The Best BMX Bikes For Every Level Of Expertise

BMX has been the most popular of all bikes.BMX bikes are always used in BMX competitions because they can ride over dirt tracks with stones and uneven terrain.

You may find it difficult to choose a BMX bike because there are so many types to choose from. Therefore, now I’m going to tell you about some of the best BMX bikes that you can get. I’ll also discuss what are the best BMX bikes for kids, adults, and beginners. 

You will find a lot of valuable information in this article. So, don’t forget to stick around until the end to learn more about your favorite bikes.

What Is BMX?

BMX is basically a short form of “bicycle motorcycle cross.” It’s a cycling sport played on BMX bikes, which are specially designed for it. In this sport, the biker has to go over the hard tracks, which are full of obstacles such as terrains, jumps, bumps, and so on. 

BMX sport is played for fun as well as a competitive game in which riders compete with one another for a prize. This support can be played on the street as well as on special tracks that are specially designed for it. That’s all up to you.

The 6 Types of BMX Bikes

There are six types of BMX bikes that are different from one another. So, let’s learn about what each BMX bike would be good for.

Freestyle BMX

Freestyle bikes are usually made up of aluminum or chrome-moly steel which makes them quite long-lasting. However, Chromoly frames are slightly more expensive and heavier. Freestyle bikes work best for gaining vertical rather than racing in skateparks and flatlands.

You can consider a freestyle bike as a regular bike that you can use for going to the grocery store, the pool, and school as well. A freestyle BMX bike has wheels that are 20 inches in diameter and tubes that are 20 to 22 inches long.

Remember, they don’t usually come with breaks. But, if they come with breaks, then they’re straight cable breaks. Moreover, in order to avoid getting in the way when a complex stunt is performed on freestyle bikes, hand grips are manufactured without inner flanges.

Usually, riders like to customize their Freestyle bikes themselves rather than getting them customized. What about the cost? You can get a decent Freestyle bike for up to $500.


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    Flatland BMX

    Flatland BMX bikes are for those who like doing tricks and stunts on flat tracks. This bike is usually used for balancing tricks. Flatland BMX bikes have shorter reinforced wheelbases, so riders can stand on them while performing stunts.

    Street BMX

    Street BMX bikes are designed to ride over obstacles like arched walls, handrails, lodges, steps, and poles. Thus, they’re usually lightweight and their build quality is good as they have to go through so many challenges.

    Vert BMX

    A typical Vert BMX trick is accomplished by riding up a vert ramp or half-pipe profile ramp, like those seen on television. 

    It is possible to reach heights of almost 20 feet on the largest ramps. With the Vert, riders are able to harness gravity to accelerate and do some really difficult tricks.

    Park BMX

    Park BMX bikes are usually used by pro cyclists to perform acrobatics and tricks on concrete ramps, frequently in skateparks. 

    These BMX bikes are designed for a quick dash on flat terrain. The finest BMX bike to ride at skateparks is one with disc or U brakes and a steel or aluminum frame.

    Trail BMX

    Trail BMX bikes are quite fast and can move around at a very fast speed because of their lightweight. 

    Their weight also makes them very easy to ride and control for beginners. The smooth surfaces of these bikes make them easier to ride and increase their stability on the ground.

    Therefore, they are ideal for cyclists. So, if you’re looking for a bicycle to simply get from one place to another, you can consider any trail BMX bike

    How I Picked These BMX Bikes?

    You must be thinking, “How did I pick these bikes for you?” How do I know that they’re the best? So, I consider the following factors to find the best BMX bike:

    • Durability: BMX bikes have to be durable, as they usually have to go through a lot of obstacles on the track. So, this is the first thing that I consider when picking up the bikes. You should do this too. 
    • Feel of the ride: I focus on those components of the bike that make your ride smooth and comfortable.
    • Best Brands: The best brand will surely make the best bikes. As a result, I try to include only bikes from well-known brands that make the Best BMX Bikes.
    • Price: I do my best to cover bikes from the most affordable to the most expensive so that everyone can afford the bikes they want.

