Best Bikes For College Students – Save Time and Money With These

Without any doubt, bikes are an ideal mode of commute for college students. Not only are they cost-effective but eco-friendly and a source of exercise as well.

Bikes also have a unique place in our cultures as they offer a common ground to students which lays a foundation for friendships.

Unlike cars, bikes can be used to commute within college i.e., between classes, canteens, and libraries. The list of the benefits goes on but the point of putting this piece together is to help you get the best of the bikes.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the best bikes for college students that are available in the market. Enlisted options are not monotonous and we hope it will have a piece for everyone regardless of preferences. So, let’s dive right into it.

Table: Comparing Best Bikes For College Students

Bike Type Frame Material
Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Road Aluminum
Ride1UP Roadster V2 Electric All-Purpose Aluminum
Public Bikes V1 Road Steel
Schwinn GTX 2.0 Hybrid All-Purpose Aluminum
Thruster Urban Fixie Bike Road Steel

Best Bikes For College Students – Our Top Picks

1. Vilano Diverse 3.0 – Versatile Bike With An Affordable Price-Tag 


Vilano Diverse 3.0 is a mid-range, entry-level hybrid road bike that cuts no corners in performance and design. The bikes feature a simple but elegant-looking aluminum frame which imparts strength while maintaining the lightweight.

Furthermore, it has disc brakes which put it a tier-above above the competition.

The bike is designed for simple to moderately difficult terrains which is what most college students would be looking for. It has 24 gears with 700c wheels that provide a smooth ride even during rain and snowfall.

Riders would have no problem with incline or decline even while maintaining full contact with handlebars.


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    Rims of the Diverse 3.0 are reliable and sturdy and there is no risk of warping even in the long run. These are not the most premium but can still withstand weight up to 300lbs.

    Hence, even a little overweight individual can ride it without fear of bending the rims even on bumpy roads.

    Vilano has used Kendra 700x35c tires which are known for their durability. Furthermore, their traction is also excellent which is partly the reason this bike performs amazingly even when the road is slippery.

    Downside? The bike only comes in two frame sizes, 53cm, and 57cm. While most riders would find it fit because of adjustable seats, people above 6 feet and below 5.5 feet may have to explore other options.

    Furthermore, it takes professional help to put this bike together which can be annoying for some riders.

    Besides these, the bike checks all the right boxes. It is versatile, durable and a fine-looking bike that most students would find affordable.

    For riders looking to strike a balance between cost and performance, Diverse 3.0 is a top contender.


    • Strong material and sturdy construction
    • Simple and elegant design
    • Disc brakes
    • Excellent road performance
    • Lightweight


    • Requires professional help for assembly
    • Only available in two sizes

    2. Ride1Up Roadster V2 – Power That Ensures Smooth Uphill Drive-In Strong Currents


    Roadster V2 is the premium electric bike for enthusiasts who can afford to burden their pockets. It features a modern and urban design that stands out and pleases the eyes.

    The good-looking structure is powered by a beast of a motor that can propel effortlessly uphill even in strong currents. 

    It can reach up to 24mph which means in most European countries, you would have to wear a crash helmet and require a driving license. Fortunately, there is no such restriction in the US.

    Furthermore, the company has not held back on the design and construction as well. Aluminum is employed to build a solid structure that cannot only withstand bumpy roads but also gives it a lightweight.

    Also, the finishing is flawless thanks to smooth welds and well-thought-out placement of electronic components and wires.

    The straight frame of the bike houses the battery which is a clever design as one does not even feel if the battery is there. However, with this design, you cannot whip the battery off and ride it like a standard pedal bike.

    Furthermore, the battery is not just powerful, it is long-lasting as well. It should easily last 2-4 years and even when it breaks down the replacement can be bought.

    For us, the standout feature of the bike is the single-speed belt drive which is smooth, silent, and most importantly does not require routine lubrication. It complements the bike’s minimal design and riders have one less thing to worry about.

    The bike is largely excellent but if one has to nit-pick, brakes are where things could have been a little better. While the Tektro Dual-Pivot Caliper Brakes are decent, Disc Brakes would have been the cherry on top.  

    Besides these, the bike comes with heavy-duty Kwest 28c tires that are difficult to puncture. These tires certainly add some weight to the bike but who cares when you have 350w of power on your fingertips.

    Any e-bike enthusiast with a grand to spare would appreciate the power, design, and capabilities of the bike.


