8 Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding the right cycling shoes can be a tricky job. You have to factor in comfort, durability, practicality, functionality, and most importantly, your size. If your feet have more width than the usual, we are sure you have trouble finding the best cycling shoes for wide feet. 

Allowing discomfort in your cycling shoes is a no-go. It can result in blisters, sprains, and other injuries you don’t want to suffer. 

That’s why your shoe must be a perfect fit, with no uncomfortable gaps or tightness. Breaking in your cycling shoes is important to ensure a better, comfier fit. 

Having wide feet makes it quite hard to buy comfortable shoes that are practical at the same time. That’s why you are at the right place at the right time. 

We have saved you the time of searching and did the job for you. We have compiled a list of the best and most comfortable cycling shoes for wide feet on the market.

So, Let’s get started! 


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    Buying Guide: Wide Cycling Shoes 

    Here how you can find the best cycling shoes for wide feet: 

    How to Choose the Ideal Shoe Fit for Your Feet?

    Choosing the ideal shoe for your feet can be quite difficult if they’re wide feet. You’ll encounter problems like redness, blisters, sprains, tightness, and just plain discomfort. 

    Here are five factors to consider while choosing the best cycling shoes for wide feet:

    Shoes Fastening System

    Cycling shoes have four different fastening systems: Velcro, laces, ratchets, and dials. Although firm and more on the cheaper side, Velcro can be hard to adjust on the go. 

    Ratchets are more precise in terms of adjustability and easy to tighten while riding. Dials are a high-end option that is practical all-around.

    Types of Soles 

    Cycling shoes also vary based on the type of soles. However, the main feature to look for in your cycling shoe soles is stiffness. This stiffness is what helps you pedal expertly without putting any pressure on your feet. 

    Carbon soled cycling shoes stay at the top of the list when it comes to quality and durability. 

    Custom Insoles and Heat Moulding 

    Typically, the insoles of cycling shoes are basic and flat. The lack of cushioning can result in discomfort over time while riding. That’s why we’d recommend getting custom insoles. 

    For a better fit, we’d also recommend buying shoes with heat molding technology. This feature allows the shoe to fit your foot perfectly for ultimate comfort.

    Types of Cleats

    Consider the type of riding you’re practicing before factoring in the type of cleats. For example, cycling shoes can accommodate two-bolt and three-bolt cleats, depending on the model. 

    Riding off-road calls for two-bolt cleats, while road riding requires three-bolt cleats.

    Difference between Men’s and Women’s Cycling Shoes 

    Your foot size isn’t the only factor that sets your shoe apart from others, but your gender does too. It’s often asked why men and women wear different cycling shoes and whether they’re interchangeable. 

    Let’s talk about a few main differences between men’s and women’s cycling shoes.

    For Men

    Men’s cycling shoes for wide feet come in overall general size. They commonly feature narrow q-angles, which don’t offer much extra support. In terms of sizes, men’s cycling shoe sizes are commonly bigger than women’s. 

    These shoes have different midsole materials, which depend on the type of shoe. Lastly, men’s wide cycling shoes aren’t as variable when it comes to design and colors.

    For Women

    Women’s wide-fit cycling shoes are much more diverse in colors, designs, sizes, and comfort. These shoes have wider q-angles, which provides extra support and makes the shoe comfier. 

    Women’s cycling shoes are narrow towards the heel and wider towards the toe. These shoes also have different midsole materials depending on the type of shoe. 

    Men’s and women’s cycling shoes are interchangeable as long as one is familiar with the sizing chart.

    Our Top Picks

    Bont® Riot Road+ BOA™ Road Cycling Shoes

    BONT Riot Road+ BOA Cycling Shoe Euro 40

    buy now from amazon button

    Known as the best entry-level riding shoes, the Bont® Riot Road+ BOA™ Road Cycling Shoes have everything a high-end, professional pair of shoes would offer. 

    It is one of the most comfortable cycling shoes that is made up of carbon composite. These heat-moldable shoes provide you with your perfect fitting, no matter how odd you think the shape of your foot is. Not only will it provide your ideal fit, but it will also feel comfortable throughout the wear time. 

    The ergonomic design of the Bont wide cycling shoes was inspired by the anatomy of the human fit. It is solely focused on all the curves of a human foot that requires support and comfort during a ride. These shoes feature an anatomical heel cup, lateral forefoot support, and medial longitudinal arch support for the maximum amount of comfort. 

    These cycling shoes are also quite easy on the pocket and come with a variety of color options. This brand rivals many high brands because of the premium quality material of its shoes and well-thought designs at a fraction of the price. 

    Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA Mountain Bike Shoes

    Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA (EE) Mountain Bike Shoes Shadow Black

    buy now from amazon button

    If you are looking for sturdy, long-lasting, and styling-looking shoes, the Dominator 7 SR 17 MEGA Mountain Bike Shoes is the pair to go for. These shoes are made up of high-quality, durable fabric that allows the foot to move freely while also providing a steady grip. 

    These ultra-lightweight shoes provide stability while riding any kind of bike and keep your foot steady on the pedal, even on bumpy roads. The comfortable fit of these shoes makes these the best cycling shoes for wide feet. 

    Their synthetic Microfibra Microtech material allows your feet to breathe even at a face space ride and keep them moisture-free. Less moisture means less microbial growth in your shoes and fewer chances of your shoes smelling bad after each use. 

    These shoes also feature Thermo-formed EVA pads that provide the ultimate comfort solution to the wearer, keeping their soles cramp-free throughout the ride. 

    Five Ten Freerider

    Five Ten Men's Freerider Pro Mountain Bike Shoe

    buy now from amazon button

    The Five Ten Freerider are the ideal wide mountain bike shoes for bikes with flat pedals. They fit perfectly on the flat pedals without causing any slippage. These shoes have a sticky base which makes them stick to the pedal without any cleats.  

    If you have wide feet and you ride a flat pedal mountain bike, then these shoes are just for you. Not only do these shoes feature high-quality material, but they are also very affordable. Even though these shoes can wear out faster than any other mountain bike shoes, the price is justified because of their comfortable interior and fit. 

    The best part about these shoes is that you can use them for your everyday walking as well without any discomfort. They also provide great arch support on the inside, which makes the experience even more comfortable. Bikers who don’t want to spend a fortune on Wide Mtb shoes prefer these over any other brand. 

    Pearl Izumi® X-Project Pro Mountain Cycling Shoes

    Pearl Izumi® X-Project Pro Mountain Cycling Shoes

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    The ultra-lightweight pair of Pearl Izumi® X-Project Pro Mountain Cycling Shoes is the top choice for wide bike shoes among indoor and outdoor riders. Each shoe weighs just 51 grams, making you feel like you are wearing clouds on your feet. 

    The snug interior and lightweight body make it ideal for different speeds of cycling without tiring your feet and causing excessive sweating. These shoes feature a laminate-coated mesh upper, carbon sole, and smooth lace-up closure. 

    This snug yet breathable pair of cycling shoes are the best wide-fit bike shoes for indoor workouts. However, they perform equally well for road biking as well. 

    Shimano® SH-RP1 Road Cycling Shoes

    Shimano® SH-RP1 Road Cycling Shoes

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    The Shimano® SH-RP1 Road Cycling Shoes are the best wide road bike shoes that are designed for small yet wide feet. Whether your feet are long or short, you can find a pair for yourself in this design.

    The pair is available in a timeless black color that adds to your athletic style in a classy way. The shoes are made up of high-density synthetic leather that can last you a really long time. They are comfortable to wear and keep your feet well-ventilated. 

    They have a reverse mount buckle closure system that makes wearing these shoes so much easier than conventional cycling shoes. There are no fancy designs and laces on these shoes, which makes them ideal for everyday commute on your bike. 

    These Shimano wide-width cycling shoes are also known as the best wide cycling shoes for peloton because of their SPD-SL cleats that fit perfectly in the machine. They are lightweight, affordable, and easily available, which makes them a top choice among avid riders and fitness enthusiasts. 

    Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes

    Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes

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    An excellent option for people with wider feet, the Sidi Trace 2 Mega MTB Shoes provide all that it takes to be the best wide cycling shoes. This pair is ideal for cross-country biking and trail riding. 

    The best part about these shoes is that they come in a variety of colors, so you can pair them well with your biking costume. These shoes feature a solid Polytex upper that not only provides a comfortable grip but also makes the shoes incredibly lightweight. 

    Other than that, the nylon/polyurethane sole of these shoes also adds to its lightweight body and quality base to pedal with. This material provides the needed fitness while also providing enough flexibility to ride efficiently. 

    These Sidi wide cycling shoes are also fully ventilated, which keeps your feet cool and aired out even during the most intense rides. They feature the velcro strap and Boa-type closure to provide you with your most snug fit. You can adjust the fitness of these shoes according to your comfort level. 

    TIEM Slipstream Spin Shoes For Wide Feet

    TIEM Slipstream Spin Shoes For Wide Feet

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    With a design that looks similar to your everyday sneakers, the TIEM Slipstream Spin Shoes For Wide Feet are designed for both cyclings and walking. It is also a perfect pair of women’s cycling shoes with a wide toe box that is common for indoor cycling

    The breathable mesh top of these shoes paired with the ultra-soft interior makes your feet feel comfortable yet well-supported during the workout. This shoe features a slip-on closure that makes it easier for you to put them on when running late. 