    Compare The Best BMX Bikes Of 2024 At A Glance

    Now, it’s time to compare the best BMX bikes of 2024. This will be a quick comparison of the BMX bikes. I’ll outline the qualities and the drawbacks so that you can get a clue about which one you should go for.

    Table: Comparing Best BMX Bikes For 2024

    Bikes Modal Type Wheel Size Brakes Best For
    Kink Liberty Freestyle 20” X Intermediate
    Mafiabikes Kush 2+ Dirt jump/park/street 20” X Beginner/Intermediate
    We The People Audio 22 Dirt jump/park/street 22” X Advanced
    Cleary Owl 20 Kids BMX 20” X Beginner
    Haro BMX Bikes Racelite Race 20” X Advanced


    That’s a quick comparison of all the best BMX bikes of 2024. If you want to know more about these bikes, then make sure you read the topic till the end!

    Best Value BMX Bike – Kink Liberty

    kink liberty bmx bike

    Kink Liberty is one of the best budget BMX bikes which comes in the best Freestyle BMX bikes category. The bike is completely responsive and comes in 3 different colors, which include:

    • Gloss Iridescent BlackOpens in a new tab.
    • Matte Storm GreyOpens in a new tab.
    • Gloss Galaxy Green

    There are sealed headsets, sealed mid-bottom brackets, 3-piece Chromoly cranks, and a 14mm cassette on it. There are also pegs on the bike, but there are no breaks, so most riders may find it difficult to ride. Because beginners will also be using it, right?

    Best BMX Bike For Beginners – Mafiabikes Kush 2+

    Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike Black Gold

    check price amazon

    Mafibikes is known to produce durable bikes with very good designs and sturdy aluminum frames. Mafia Kush 2+ is one of its amazing entry-level bikes. You’ll be pleased to learn that the Mafia Bike Kush 2+ is the Mafiabikes brand’s best-selling bike.

    This bike features fat logo crawler tires, a top-load stem, a sealed mid-BB, 4130 3-piece cranks, a padded fixed seat, logo-stamped gussets, double-wall rims, and a curved seat stay bridge. The thing that I like the most about Kush 2+ is that it comes in many colors, which include:

    • Green
    • Dusk
    • Gradient
    • Black Camo
    • Orange Splatter
    • Justice
    • Gold
    • Blue
    • Storm

    If you’re a beginner then kush 2+ is one of the best BMX bikes for beginners that you can get your eyes on. 

    Best BMX Bike for Adult Riders – We The People Audio 22

    We The People Audio 22 bmx bike

    The BMX bike is the best BMX bike for adult riders. This is a beautiful and stylish bike that attracts everyone to it. The wider 22″ diameter wheel used in the audio gives it a more stable ride without compromising the traditional BMX look and feel. 

    This bike is perfect for riders looking for a bike that fits their size better without having to ride something that isn’t a BMX. Its fork has an even stronger and bombproof steel tube and crown area, so you can push this bike as hard as you like. 

    So, if you like doing stunts and racing competitions with your friends, then We the People is one of the best racing BMX bikes. It’s also one of the best BMX bikes for Adults and beginners.

    Best Kids’ BMX Bike – Cleary Owl 20

    Cleary Owl 20 bmx bike

    If you’re a kid or a parent whose little one is insisting on getting a BMX bike, then look no further and go for the Cleary Owl 20.

    Experience the Cleary Owl 20 Inch 3-Speed Kids Bike in action! Watch Rascal Rides‘ video review now on Youtube and see why it’s a top choice for kids.

    The bike’s lines are angular, the paint is exquisite, and the saddle appears to be brown “vegan leather.” The hub is internally geared to provide three speeds, which makes it even more attractive. Sounds interesting, right? With all of these features, the Cleary Owl is clearly the best bike for kids. 