    • Very powerful motor
    • Minimalistic design
    • Strong construction material
    • Suitable for all terrains
    • Replaceable battery


    • No disc brakes
    • Hard to pedal without e-Assist

    3. Public Bikes V1 – Classic Design That Savors The Eyes


    V1 by Public Bikes is a simple, daily-commuter bicycle that attracts riders with its classic design. People who have an eye for retro designs may buy them purely for their looks.

    But there is more to it than merely pleasing the eyes. The bike covers all corners and presents itself as a fine daily driver.

    It comes with a steel frame that is handcrafted to ensure seamless finishing. Plus, thanks to the minimalistic design, even with the steel frame it does not carry much weight.

    Riders would not have a problem with carrying it to apartments and crossing the stairs. Furthermore, the bike is thoroughly painted with premium paint to avoid rusting of the metal.

    While maintaining a classic design, the bike offers a sportier ride which is achieved via a negative rise of the stem. Plus, the Dual-Pivot Caliper Brakes ensure immediate stop regardless of the bike speed.

    Thanks to the inwards bend of the handle, the bike can be easily navigated through the jams by exploiting the gaps between vehicles.

    Furthermore, it comes with built-in fenders and a chain guard to keep the clothes clean even during rain. To top it all off, the price tag of the bike is very affordable.

    All things considered, V1 is an appealing option for commuting to college and within the city.


    • Classic and minimalist design
    • Built-in fenders and chainguard
    • Strong and durable construction
    • Puncture-resistant tires
    • Affordable price


    • Not suitable for dirt
    • May slip during rain and snow

    4. Schwinn GTX 2.0 – An All-Purpose Bike That Cuts No Corners


    Schwinn’s GTX 2.0 is an all-purpose, hybrid bike that delivers decent performance on both roads and off-roads. Best thing? It is available for both genders and makes an excellent gift for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter.

    The bike gets its strength from a strong aluminum frame that is flexible and offers excellent shock-absorbing capabilities on bumpy roads. An above-par front suspension system makes things even better.

    The GTX 2.0 has an upright seat saddle that is adjustable to ensure riders do not experience backache and enjoy a strain-free ride.

    Plus, it is cushioned which takes the comfort to the next level. Point is, even after hours-long rides, riders will experience minimal stress.

    Another feature that contributes to the comfort is the pair of 700Cx28 wheels which are easy to pedal. Furthermore, these wheels are paired with multi-terrain tires to ensure maximum traction on both roads and mountainous terrain.

    The tires have engraved treads to prevent skidding and slipping that protect riders against accidents and subsequent injuries.

    Moving on, the bike also comes with a 24-speed gear system which makes riding on all terrains enjoyable.

    Plus, the super-smooth Shimano trigger shifters offer an unmatchable convenience while switching between different gears.

    Last but not the least, the braking system also stands out with the disc mechanism. It is powerful enough to make an immediate stop regardless of the bike speed.

    This gives additional security to riders while driving through tough terrains.


    • Disc brakes
    • Strengthened frame
    • Comfortable seat
    • Smooth gear switch
    • Multi-terrain tires


    • Cables stick out of the body

    5. Thruster Urban Fixie Bike – Daily Grinder That Does Not Break The Bank

    A reliable daily commuter under $100? Urban Fixie Bike is just the right fix, no pun intended. The bike has no fancy components but it gets the job done.

    It uses a steel frame which strengthens its enduring capabilities and increases longevity. With just a little care, the bike will last for quite a time.

    Furthermore, it comes with a flip flop hub that lets you switch between fixed gear and single-speed in mere minutes. All you have to do is to flip the wheel around.

    Plus, the hub comes with a fixed gear cog and freewheel so no extra parts are required.

    Alloy brakes are installed at the rear and front which are durable, lightweight, and reliable. The brakes are powerful enough to stop you on a dime.

    Best part? Such brakes do not need much maintenance and still last a decent amount of time.

    Thanks to 700C rims, the bike is suitable even for a bit heavier individual. You should not experience bending or warping at least for a year or two without a little bit of care.

    Furthermore, the handlebar stem of the bike can accommodate all sorts of handlebars.

    It includes riser bars and has an upwards bend which offers more leverage to offer a comfortable sitting position.

    Besides this, a chain guard is also included to keep the pants stain-free. Frankly, it is all one could ask for at a price just under $100.


