Best Cycling Holidays in 2023-2024

A cycling holiday can definitely bring back the long-lost feeling of freedom we all experienced as children carelessly pedaling through the neighborhood.

Best Cycling Holidays in 2023-2024

Plus, the amazing landscapes these holidays pack will carry you alongside the breathtaking coastlines, over a dramatic canyon, or across a magnificent mountain range, you have never visited before. What more could you possibly want from a holiday?

If you are looking forward to discovering if you still have the daredevil in you while traversing the unique wadis in Jordan or the incredible history of Portugal’s coast on your bike, these next few cycling holiday ideas should definitely bring you closer to your answer.

Without further ado, let’s find out what are a few of the most popular and captivating cycling holidays you could be planning for the rest of the year or for the upcoming year.

Quick Tips for Getting Ready

Whether you frequently hop on your bike and use it to run errands, go to work in the morning, or clock in a fun workout, or you cannot remember when was the last time when you rode a bike, you will need some degree of preparation of an upcoming cycling holiday:

Ship Your Bike to Your Destination

Shipping your bike to the destination or the starting point of the cycling tour will make things a lot easier and less stressful for you, especially if you plan on bringing your own bike somewhere exotic and far away from home.

Just make sure to carefully pack it using quality supplies and follow the instructions provided by the expert shipping company you will choose to work with.

Your bike could be patiently waiting for you at the hotel or accommodation you have booked before your arrival there.

Go Pedaling for a Few Miles a Day

Try to build up some stamina and miles in preparation for your upcoming cycling holiday. Make sure your expectations are realistic and paired up with the actual cycling schedule you will come across once you will reach the starting point.

Get Your Bike & Insurance Ready

Make sure the bike is working flawlessly and pay close attention to the comfort of the saddle since you will be spending many long hours a day in it.


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    Also, check with your regular insurance company and find out what your insurance policy for cycling in a foreign country looks like.

    Two Excellent Cycling Holiday Destinations to Look Into

    Go On a Self-Guided Porto to Lisbon Cycling Holiday

    If you have always wanted to visit Portugal, now is your chance to explore this gorgeous country in a unique way. Embark on the cycling tour from Porto to Lisbon and travel alongside the country’s amazing Atlantic Coast.

    Choose the self-guided route that will allow you to add a lot of flexibility to your ride. Get ready for flat terrain and consider taking the kids along, as this cycling holiday is suitable for families as well as casual riders.

    On average, you should get ready to ride anywhere between 24 miles a day (~38 Km).

    The scenery will carry you past divine-smelling pine woods, sandy beaches, cozy fishing villages, and plenty of preserved historical regions. Porto is home to a world-renowned port wine originating in the Douro Valley.

    Get ready for some exquisite wine tasting experiences while here. Figueira da Foz also known as the ‘Queen of Beaches’ is one of the most beloved holiday resorts in the country, so you could book your accommodation here for the whole family once the cycling tour is over.

    Whether you will want to use the top-quality hybrid bike you will be given or use your own bike, it will be entirely up to you.

    You will also receive all the directions, maps, and a GPS device and have all the accommodations arrangements done for you with the locals.

    Your luggage will also be transferred between two different milestones for you, and you will solely need to worry about packing your own helmet.

    Get Ready for a Petra and Wadi Rum by Bike

    Travel to Jordan for a spectacular cycling holiday that will carry you to some of the most amazing historical sites in the Middle East.

    Get ready to explore the mesmerizing sceneries that will steal your eyes here, sprinkled with the unique lifestyles of the locals and the interesting roads aligned with the mouth-watering olive groves that will carry you to the communities on top of the hills.

    Experience the long descents turning the road to desert sands and meet the nomadic herders here.


    Let the cycling tour take you to the one-of-a-kind fabled sandstone in Petra during this unforgettable 9-day tour and spend your nights under a sky covered in stars in Wadi Rum.

    In between breaks, get ready to go snorkeling in the Red Sea or take some cool photos floating on the salted Dead Sea.

    A self-guided Cyprus cycling holiday or a mountain biking tour in Victoria, Australia are also excellent ideas for cycling holidays for 2023/2024.


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