    Best Racing BMX Bike – Haro Bikes Racelite

    Haro Bikes Racelite bmx bike

    Haro Bikes Elite is for those riders who like racing. Riders of all ages and heights can benefit from the Racelite because it comes in a variety of frame sizes, from micro-mini to pro-XL. There is also a variant with a 24″ wheel if you race in that division.

    A larger down tube and press-fit BB86 bottom bracket boost stiffness in order to enhance power transfer from the pedals. With its lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and narrower 20″ wheels, the Racelite variant is more competitive on dirt or paved race tracks. Since Haros is the best BMX brand, then you can trust them and buy their bikes without having any doubt in mind. 

    These are the best BMX bikes of 2024. You can choose any of these BMX bikes. Now, it’s time to talk about other amazing BMX bikes.

    Other Best BMX Bikes

    You can consider the following BMX bikes for yourself. All of them will be reviewed quickly one by one. 

    Redline Bicycles Roam

    Redline Bicycles Roam

    check price amazon

    This Redline BMX bike is the best for all ages of people.  The build quality of this BMX bike is great as it’s made up of steel. With 20 inches wheel sizes, you get full control over the track you’re riding on. 

    The best thing about this bike is that its suspension is Right which means your ride will be easier and softer. It’s the best for kids, adults, and all those who’re advanced riders.

    GT – Pro Series 29

    gt pro series 29 bmx bike

    The GT Pro Series 29 BMX bike is one of the best ever made. The best thing about this bike is how effortlessly you can ride it. The bike takes little effort to ride. 

    The ride quality that you get on the GT Pro Series 29 is smooth, fast, and fun. The build quality of this bike, however, is said to be poor. 

    In some cases, form is considered more important than function, but this is a minority viewpoint. These bikes feature CNC-ed stems and super-laced hubs. It’s a fast, smooth, and enjoyable ride, according to reports.  So, if you’re a kid then you can go for this bike.

    Mongoose – Legion L20

    Mongoose Legion L20 bmx bike

    check price amazon

    The Mongoose Legion L20 is the best BMX bike for racing kids. The bike is affordable and comes with a lot of amazing features. 

    It’s a freestyle bike that has a stylish look. The Legion L20 comes equipped with everything a beginner needs to hit the pavement and jump obstacles.

    This is one of the top BMX bikes in Mongoose Legion’s second tier. The bike is designed to be very lightweight, making it easier for you to maneuver and control it. 

    Although this bike is suitable for children, it can also be used by advanced riders due to its outstanding features and designs.  So, you can consider buying this Mongoose BMX bike.

    GT – Kachinsky Team Comp

    GT Kachinsky bmx bike

    GT Kachinsky was designed for experienced riders, with 20″ wheels and 2.35″ tires, a fully equipped, park-ready bike. Despite botched leaps that bring the bike crashing down, the steel frame and three-piece crank ensure long-term durability.

    Kachinsky’s traditional BMX parts include tall riser bars, a high clamp force u-brake, and tough double-wall rims.

    DYNACRAFT Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys Freestyle BMX Bike

    Tony Hawk 20-inch Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

    check price amazon

    This Dynacraft bike is the best BMX for kids and even adults. The bike is too easy to ride. Its 20-inch size makes your ride even more fun. This bike is best for those who’re learning to ride and want to enhance their skills. 

    Dynacraft is a freestyle bike, which means any type of thing can be done on it, whether it’s doing stunts or racing. Sounds interesting? You have a choice of two sizes for the bike: 20 inches or 24 inches, and each of these sizes comes in a variety of colors.

    Razor – Nebula

    Razor Nebula BMX bike

    check price amazon

    Are you looking for a BMX bike for your kid, but you don’t have so much money to spend? Then, the Razor Nebula BMX bike is the way to go. 

    At such a reasonable price, the bike is choke-full with 20-inch wheels, pegs, a freestyle rotor, and high-rise bars. Front and rear v-brakes, a bicycle pump, and a distinctive graphic style are all included with the Nebula. Isn’t it time to get started? Don’t be afraid to do it.

