9 Best Cycling Books That Will Inspire You to Ride

Want to learn more about cycling and bicycles? Are you searching for inspiration to ride a bike? Here you’ll find books packed with exciting lessons and stories just waiting for you to discover them.

9 Best Cycling Books That Will Inspire You to Ride

These books inspire you to take that cycling trip, help you to prepare for a competition, give instructions on how to repair your bike. Or, if you’re just looking for a gift for someone passionate about cycling, you’ll find it in this selection.

1. Epic Bike Rides of the World

By Lonely Planet Publishing (2017)

epic bike

Lonely Planet has published a perfect guide full of routes around the world. This book is for those who want to have an unforgettable adventure on two wheels.

It is a compilation of the experiences of more than a dozen writers who have traveled the world on their bicycles. This guide offers the accomplished cyclist and the amateur more than 200 ideas to travel worldwide.

Undoubtedly this book will serve as inspiration for more than one person who wants to start cycling.

2. The Complete Bike Owner’s Manual

By Dorling Kindersley Publishing (2017)

the complete bike manual



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    This book is a complete guide on bicycle mechanics. It teaches you how to maintain and repair all types of bicycles.

    It is an illustrated manual that explains step-by-step procedures for repairing and maintaining your bicycle and keeping it in perfect condition.

    The book also describes how the various components of a bicycle work. A book that cannot be missing in the home workshop.

    3. It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels

    By Robert Penn (2011)

    the pursuit of happiness


    It is the tale of a love affair with cycling and about Robert Penn’s journey to build the bike of his dreams.

    A pilgrimage that takes him from Californian mountain bike inventors to British handcrafted frame builders. An ode to cycling that conveys the enthusiasm of a two-wheeled enthusiast funnily and amusingly.

    4. The Book of the Bicycle: The Definitive Visual History

    By Dorling Kindersley Publishing (2017)

    bicycle definitive


    This book compiles the history of cycling in all its branches.

    This book is perfect for all cycling enthusiasts; this book features information on the latest technologies applied to bicycles and profiles and biographies of the most famous cyclists, manufacturers, and most recognized brands.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This book is full of images with close-ups, maps, and anecdotes of the most relevant races.

    5. The Cycling Cartoonist: An Illustrated Guide to Life on Two Wheels

    By Dave Walker (2017)

    the cycling cartoonist


    This book contains 138 illustrations about cycling from the renowned cartoonist and multiple bike owner Dave Walker.

    What is most appealing about this book is how Dave, in a comedian-like manner, can look at the absurdities of the sport and comment on them in an understated and loving way.  And if you’re an office worker, teacher, or writer who helps students write papers for money – if you aren’t so close to the cycling world, you’ll probably like this book anyway.

    6. My World

    By Peter Sagan (2018)

    my world


    Peter Sagan, three-time World Champion in road cycling (2015-2017), now enters literature by writing his autobiography.

    In this book, he talks about his three world titles, his preparation for each of them. He also talks about the development of those events and his reflections.

    In addition, Sagan talks about his setbacks, such as his disqualification in the Tour de France. A fact that prevented him from arriving in Paris for the sixth consecutive year dressed in green.

    This book promises emotions, a sense of humor, and critical capacity towards the peloton and the world of cycling in general. In short, a first-person portrait of the most charismatic rider of the moment. A book in which he presents his world to us.

    7. Domestique: The True Life Ups and Downs of a Tour Pro

    By Charly Wegelius (2016)



    It is a revealing, honest, authentic, and curious testimony of the real world of professional cycling. The one in which the gregarious job is to help the team leader to win, even if it means giving up any chance of victory or personal glory.

    This autobiography introduces us to cycling as a profession, the most common and unknown cycling. This profession is with no more glory than a pat on the back, and a salary at the end of the month, seasoned with small aspirations and dreams that keep the passion alive.

    8. The Cyclist’s Training Bible

    By Joe Friel (2016)

    training bible


    Everything a cycling enthusiast needs to train, compete, and succeed in cycling is told step by a former professional, Joe Friel.

    A book that explains the advances in technology and training methods and puts the proven benefits of a scientific training plan in our hands.

    It also explains how to use a power meter effectively, adapt your training plan for a season, maximize your fitness by controlling fatigue and accelerating recovery after days of training and racing, how to complement strength training to improve your efficiency power in sprints, mountain passes, time trials, and endurance in general.

    9. The Ultimate Ride

    By Jim Rutberg and Chris Carmichael (2016)

    Ultimate ride


    Let’s focus now on the training of our favorite sport. This book happens to be one of the most excellent books on amateur cycling.

    The manual, written as a duo by coach Jim Rutberg and professional cyclist Chris Carmichael, is key to improving our performance on the bike.


    In the absence of a coach, it is a great document to help plan your sessions and reach one or two fitness peaks throughout the year. Its great advantage is that it does not require much knowledge to understand how it works.

    We hope you liked our list of these fantastic books!


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