    • Inexpensive
    • Sturdy construction
    • Reliable brakes
    • Comfortable seat
    • Chain cover protection


    • Average component quality

    Buyer’s Guide For Best Bikes For College Students

    students biking

    No single bike is suitable for all because there are plenty of factors at play. You must take it all under consideration to get a bike that compliments your preferences.

    The suitability of the bikes depends on several things including size, the material used, safety features, and design among others. Let’s take a look at them.

    Understand the Terrain

    The market offers multiple bike types that are designed for varying purposes. Mountain Bikes are built for hilly terrains while Road Bikes are intended for plain roads. Electric Bikes cut down stress on the body and folding bikes provide maximum portability.

    Similarly, a Hybrid Bike offers a bit of everything whereas a Touring Bike is specifically built for carrying loads.

    Getting a bike that is not designed for the terrain where you live would only produce discomfort and nuisance. Hence, understanding the terrain is the first step toward getting the best bike for you.

    Types of Frames

    For most students, bikes are a once-in-a-lifetime investment that makes durability a vital feature. Generally, there are three materials that are used to build bikes which include Steel, Aluminum, and Carbon. Each of them has its benefits and shortcomings which must be taken into account.

    Aluminum strikes a wonderful balance between strength, weight, and flexibility which is why it is widely employed in bikes. Flexibility enhances its shock-absorbing capabilities that keep you comfortable even on bumpy roads. Furthermore, the lightweight allows the riders to carry it on stairs with ease.

    Steel is one of the strongest metals with high tensile strength but it does not offer as much flexibility and also has weight to it. Chromoly steel is a bit more refined in terms of weight and flexibility but it still lags behind aluminum.

    Hence, it is ideal for students that have plain roads and do not have to carry their bikes to parking and apartments.

    Moving on, Carbon Fiber, also known as Graphite Fiber is a relatively new material that has replaced steel in many industries. It is as strong as steel but does not carry as much weight.

    The cheaper price is an added bonus but the brittleness is the major downside. Therefore, it may not be an ideal material for mountainous terrains.

    The terrain is an important factor that should determine the type of frame but the weight of the rider should also be considered.

    Bike Size

    Right bike size is crucial for a comfortable ride, otherwise, it will cramp you and produce a huge deal of discomfort. To get it right measurements of your height and leg seam must be spot on.

    Be mindful that the measurements for different bike types vary. For example, a 19-inch road bike might fit your height but a mountain bike of the same size would not be the best match.

    Hence, always look at the size chart provided by the manufacturer and choose the bike accordingly.

    Brake Types

    Modern bikes have well-designed braking mechanisms but they are not identical to all products. Generally, brakes compliment the bike’s design to ensure the rider’s safety but knowledge of different types always comes in handy. Disc, Rim, and the Drum brakes are usually used in modern bikes.

    Disk brakes are arguably the most reliable as these are very powerful and stop the bike immediately. Such brakes are ideal in areas with unpredictable weather and mountainous terrains.

    That said, some riders may find their power overwhelming, consequently losing control over the bike which can result in accidents. The point is, it will take some time to get used to them.

    Rim brakes are probably the oldest type which has simple maintenance, better aerodynamics, and cost low. These brakes are not suitable for students that drive fast because of their sub-par power.

    Some subtypes of Rim brakes offer better stopping power but still, they are not as good as disc brakes. However, those that enjoy casual and slow rides would find these a delight.

    Drum brakes are designed specifically for muddy and snowy terrains. These are powerful enough to make sudden stops but not too overwhelming to make the rider fall.

    Furthermore, their maintenance is also simpler. That said, such brakes build up heat very fast and are a bit heavier than other types.

    Bike Gears

    Bike gears are built to ensure comfortable paddling regardless of the terrain. It is an additional set of components that might be a necessity for some but completely useless for others.

    You would find them helpful while climbing and descending down mountainous terrain. But if the terrain is plain, you would feel the need to shift gears.

    Hence, pick a bike with gears only if the terrain is mountainous or has patches that require you to change paddling speed. Otherwise, you would pay extra for features that you would not use.

    Bottom Line – Best Bikes For College Students

    The decision of selecting a bike should be well-thought-out after comprehensively analyzing its features against your requirements. The market is loaded with options and brands employ all sorts of gimmicks to trick you into buying their products.

    Do not give into them and always explore the market with a rational mind.

    We have provided you with some of the finest bikes that are available on the market. Singling out a bike that would be suitable for all is difficult but the versatility of Vilano Diverse 3.0 makes it a decent option for most riders.

    We hope this piece on the best bikes for college students has been helpful.


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