them to lay down and turn around.

    5· You can place a pillow or soft piece of cloth in the bike pet carrier to make your doggo more comfortable and to help them stay inside while you are riding without fighting too much. 

    Final Thoughts

    So, that’s all for now about the best dog carriers for electric bikes. Hope you will find one that is your perfect match, and of course, safe & secure enough for your dog. If this article helped you at all, or if there’s anything else you would like to talk about, feel free to leave a comment below.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can you attach a dog carrier to an electric bike?

    Yes, you can. Electric bike carriers are designed to help you carry your pet on your favorite outdoor trails. They attach quickly and easily to most types of e-bike bikes and offer convenient storage for snacks and other gear.

    Can the electric bike charge as you pedal??

    Most of the high-end electric bicycles are equipped with that ability. These types of bikes are popular among cyclists who want to explore trails that are less traveled or not accessible by car.

    Can you use an electric bike to exercise your dog?

    Yes, you can. Electric bicycles have become increasingly popular in recent years, so choosing to travel with one can provide you and your canine companion with an excellent workout. The bike will give you a little extra boost when needed, but it won’t do all the work for you. So stay active while enjoying the ride!

    What is the best dog bike carrier?

    There are so many dog bike carriers with different features that it is hard to choose the best one. The carrier you choose should depend on your specific needs and which type of bike frame you have. Take a look at our top 5 list above for some ideas!

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