    GT – Mercado Team Comp

    GT Mercado BMX bike

    The Cro-Mo frame makes this bike perfect for pushing yourself at the skatepark. GT Mercado’s 20.75-inch wheels and Cr-Mo 1-piece threaded steerer tube fork are only the beginning. 

    With alloy hubs, two-piece steel handlebars, sealed bearings, and alloy-hinged U-type brakes, this bike is blast-proof. This bike’s geometry and GT LP-5 20 x 2.35′′ tires make it ideal for BMX-style riding in and around town.

    Elite BMX – Stealth

    Elite BMX Bicycle 20-inch & 16-inch Freestyle Bike - Stealth and Peewee Model

    check price amazon

    With its top-load stem, chrome-moly steel handlebars, rear brake, and traditional BMX geometry, the Elite Bmx Stealth can take your riding experience to another level. 

    Despite being an entry-level bike, it is quite durable. One of the best things about this BMX bike is how affordable it is. All ages can ride a bike. So, these are the best BMX bikes that you can consider.

    How To Pick The Best BMX Bike

    If you want to buy a BMX bike, then the following factors are crucial for you to focus on: This way, you’ll be able to get the BMX bike for yourself.

    Choose BMX Type

    As you’re aware, there are many types of  BMX bikes that are designed to be used for different purposes. So, know your purpose and then choose the bike type accordingly so that you can get the one that suits your riding taste.

    Select Frame Size

    A bike’s size is very important. There are different sizes of BMX bikes which have different names as well. Don’t worry, as I’ll give you a  BMX bike size chart at the end.

    Wheel Size

    Wheel diameters of 20 are the most common. Some events use 22″ or 24″ rims to accommodate taller riders. The rims can be 16″ or 18″ for children ages 8 and younger.

    Browse Bikes and Top Features

    The best thing you can do to find the best BMX bikes for yourself is to browse them online. On the internet, you can easily find the features and all the other things related to BMX bikes, including the technology used in them and the accessories and components that can make their ride more fun and comfortable.

    How Much To Spend?

    Everyone loves to buy the best bikes for a very reasonable price. A piercing should also be taken into account. 

    In general, race bikes start at around $600 and are more expensive than freestyle bikes. Mid-range BMX bikes cost between $400 and $600, whereas high-end bikes cost more than $1,000. So, now you know about some of the best BMX bikes that you can go for.

    Table:  BMX SIZE CHART

    Height of the Rider Age Frame Size Suggested Top Tube  Length (in) Recommended Wheel Size
    4” Under 6 Micro Mini 15.25″ to 16.50″ 16 x 1′
    4′ to 4′ 4″ 6 to 8 Mini 16.75″ to 17.50″

    18 x 1”

    20 x 1-1/8

    4′ 3″ to 4′ 7″ 8-10 Junior 17.75″ to 18.50″ 20 x 1-3/8
    4′ 6″ to 5′ 5″ 9-12 Expert 18.75″ to 19.50”

    20 x 1.5

    24 x 1.5

    5′ 4″ to 5′ 8″ 12-14 Pro 19.75″ to 20.50″

    20 x 1.75

    24 x 1.75

    5′ 8″ & UP 14+ Pro XL 20.75″ to 21.50″

    20 x 1.75

    24 x 1.75


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What BMX size should I get?

    The BMX size that you should get depends on your height. If you’re a tall person, then you need to be 20 to 24.

    What BMX bikes do the pros ride?

    Pros usually ride the following BMX bikes:

    • Mafiabikes Bomma 26 
    • Mafiabikes Blackjack D
    • Mongoose Title Elite 24
    • Mongoose Legion L500 
    • Schwinn Sting Pro 

    What BMX bike should I get?

    To get a suitable BMX bike for yourself, know what your purpose is and get a bike accordingly. Consider your height and age as well to make sure that you’re buying a suitable bike for yourself.

    Final Words

    These are the best BMX bikes that you can consider buying. All of the bikes that you’ve read about are from the best BMX bike brands. Also, I’ve tried to include bikes from all types of price ranges so that every one of you can get your eyes on them.

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