    Even though they are not as snug as the typical cycling shoes, they grip your feet nicely to prevent slippage during the ride. To make sure that the shoes fit according to your foot size, there is an added adjustable fitting strap on the top of this pair.  

    These shoes are made for cycling and walking, which is why they feature the 2-bolt cleat system to make sure your shoes are not damaging the floor. 

    Tommaso Pista Wide Indoor Cycling Shoes

    Tommaso Pista Wide Indoor Cycling Shoes

    buy now from amazon button

    Known as one of the best cycling shoes for wide feet women, the Tommaso Pista Wide Indoor Cycling Shoes come with three attractive color options. They have a velcro closure which allows a custom fit for different widths of feet. 

    You can indulge in speed biking with these cycling shoes, thanks to their fiberglass-reinforced steel sole that provides enough stiffness and support to your feet. It allows you to exert full pressure without bending the shape of your shoes. They can be your cycling partner for ultimate comfort and high efficiency. 

    These Indoor cycling shoes provide a good amount of ventilation from the sides, top, and toe box under the soles. They keep your feet cool during intense rides and prevent any blisters from forming. 

    They are specifically designed to fit two-hole and three-hole cleats so they can fit any kind of pedal for the best performance. Despite all these premium quality features, these shoes are quite budget-friendly. 


    How do I know if my shoes are compatible with flat pedals?

    If you’re cycling small distances or leisurely, a flat rubber pedal will suffice. Conventional bicycle pedal, which has a flat surface that is suitable for any shoe. Shoes with clippers on flat pedals will not provide the same level of traction as flat-soled rubber shoes. 

    Are leather cycling shoes suitable for your daily rides? 

    When it comes to cycling shoes, the most important things to consider are fitting and comfort. When the upper of the shoe is made of leather, your shoes will only grow better with time. The full-grain leather molds to your particular foot form, ensuring that every ride is pleasant.

    Is it possible for me to use these cycling shoes for regular walking purposes?

    Riding with clip-on shoes may make you more productive on the bicycle, but they are not practical when walking. They do nothing to upgrade your attire so going through the hassle of walking in cycling shoes is useless. However, SPD shoes which are popular among mountain cyclists, contain recessed cleats that make walking easier.

    Which brands have the best cycling shoes for wide feet?

    There are several cycling shoe brands that make footwear for people with wider feet. Comfort, foot posture, smooth pedal strokes, and laces are all heavily emphasized. Here are the top brands to look out for: 

    • Giro 
    • Pearl Izumi
    • Tommaso 
    • Shimano
    • Sidi
    • Bontrager
    • TIEM

    Difference between Wide Vs. High-Volume shoes

    Wide-fitting shoes allow the forefoot to expand out when under stress. The form of your instep and heel is associated with high-volume shoes. High-volume shoes are designed for people who have a high arch, a high instep, or bunions, all of which increase the surface area of the foot.

    What cycling shoes are good for wide feet?

    Cycling shoes should be well-fitting, with a snug fit in the heel and consistent pressure around the instep. There should be no pushing, constricting, or pinching of the ends. When shopping for a cycling shoe, look for one that offers a slight toe space at the end but is still comfortable. 

    Are 5’10 shoes good for wide feet?

    Five Ten is a brand of rock climbing and mountain riding footwear. They feature a special type of rubber for the shoes dubbed Stealth® rubber. Its viscoelastic and vibration-absorbing qualities make it ideal for the unique demands of mountain riding.

    Are Shimano cycling shoes wide?

    Shimano is famous for more than just bikes and accessories; they also make bicycle shoes. If you have wide feet and are having problems finding shoes that fit precisely, don’t panic. Some of their shoes are ideal for broader feet to make their cycling experience easier. 

    Do cycling shoes come in widths?

    Yes! To accommodate different widths of feet, retailers create shoes with diverse widths and lengths such as narrow, standard, and broad in some or all of their designs. Make sure to try your shoes on before heading over to the checkout to know you are getting what you need.


    The process of finding the right cycling shoes gets even harder when you have wide feet. It’s not easy to find an accommodating size that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

    The right pair of cycling shoes is comfortable, practical, functional, and durable. It doesn’t leave any room for blisters, sprains, or injuries. We believe everyone should have their perfect pair of shoes while cycling. 

    Now that you’ve read our list, we’re sure the shoe hunting process has gotten considerably easier. So what are you waiting for? Your cycle is waiting for you! Grab the best cycling shoes for wide feet and ride with confidence. 

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